ExceL eSports withdraw from ESL UK League of Legends Premiership

Excel Esports have stepped down from the League of Legends ESL UK Premiership 2015 Summer Season after experiencing some roster issues.

Excel were supposed to play Terra Cotta Army today, but the match was abandoned.
All of exceL’s games they’ve played this season will be considered a loss to exceL, and a win to their opponents. This means every other team is 1-0 up on exceL on the ESL UK scoreboard.
ESL UK caster Joe ‘Munchables’ Fenny said on-stream: “As you can see on your screen, TCA vs exceL was meant to be our second best-of-three of the day, unfortunately it has resulted in a default win to TCA. ExceL have withdrawn from the ESL UK Premiership after some roster issues.
“Obviously they weren’t going to be able to qualify for playoffs, so I think they’re going to kind of reset then try to requalify as we head towards the promotion tournament later in the year.”
Caster Ceirnan ‘Excoundrel’ Lowe added: “All credit to exceL – they had a really awesome team when they came into the ESL UK Premiership, they had a really strong early portion of the season, did well in qualifying, but they’ve had some internal roster issues.
“It happens to teams sometimes, people lose their motivation, especially with the new season coming around – people kind of play to the end of the season and say ‘okay I’m kind of done with League now’.
“And real life sometimes gets in the way. It happens in League of Legends and sometimes you need to take a break away from the game. Hopefully they can come back better and stronger next year.”
You can check out more comments from the casters on the ESL UK LoL stream here (around the 30-minute mark).
exceL was established in 2014 and recently underwent a rebrand.
We’ve reached out to exceL for a comment, and wish them all the best going forwards.
The other match that was due to take place today (NUEL vs Team Paria) was also abandoned, as Paria was unable to field a full roster. They have the chance to reschedule the best-of-three.
Munchables added: “Unfortunately, with Paria having to reschedule this best-of-three, and our second best-of-three resulting in a loss, you’ve just tuned into the Munch and Excoundrel podcast where we talk about the patch changes!”
Fair play to Munchables and Excoundrel for taking the initiative and forming a fun little 5v5 with ESL UK viewers – AND for Munchables casting while playing at the same time!
You can check out our recent interview with Munchables here about the challenges of being a caster.

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