Would Gross Gore join a pro UK eSports team? We ask him on Twitch

Would Gross Gore join a UK eSports team?

UK League of Legends Twitch streamer Gross Gore (aka Ali Larsen) hit Master tier the other day. It got me thinking – would he ever join an eSports team?
I reached out to him over email but didn’t want to wait any longer for a reply, so thought why not brave his Twitch stream and ask him direct?
As I log onto his stream, the grime track ‘Don’t Piss Me Off’ by Raw Vybes is playing.
“AGAIN another fucking dodge, what is wrong with people in platinum?” Ali barks, as he attempts to seek another solo queue game.
One viewer asks: “Hey crooked nose catfish frog, how did someone as terrible as you get Master tier? I am Diamond 5 and I can destroy you mechanically.”
Grossie responds: “Okay mate, yeah, sure!”
My question pops up next: “Would you ever join a pro UK eSports team if an offer came in? And why or why not?
He pauses for a moment to think.
“I could either join a team and it’s not very good pay, right, or I could just fucking do what I enjoy doing – which is streaming,” he replies. “And, you know what I mean?
“Erm… nah. It’s not worth it to be honest,” he says, as he starts to talk faster.
“If I had nothing going for me, like streaming-wise, then maybe, you know, I could do that. I’d like to be a coach though – a mental coach. Get up in here in their head (pointing to his head), if you know what I mean. And wake them up (slaps hands together) and feed them breakfast, get them working out. You know what I mean?
“I want to look after Febiven. Is it Febiven, or Feviben? I don’t know.”
(It’s Febiven of course – here’s our interview with him at Worlds)
Ali goes on: “At the end of the day, would I join a UK team? Nah, it’s not worth it guys. It’s like, me? No. It’s just not worth it. I think all the upcoming teams are… I mean, I don’t have enough spare time as it is.
“In my spare time I like to stream a lot, so jajaja. I just, nah… hmmm. No. Nah? Nah, hmmm, nah. No, sorry, no. It’s just not. Hmmm. No.
“I like the teams though. I can’t wait to meat Team Choke and Team Infused – I hope they’re coming to Insomnia, dude. A lot of the UK teams go to Insomnia. Well, last time they did, I don’t know if they are again. I don’t know.
“I don’t know what I expect this time round. But going in with low expectations, I’m not expecting like a lot of people to know me.”
Grossie cuts it off halfway through. “Don’t you fucking start that again, buddy,” he says, jokingly (referring to the time a viewer sent a prostitute to Gross Gore’s home).
The message distracts him and reminds him that he got a telling off from Twitch yesterday.
He explains: “And sorry by the way, I would never give out your email, viewers. I actually had my friend Chris, who works at Twitch, saying ‘Ali, you’ve got to stop saying that’.
“Because you know when somebody donates and they say: ‘Oh I’m sending a hooker to your address’. And I might say: ‘Well, I’m going to give your email address to the pimp’. I’m not actually going to do that and it was a joke.
“I got a bit of a warning yesterday from Chris, saying ‘that’s not funny – it’s really serious, don’t threaten somebody with their email’. So I really am sorry, I would never give someone’s personal information away. You know what I mean?”
Just like that, he’s off again on another tangent.
“‘You’re a no-namer…’,” he slowly reads out from his screen. “He called me a no-namer!”
Gross is playing under a different in-game pseudonym this evening.
“Do you know a streamer with a really big nose?” Gross reads aloud, as he types the same question into the League of Legends in-game chat.
The other player replies: “Gross?”
Ali types: “Yeah! What’s his second name?”
“I know you!” the other player replies. “You are that incested animal that plays TF.”
Gross replies: “I’ll take it! I’ll take it mate, I’ll take it bruv.
“So… what was I saying?”
He looks back at his message log and reads out the question again. “Would you join an eSports team?
“No, I wouldn’t join a team.”
That’s that settled, then.
At the ESL UK League of Legends Premiership Finals last weekend, I was having a chat with a few people about this topic. They said there would be no chance a team would even approach Ali to begin with.
The man is an entertainer, an eccentric live wire that opens up honestly to his Twitch viewers, telling them intricate details of his personal life. While his honesty is be admired, I’m not sure he’d get along well with a team throughout an entire season. Then there’s the drama to consider.
Grossie wants to be the main attraction, the star of the show and I don’t blame him for that. There’s also the money side of things – he is probably making a handsome sum streaming and good luck to him; he’d have to settle for less if he chose to join a UK team.
But you’ve got to admit, it would be interesting to see him in a League of Legends eSports team.
And if you believe that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, he would certainly give a team – and its sponsors – one hell of a PR campaign.
You know what I mean?

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