KaSing and Impaler looking for new League of Legends teams?

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British League of Legends eSports pros and former teammates Raymond “KaSing” Tsang (left) and Matthew “Impaler” Taylor (right) are on the lookout for new teams, it seems.

Impaler has departed from Ex Nihilo as Jungler after six months with that team, and is now looking for a new League side, and is even open to the idea of taking on a coaching role.
He wrote: “Hey guys. As of today I am now a free agent. I’ll be looking at offers for both EU and NA – potentially even coaching.
“I’d like to thank everyone at EXN, Alicus and my former teammates. I plan on writing a much longer post about the past few months in the upcoming days.”
But while Impaler is actively looking for a new team, KaSing’s future is not as clear.
The support player is currently with H2k, however, as this Reddit post points out, his contract with H2k apparently ended on November 1st, according to KaSing’s profile on the official LCS website.
On KaSing’s Twitter page, the H2k banner and “support for H2k” wording from his profile has been removed.
Of course, both players have played together with SUPA HOT CREW and British Tea Time, which was later acquired by Team Dignitas.

Some say Impaler will be joining H2k, while others have hinted at KaSing potentially joining TSM, who have of course just hired global star Doublelift as their new ADC.
And TSM is still on the hunt for a new support, jungler and top-laner.
The prospect of two of the UK’s top League of Legends players joining TSM is mouth watering – make sure you bookmark this website, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with the news if it breaks.

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