Ones to watch: UK Challenger players Maxlore and Captain Alphari help To Infinity and Beyond win PGL LoL tournament

To Infinity and Beyond – a League of Legends team with two UK players – have won the PGL Legends of the Rift tournament, picking up $16,000 in winnings.
The team beat NA’s well-established Denial eSports brand along the way.
And UK Challenger players Maxlore (jungler) and Captain Alphari (top laner) – both from Team Infused (who also won in the ESL UK Premiership earlier this week) helped their team seal the victory.

The PGL Legends of the Rift tournament had a $40,000 prize pool up for grabs overall.
Infinity beat Millenium 2-0 in the final, but we had the chance to view the team’s semi-final against Denial eSports. Here’s our analysis of how the UK players got on.
Infinity and Beyond won the first game against Denial 20-10 thanks to some fantastic team plays across the board.
Alphari has to be one of the most aggressive UK top-laners we’ve witnessed – as Malphite in game one his well-timed flash and ulti combos onto the enemy carries helped his team initiate and clean up well.
It was another one of his combos at the 25-minute mark that caused Denial to surrender, with Alphari finishing the game with a score of 3/2/10 and 125CS.
Maxlore, meanwhile, again performed very well as a team player as Rek’Sai, making an impressive early tower dive gank top, before escaping with a smidgen of health. He ended game one with a 1/2/12 score and 79CS.
In game two, first blood went to Infinity and Beyond’s mid-laner, thanks to a gank from Maxlore, again playing as Rek’Sai.
Maxlore helped Alphari (Fiora) get the second kill top a few minutes later.
It’s obvious the two UK Challenger players gel very well together in-game too, with Alphari teleporting across the map to team up with Maxlore and secure another kill, putting their team 4-1 ahead. Moments later, Alphari ganked mid to get his third kill of the game and go on a killing spree.
Again, the pair teamed up to pick up Alphari’s fourth kill in a tower dive top. At this point, Alphari was snowballing hard, and hadn’t made a single mistake all day. After the 20-minute mark he sacrificed himself, taking two enemy champions down before he fell, going 6/1/0.
Alphari made an aggressive play to pick up another kill in a mid-lane teamfight, before the pair teamed up again to give him his eighth kill of the game.
Eventually Infinity won 20-15 just before the 40-minute mark, despite a good fight by Denial. In the end, Alphari’s score was 10/2/5 with a 295CS, while Maxlore’s was 2/2/13 with a 162CS.
It was very exciting watching this pair demolish their opposition this evening, and we’re sure the future holds bright things for them.
Back in September, Maxlore said on Twitter:

Let’s hope he doesn’t face the same problems that one of the UK’s other promising League of Legends players is (Tundra), who also took a year from uni to focus on playing League professionally.
The team also knocked out UK team FM-eSports earlier in the tournament, when one of FM’s players was caught in an earthquake mid-game.
You can see more from the PGL tournament and its schedule here – and check out the Infinity/Denial match VOD here!
Player line-ups
To Infinity and Beyond:

  • Captain Alphari (top)
  • Maxlore (jungle)
  • Soz Purefect (mid)
  • Salty Asian Kid (ADC, aka Critter Butter)
  • obledneW (support, aka Wendelbo)

Denial eSports:

  • amakinu (top, apparently a smurf account of Wickd’s)
  • shook the cook (jungle)
  • CozQ (mid)
  • DNL Woolite (ADC)
  • je suis kaas (support)

Thanks to Tom Villiers from the League of Legends UK Facebook community for the heads-up

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