ManaLight looking for League of Legends team, want to become best in UK and crack Europe – rumour

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UK eSports organisation ManaLight wants to enter the competitive League of Legends scene, eSports News UK has learnt.
According to our sources, it wants to better the likes of Team Infused and Choke Gaming to become the top team in the UK.

A reliable source leaked the information to us, and said that the organisation first “wants to knock Infused off the throne” before setting its sights on Europe.
ManaLight wants to crack the ESL UK Premiership to begin with, and other UK events, before hitting the Challenger series and entering EU tournaments in order to eventually “dominate Europe”, the source said.
eSports News UK understands that ManaLight will be looking to enter the League of Legends space, before moving into other games including CSGO and Dota 2.
ManaLight currently has a competitive Hearthstone line-up, with the likes of ModernLeper, Stacey of Gotham, Powder, Impact and Raven, who joined the team a few days ago, so its lofty ambitions in the LoL space come as no surprise.
We get the feeling ManaLight is the kind of organisation that may manage to persuade some of the best UK League players to join, but we understand it’s looking for a pre-made team to begin with.
The ESL UK Premiership is still finding its feet – yesterday two games were cancelled due to Excel ESports withdrawing from the league, and Team Paria failing to field a full roster.
If our source is right, and ManaLight does go on to build a sustainable and well-run UK League of Legends team, it can only be of benefit to the UK scene and the ESL UK Premiership.

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