Team Rise win League of Legends UK Bronze to Gold tournament

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We don’t want to just write about the ESL UK Premiership, Worlds or other top tournaments here at Leet – we want to recognise up and coming UK-based talent in the game too.
On that note, Team Rise has just won the League of Legends UK Bronze to Gold tournament. I want to highlight it because a) it’s good to cover all ranks of play, and b) because I have been a part of the League of Legends UK Facebook group/community for a year or so now, and it does a lot of great stuff like this.

Team Rise beat Political Name two games to nil, with a good comeback in the first game at 18 kills to 17 and a convincing 25-9 victory in the second.
Rise took the spoils from the £100 prize pool, courtesy of the sponsor Instant Death Squad, while support Sasha “Sashu” Wood won a T-shirt from getrektclothing for being named MvP (most valuable player) in the finals.
Team Rise’s full roster included Annyeong, Bolegde, DamageRamage, Sashur, Craig, RossBoomsocks and morfolomax.
Second place Political Name’s team consisted of Good ADC, Rift Furndog, Chunka666, TheKieranCarew, hi im kray, CR207 and Illminded.
The streamers, meanwhile, were Joshua Dowse (who streamed and casted the entire event), as well as Tom Underwood (Tridd), Dylan Osborn (Sodapop), Seweryn Subtitles Eichstadt (LastSaber) and Joseph Langley (Rhyme).
“I would like to thank every team that participated and made it a fantastic event for this community – and hope to run a lot more of these in the near future,” said Tom Villiers, League of Legends UK community admin.
You can watch the final between Team Rise and Political Name here.
Congrats to both teams for making it to the finals – and thanks to Tom for providing us with the info!

Check out the League of Legends UK Facebook group/community here

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