Thief tips: How to be a master thief

Thief game tips - how to be a master thief
Want to know some advanced tips for Thief – the new game for Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC?
Here’s our advice on how to be a master thief.

Stick to the shadows
It sounds obvious, but if there’s a shadow – even just a narrow line through the middle of a large open area – use it to get around. Shadows aren’t just in the corners either, shadows can be cast by guards and made by switching off lights and using water arrows. The shadows are your friends, especially when playing on Master difficulty. Stick to them to make sure you’re not spotted.
Stay quiet
Moving while crouching when close to guards will cut your noise, as will purchasing the Leather Oil upgrade from merchants. It costs 1,400G but reduces noise created when moving.
When you’re around the ‘freaks’ throughout the game, crouch while moving but tilt the analogue stick very slightly so you barely move forwards. Do it right and they won’t hear a thing, no matter how close you get to them. Just stay away from the front of them.
Don’t be afraid to run
Running is obviously a good way of getting away from guards if you’ve been spotted (and if that’s the case, try to cut off their line of sight a couple of times, for example run up a staircase that zigzags, or run around a few corners to lose them). Running is also good if you’re high up on roofs or walkways and need to move somewhere quickly before a guard gets back to his location. Just be careful not to run too near a guard as it will alert them every time. – with practice you can learn exactly where the cut off point is where they won’t hear you.
Swooping is useful for moving quickly from shadow to shadow, or for swiftly getting behind a guard for a purse-steal or knockout. Just don’t do it around birds in cages as they will start screeching and alert guards in the area to your presence.

Check your surroundings
When things look tough, remember there is ALWAYS another choice. There’s always another route into a seemingly hard-to-reach area or door. Check the corners of the room or location you’re in, check low down for grates you can open with wrench (which usually lead to secret areas or stealthier routes), and remember to look up.
Looking up when stuck may reveal a place to fire a rope arrow, or a vent you can climb through into another room. Some big open areas will have wooden beams running just under the ceiling, or pipes around the edges, allowing you to safely navigate around without the difficulty of avoiding loads of guards on the ground.
As stated, avoid getting close to dogs and making noise around birds in cages. You can fire a broadhead arrow to kill guard dogs and birds from a distance if you’re worried about them.
Suit you sir
Buy tools and trinkets from merchants that suit your play style. If you like dropping down from high areas, buy the leather padding for 350G which increases safe fall height, or if you like firing arrows to kill guards from a distance (aim for the head of course), buy a moss quiver for 325G which makes arrow kills silent and buy bow shot strength upgrades. You should also buy the wrench, wirecutter and razor early on so you can disarm traps, open grates and steal paintings.
Other tips
Looking for documents (for safe codes), amassing money and using focus can all help, but I wouldn’t say they’re essential. Timing is very important in this game, and that comes with practice.
Do you have any other tips to share? Let us know them in the comments section below.

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