Octodad tips, tricks and funniest moments

Octodad tips and tricks
Octodad, the game where you control a suit-wearing octopus disguised as a human, is out now. And it’s bloody good fun.
You can finish it in a few hours, but we’ve come up with some tips and extras to help you get the most out of the game.

Learn to tiptoe
By raising your left tentacle slightly, then your right one straight away, and repeating the process, you will tiptoe slowly across the floor. Not only does this look pretty funny, stealthy and silly at the same time, it also makes your movements more precise, helping you to navigate trickier sections found later in the game.
How to get past the biologists in the aquarium
Later in the game there’s a section with three biologists standing in a hallway, facing you. To get past them, grab the cover on the right hand side so it’s in front of you, and gradually move towards the biologists. Despite a panel moving towards them, they won’t suspect a thing. Then you can create a barrier between them and yourself to move into the next room on the right hand side of the hallway.
Even later on you will encounter a room full of biologists. Simply make your way quickly up the ladder on the lift, tiptoe across the landing then drop down into the cart below. Move along and grab the shark disguise.
Other fun things

  • You can play air hockey with someone in the aquarium
  • You can go down the kids’ slides in the aquarium
  • Try getting on the segway in the grocery store
  • There are three hidden ties to locate on some of the levels
  • When cooking burgers on the barbecue in the home level, you can accidentally cook your tentacle by placing it on the grill (and hearing Octodad squeal!)

Try the zero-gravity mode
If you go into the ‘Workshop’ section on the options screen, you’ll find a zero-gravity level:

Try other modes
If you go into the game’s Steam page and check out the Workshop extras, there are plenty of additional challenge levels in there to download, from obstacle courses to track and field races.
Where to find all the hidden ties
Check this video out:

More tips
This video explains more simple gameplay tips:

Your tips?
There are probably tons of other fun things you’ve found in this game, and loads we haven’t mentioned above. Why not share them in the comments box below?

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