How to catch a Shiny Pokémon (updated for X and Y)

Catching a shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokémon are the rarest types of pocket monsters you can catch, and have become somewhat of a Holy Grail for fans and collectors of the series.

To celebrate the release of Pokémon X and Y, we explain how to catch one of these highly sought after shiny specimens. However, don't read on unless you have an extraordinary level of patience and bags of free time.

We reached out to Nintendo for any information on how to grab a Shiny Pokémon in the new X and Y games, and although they declined to help, we've updated the below for you using various new sources of information.

How can you tell if a Pokémon is Shiny?

They are coloured differently to the standard Pokémon and are accompanied by a gleaming sparkle effect upon appearing.

For example, check out this Shiny Giratina from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl:

Shiny Legendary Pokémon

Here's a standard Giratina:

Giratina non-Shiny

How to catch a Shiny Pokémon: The lucky way

We've got some good news and bad news for you. The good news is that Shiny Pokémon simply appear randomly from wild encounters in grass, caves, water and more. Legendary and starter Pokémon can also be shiny. They appear in all versions of Pokémon other than the first generation games (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow).

The bad news? The chances of seeing a Shiny Pokémon is roughly 1 in 8,192 (or 0.012207%).

If you're not that bothered about catching a Shiny Pokémon, just progress through the game as it was intended to be played. You never know, you may get lucky and come across one by chance.

How to catch a Shiny Pokémon: The hard way

If you really want a Shiny Pokémon, find the area where your Pokémon appears and grind. If you have the patience of the world's slowest tortoise, you will eventually catch one. Good luck.

There's also the soft reset method. If you want a Shiny Pokémon that is a one-off character in the game, such as a starter Pokémon or legendary, find the area where the Pokémon appears. Save the game. Now walk until the Pokémon appears or talk to the relevant character to summon it. If it's not shiny, soft reset the DS by pressing and holding L+R+Start+Select. Try again. Rinse and repeat.

How to catch a Shiny Pokémon: The Masuda method

The director of Pokémon developer Game Freak, Junichi Masuda, originally revealed this technique of increasing the chances of obtaining a Shiny Pokémon.

Simply trade a Pokémon with someone who owns a copy of the game from a different region (such as Japan, America or Europe). For example, if you own the UK version and your trading partner owns the US or Japanese version.

Next, mate their Pokémon with one of your own. From the egg that is produced, there is a 1 in 2,048 chance that it will be a Shiny Pokémon (some reports say it's actually around 1 in 1,365.3). Yes, we know, those odds still suck.

It's a good idea to use the Global Trade System in-game to find a Ditto (these can also be caught in the Pokémon Village towards the end of X/Y), which will make it easier to breed the Pokémon of your choice. Simply drop the Ditto and the Pokémon you want a shiny version of into the daycare centre (located on route 7). After travelling for a while, the guy outside the daycare centre will give you an egg. After biking around some more, it will hatch. Just remember you need a male and female Pokémon to get an egg!

How to catch a Shiny Pokémon: The expert way (chaining)

There is a Pokéradar you can unlock later in the game (you get this in Sycamore's Lab, 2F, from the scientist to the right after beating the Elite Four). This allows you to track monsters before they appear to help you catch the one you want.

By chaining together kills of the same Pokémon over and over again, the chances of a Shiny Pokémon appearing increases. After a chain of 40 kills, the odds stand at around 1 in 200 (or 0.5%). Note: Do not use your skates for this method, walk around as usual.

Again, you'll need bags of patience for this method, but in the right hands it can reap rewards.

For more in-depth info, check out this chaining tutorial and the below video guide which explains how to find Shiny Pokémon this way:

You can also chain fishing to find a Shiny Water Pokémon.

How to catch a Shiny Pokémon: The easy way

If at first you don't succeed, try and try again cheat. At Leet we don't usually recommend cheating in video games, as it can spoil the reward of achieving something decently. But at the same time, it's a 1 in 8,000 chance of catching a Shiny Pokémon. Go figure.

If you really must have a Shiny Pokémon and don't have the time or patience to catch one, then there's always the Action Replay cheat codes. First you'll need to buy an Action Replay cartridge, then head on over to's Shiny Pokémon Action Replay cheat guide.

However, there are no codes for Pokémon X and Y at the time of writing.

General tips

  • Always carry plenty of Pokéballs. You never know when you'll come across a Shiny Pokémon.
  • Carry lots of Super Repels and berries that restore your PP
  • Find out where the Shiny Pokémon you want appears. Grind in an area with a high appearance rate to maximise your chances.
  • There are no other tricks or cheats to get shiny Pokemon (excluding the Action Replay method). If you've heard that if you fly to Celadon City 500 times and push the truck off of the old man, you will get a Shiny Pokémon, don't believe it.

For more advice, check out this guide on Kotaku.

There's another good video guide here:

Share your Shiny Pokémon

We're a fan of Pokémon here at Leet and want to know if you've caught a Shiny Pokémon. Please post a description or image of your Shiny Pokémon in the comments box below, or share your tips on how you caught it.

And if you haven't already, check out our top five Cool Pokémon.

Image courtesy of Ken Sugimori, copyright 2001

4,710 Responses

  1. DaDi
    Must be the lukiest guy ever! Haha, just bought pokemon black and first time i turned the game on my Tepig was a shiny! Awesome
  2. x-thief-x
    i once caught a shiny zubat lol
  3. polemon))
  4. danthegardner
    I remember in Gold I caught a shiny Noctowl. i thought it was the coolest thing.
  5. How about black and white series?
  6. alfie
    shiny budew and shiny zubat my sister got a shiny ariados 2 days ago
  7. alfie
    shiny zubat is too comon i've had 2!
  8. _stella_
    I caught a shiny camerupt in diamond ^_^ it's black and yellow.....BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW
  9. Simon
    I once caught a shiny Ursaring in gold.
  10. me
    with chaining i caught 3 shiny bagons 2 shiny larvitars and a shiny shinx :D
  11. mathew
    i have a shiny charizard through breeding mahahahahaha its black >.>
  12. Some excellent tips there, thank you! I was never aware of the Pokéradar, but my interest has definitely been sparked!
  13. seth
    i catch shiney pokemon all the time im a pokemon freak probaly the biggest i beat all the turnaments i got shiney pokemon every where its most comman if you have black white diamand peril platinum heartgold soulsiver
  14. times a little jacked up on this web site
    read my name
  15. zorualover
    I really want a shiny pokemon!!!!! My bro caught a shiny stunfish. o by the way i have a lot of zoruas if any one wants them email me if you do! my email is
  16. Boye
    I catch a shiny horsea =)
  17. seth and taylor
    hey bitches
  18. ian
    golbat at gold,and aipom at esmerald ;)
  19. zoroark(pronounced zor-oo-ork) lover
    i traded my suicune for a zorua lv.1 and i do not care about my lv.40 suicune, cause i already had a stronger one
  20. Anonymous
    i have a shiney porygon-z!i talked to this guy behind the veilstone pokemon center and gave me a shiney porygon(maybe by dumb luck im not sure)
  21. DaShinyMaster
    i have a shiny ponyta, swablu, Krookodile, and Gyrados (one i found in the wild fishing, not the one in HG & SS @ Lake of Rage).
  22. \\\\\\\\\\
    I have all the legendaries shiny with out cheating it took for ever!
  23. Anonymous
    i just caught a wild shiny yamask with a pokeball
  24. Anonymous
    ive played pokemon my whole life and never once saw a shiny......
  25. i hate how tough it is to get one of these.
  26. cam
    In pokemon soul silver i got a shiny zapdos! good job i kept my master ball lol. anyway i also was breeding my red gyrados and got a shiny majikarp :)
  27. matt
    too bad they dont have poke radar in black i caught tons of shinys that way
  28. zach
    i just went to route 18 and encounterd 3. 3! shinies and fled i didnt know they were shinies ):
  29. Anonymous
    i caught a shiny mareep in heartgold, and mareeps are one of my favorite pokemon so it was amazing
  30. [...] not get in its way then – and keep an eye out for the rare, Shiny Pokémon red Gyarados with golden [...]
  31. Jr
    Im trying to find a shiny tyrogue in black my Sis found a shiny kricketune in pokemon pearl I can't find any shiny
  32. jack
    i have seen 13 shiny pokemon and cought 11
  33. Halolah
    Shiny mew and charzard beat that
  34. Kaye
    I've seen one shiny Gurdurr and got a shiny Absol and Arbok through trade
  35. Legend
    I caught a shiny Joltik in Chargestone Cave on Black. On Platinum, I saw my first shiny ever, a Yanma. Of course it had to be in the Safari Zone, though, and it fled. DX But then I successfully chained and got a shiny Absol. :D
  36. andy
    shiny rapidash has black fire
  37. josh
    in leafgreen i was about to walk out of the pokemon mansion and one step away from exiting a shiny raticate appeared i named him beast
  38. josh
    i also have a shiny venusaur
  39. Devil
    I have played poemon ruby sapphire emerald fire red platinum soul silver heart gold white and NEVER EVER SEEN A SHINY POKEMON EVER!! .....SOBS...
  40. pot
    i caught a kyurem
  41. pot
    I want a shiny victini
  42. i have a shiny jellicent and shiny hydreigon legit on white found them in game it was sick
  43. Jirir
    I captured a shiny Jirachi in my pokemon leaf green!!
  44. Anonymous
    I am sad because I found a shiny graveler and then he used self destruct
  45. Anonymous
    i caught a shiny purloin. it was dark blue instead of light purple.
  46. epic man
    i have shiny arceus deoxys dialga palkia girat tine etc. it took ages tho
  47. Anonymous
    :( Im sad because my stupid friends deleted one of my favorite pokemon that was shiny : POLIWRATH. Hes light blue when shiny and my Blue Voltorb he was cool too .... Im going to try and get a Shiny Victiny!
  48. Jess
    I was just making my way through the cave before Victory Road and I encountered and caught a shiny Boldore. Instead of being yellow eyed, blue bodied and with red gems, it is red eyed, purple bodied and has light blue gems. It's really cool, too, because in the Pokedex I never seen a regular Gigalith (evolve form of Boldore) and when I evolved my shiny Bolder the Pokedex doesn't show the original colored Gigalith. Instead it shows the shiny Gigalith as the picture of it.
  49. Dimitriye98
    Biggest Sucker Ever! I had a shiny Zubat in Pearl and didn't know how rare it was, shortly after defeating elite four, reset game. :( 'nuff said
  50. Luis
    I got so lucky because on black before I even got my first badge i found a shiny pidove.
  51. Wantsashiny.please
    Never. Not once have I caught a shiny. The only one I have is the Red Gyrados from Heart Gold... I'm sad. He sucks. Anybody want to trade? I have 25 Zouras from breeding. Used to have fifty but released some of them. Plus I train alot of my Pokemon to be really strong. I will trade for a shiny :) email me at
  52. pokemon rocks out loud
    i was once just looking for a tyranitarin pokemon white (catchible) and i came across a SHINY ferrow!!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!
  53. TIde
    Was walking around beginning town in diomond after beating the elite four, and found a shiny shinx, caught it and it is now a luxray, the mane is still black but the blue part is gold instead...its hawt
  54. WAZZUP
    Was fishing in the Moor of Iccirus on the bottom pool, and caught a shiny barboach
  55. Unlucky Sucker
    When I had just done the elite 4 (my 15th time) I went to the giant chasm and caught a shiny Lairon (there was a pokemon out break there) luckly as soon as I started I used a poke ball and it caught it first time!!! ^_^
  56. tyty
    ok i cahught a shiny charzard a girtina shiny all of these are shiny ok a palkia a dialga a arceaus a reshiram a haxorus a buizel a cobblaion a terakkion a virzon a tornadus a thundarus a landorus a
  57. i never encountered a wild shiny if any one as a shiny zoroak or zorua ill trade i can make a offer and if any one wants a mach punch timbur or a dragon dance ice beam scragy let me know email me at
  58. Blue Zorua
    I caught a shiny virizion and zebstrika. A good way to find a shiny is to repeatedly press A+B until you get a shiny Shiny Verizion=luck Shiny Zebstika=method above Shiny Zorua(event)=shiny celebi means shiny zorua
  59. zorua
    i have tons of zoruoas but im looking for a shiny legend ordragon type
  60. zorua
    is soft reseting safe will it harm yur game
  61. blue flare
    marv... brigde majicarp shiny trick check it out
  62. blue flare
    just got shiny meleotta
  63. blue flare
    seiruu i dont think they were shinies just diferent genders
  64. Anonymous
    I saw a shiny Ryhorn in the Safari zone on Emerald but the colour was almost the exact same so I didn't know 'til after it fled
  65. Anonymous
    I saw a shiny starly in white forest but i had no poke balls to catch it. SOBS :(
  66. naughtynixster
    I caught a shiny Feebas the other day. i almost shat bricks! now its a shiny milotic. i want a shiny haxorus or axew let me know if anyone wants to trade.
  67. bwexpert
    i have a prob someone told me to do somthing to my wifi settings but now it is sending me a bunch of copyed shinies any advice
  68. gv
    i caught a shiny tangela. lol
  69. Shiny
    I randomly found a shiny klank in the electric cave HE'S PERTY GOLLDDD!!!!
  70. Pokeguy010
    i have caught a shiny shinx and now its in my white and its a shiny luxray :)
  71. Pokeguy010
    its impossible to catch a shiny victini. its coded to be impossible:(
  72. Anonymous
    in saphire, i was running around in the deserd training my pokemon, and suddenly a blue trapinch aperered later, when it evolved it was an orage vibrava, then when it was a flygon it was blue orrange and green :D
  73. Liza
    I caught a shiny purrlion. It was on accident too. First I was training my Pokemon like I always do. This was to beat the first gym, which obviously means I just got the game. Anyways I was fighting and suddenly a BLUE Purrlion came out of nowhere. It was like a bluish purple. And the sparkles indicating it was a shiny showed up. I was like oh my grrr a shiny! I caught it, it was a girl and I named it Coventry. :)
  74. Kyogretooth327
    I once caught a blue gastly in leaf green
  75. Anonymous
    i have a shiny Deoxys, Entei, and a slowbro :)
  76. Androgymous
  77. Silvershinx
    Hey i just randomly caught a shiny herdier in the wild. I didn't really notice because i looked up to talk to my bro when it appeared. When i looked back at the ds, there was a herdier sitting there. It looked normal, exept the brown fur was lighter, and the navy blu(blackish) fur was silver. It was so cool!!!!
  78. Blue Zorua
    Hi just responding to naughtynixer i have a shiny haxorus lvl.63 ill trade it for a shiny tepig,pignite,or emboar or another UNOVA shiny i only have 8 UNOVA shiny:(. so naughtynixer email me at and we can work something out.found shiny bisharp! therye blue!so cool!
  79. Blue Zorua
    So many shinys! I have a shiny Virizion,Volcarona,Zebstrika,Haxorus,Zoroark,Krookodile,Bisharp and Herdier. Accidently killed shiny Boldore:(
  80. themariobrosk
    I defeated about 70 magikarp cuz i was lookin 4 the lv.100 one then all of a sudden a gold magicarp popped up. i was also looking 4 a shiny starly or bidoof with the pokerader, i searched for 2 days then i thout id just go into a normal patch and wudda u no it was shiny. if u guyz have pokemon black or white i cought a shiny virizon on my first try. i was really lucky!
  81. tominator
    caught shiny nidorano in soulsilver
  82. tominator
    I caught a shiny nidorano in soulsilver I was so happy! Once saw a shiny jigglypuff in the safari zone... it ran away. :(
  83. three headed dragon!!!!!!
    yesterday i chaught a shiny deino in white and a shiny metagross in the rustleing grass. thanks alot!!!
  84. Blue Zorua
    FOUND NEW METHOD!!!!!! what you do is catch the pokemon you want then nickname it Repel then put it in first slot and it becomes 1 out of 47 chanc that that pokemon will be a shiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I AM SO HAPPY! IT WORKS TESTED WITH DEINO!!!!!!
  85. pokedude
    i have a shiny gastrodon it looks the same though
  86. OMT!!
    SHINY BONSLY!!! SOOOO CUTE! The three green circles on his head are RED. Absolutely Adorable.
  87. too old for pokemon:)
    just caught a shiny geodude in emerald 3 days ago not much of a difference its like goldish but not really :(
  88. really?
    my bro was playin my fire red a while ago and caught me a shiny..... rattata:( im like WTF? i dont want a shiny rattata lol
  89. I caught a shiny chatot in pokemon pearl the normal way, 1 in 8,192 :D
  90. Jax
    I have shiny: Yemega,Hitmonlee,Torterra,Ralts,Mew,Blissey, Salamce,Unown and Garchomp(I traded her away! I couldn't tell the diffrents!:O)
  91. Jax
    and gyrados
  92. Alex
    I just caught a Shiny Swellow! i was just riding around on a bike and BAM shiny :D I Freaked out!
  93. dominic
    ive got a shiny: garados(lake of rage), mew, giratina,three legend bird, crobat, and zweilous
  94. Sarah
    Caught a shiny sandrew in heartgold in the safari zone and got a shiny vaporeon lvl. 15 through the gts for a lvl.1 eevee. I couldn't believe it when I saw the shiny vaporeon. I flipped!
  95. dodo
    Catch him for the b....
  96. Anonymous
    I was walking to the pokemon league then a shiny zoroark appeared in a cave
  97. zoom zoom
    i have a shiny dilga it was't shiny when i nigrateid it!
  98. I've caught a shiny Spearow in Fire Red and got a shiny Altaria via GTS!!!!!!!!!!!
  99. LOAF
    shiny venipede
  100. duskstone2468
    i caught a shiny petlil in white @ the abundant shrine. the petlil was a lite green and the liligant was blue and lite green.
    I got a 2 shiny pokemon in diamond- no methods! one was a fearow and the other was a zubat-i think. Fly to celadon city 500 times and push the truck off the man? rediculous- it was a woman!
  102. BRO
    I need so help finding a shiny on pokemon black=( please help
  103. Jimothy
    I caught a shiny golbat out of no where in pokemon diamond
  104. Blue Zorua
    I come back to you all after 2 weeks of 24 7 shiny pokemon hunting (literaly) so this is a trickfor shiny breeding and hunting:you can soft reset while soft reseting so that youll have done it more times so shiny chance increases. Here's an example that it works,I have these shinys:Ferroseed Tynamo Elektrik Elygem Axew Fraxure Cubchoo Elektross Zweilous Cryongal Braviary Mandibuzz Emboar Serperior Pawniard Deino Zorua Zoroark Scraggy Tympole Oshawott Samurott Bisharp Stoutland Jellicent(male and female) Krookodile Haxorus Zebstrika Volcarona Darmanitan Golurk Druddigon Chandelure Litwick Lampent Watog Beeheeymen Sawsbuck Durant Swoobat Mienshao Hydreigon Klingklang Galvantula Ferrothorn Gigalaith Audino Virizion Cobalion Terrakion Confagrigus Kyurem Beartic Vanilluxe Reuniclus Musharna Tornadus (Thundurus=trade) Landorus Heatmor Bouffalant Stunfisk Accelgor Amoonguss Escavilier Emolga Swanna Garbodar Archeop Carracosta Sigilyph Scrafty Crustle Lilligant Whimiscott Scolipede Leavany Throh Exadrill Simipour Liepard Servine and last of all SNIVY! It Works! (breeding included use on eggs):)
  105. Blue Zorua
    Oh sorry ,Also have shiny Minccino and Cincinno sorry for leaving you guys out.I am disapointed with myself:(
  106. Blue Zorua
    Shiny Reshiram Zekrom Victini Keldeo Muesetta and Genesect with friends AR
  107. Does anyone have a new method and the Repel method doesn't work
  108. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! I need it real bad and i need a new method
  109. Blue Zorua
    Hello I Cant Spell Your Username,I just gave you a new method abou t soft reseting while soft reseting.And your game is glitched up the Repel thing works for me.
  110. Poke
    I have caught à shiny reshiram
  111. Anonymous
    i have a shiny electivire...... SIIICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  115. ???
    in my white i caught a shiny ghastly in white forest and now it is a black GENGAR. (kind of hard to tell if it is shiny)
  116. Blue Zorua
    Answering back to DALE THE MASTER for me it took 400 to 450 eggs to produce a shiny its hard but worth it so keep trying if you do it repeatedly for a large amount of time it should take up to 2 hours per shiny. Good luck! :)
  117. Blue Zorua
    So DALE THE MASTER with Breeding you should end up with 6 to 8 shinys a day and as i said, Good luck! :) And be careful with your shinys in PC I accidently released a shiny Deino. Dont remind me of it. Good luck!
  120. Blue Zorua
    Okay,this saturday 4\23\11 im hosting a GTS Negotiations giveaway to find me keep put in: for level 50 through 100 put want as strange and have as cool keep searching until you get a boy Ace Trainer with location as Ireland with more than 50 trades who's greeting is "Do you think SERVINE can AEROBLAST?" I will be having this giveaway at 7:30 to 8:30 in the evening on saturday\4\23\11 Your welcome! :)
  121. Blue Zorua
    Oh and my name will be Jonah :)
  122. Blue Zorua
    The :) isnt part of my name . Bye!
    blue zorua can you say that more simple sorry but it is confuising
  124. Blue Zorua
    Responding to DALE THE MASTER I got them to hatch quickly because I put a Volcarona as my first pokemon and with Flame Body ability they hatched faster than usual. Oh for my giveaway on Saturday if you are taking part show me a Pidove level 17 so I know your taking part. Feel free to ask for any ability,level pokemon,and shiny or not. :)
  125. Blue Zorua
    Oh and as a note for DALE THE MASTER using the masuda method makes the amount of eggs coming out of your pokemons . :) . P.S. if you plan on using vulgar languange please censor it thank it.
  126. Anonymous
    Never had a shiny in 6 years then got 3 in one week. A pidgey, a blitzle and a durant. Then a few weeks later caught another shiny durant. And this was just while I was trying to level up my pokemon. What luck. No cheating. *grins* I feel SOOOOOOO lucky.
    how do i show you the lv. 17 pidove and i wanted a shiny hydreigon lv. 88 thank you so much for your help and how would we traid to blue zorua
  128. Blue Zorua
    Responding to DALE THE MASTER we would trade over GTS Negotiation and you show me the Pidove by picking it up with you stylus and then releasing it and it will appear on the top left screen for you and right for me. :).
  129. Blue Zorua
    For the giveaway my partner Pink Snivy will help hand out pokemon to. She will post how she will do it . Now we have double the pokemon being given out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. :).
    what is GTS and how do we do we do it
  131. Pink Snivy
    I will also help with Blue Zorua's giveaway. My data should look like this:name should say Caitlin the location Ireland over 460 trades(impressive right?) And my greeting is"I defeated ARCEUS with SNIVY!" post what you want and dont try things like shiny Zekrom or Reshiram under level 9 with Wonder Guard ability because I have an AR (the 1 Blue Zorua used for canceled event pokes b\c of Japan quake like Keldio Musetta Genesect ) so dont try b\c I will give it then that it. Nothing more for u except a puny z\r. GOODBYE!.
  132. Blue Zorua
    Ignore Pink Teping err I mean Pink Snivy Responding to DALE THE MASTER the GTS is where people can post freely or negotiate to trade go to the top right of the poke center and talk to the reception person choose GTS then GTS Negotiations then you can put in what you want and it will match you with the right person. :).
  133. Pink Snivy
    Pink Teping? ha ha ha so funny.
    i have bin wanting a shiny hydreigon lv. 88
  135. Pink Snivy
    My partner Blue Zorua is going to bed so im covering any quistions for him till 9:30. We are using my AR for this project so if you came for legit level 100 rare or ledgendary shinys b\c obviously lots of people will want this and Blua Zorua only get like 8 shinies a day so... Basicaly if you want legit im not your girl so go to Blue Zorua for legit. im not legit he is so choose your preference (go with me b\c you will get shiny event ledgendarys!) GOODBYE!.
  136. Pink Snivy
    sure sure you'll get your Hydreigon but im not responsible for when your game gets deleted when you try to breed it and Blue Zorua isnt responsible either so dont breed it oh you dont mind if I give if Defeatist ability do you?(Defeatist lowers all stats harshly when damage is taken)So it will have Defeatist! YAY! So C Ya!.
    i tried to go to the pokemon center thing but there was arer code now what
  138. Pink Snivy
    This is fun maybe ill get to cover again! Then everyone will be happy! possibly...
    im fine with that ability it souds cool!!!!!!!!!
    thanks pink snivy we will talk tomarrow
  141. Pink Snivy
    Oh for error codes just keep trying if you dont get connection after half an hour check your rowder for any problems if your getting connection the light should blink you might possibly just have to renew you wifi which i dont know how to do its on i think your welcome and for the future error is spelled error not arer.
  142. Pink Snivy
    Blue Zorua is sick so im covering for him tomorrow so look foward to it! oh and from 3:30 to 4:00 i wont be here I like to get r's and z's under level 9 and trade them for high level shinys on gts to annoy the people who taught others with their shinys if your 1 of them ill know cuz i spend lots of time on Negotiations and ill reconize you and you wont get anything so hope i forget and you get lucky! GOODBYE!.
  143. Pink Snivy
    nothing can defeat snivy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  144. Pink Snivy
    best grass starter of all the gens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  145. Pink Snivy
    im not giving anyone anything on saturday giveaway unless they have Snivy!!!!!!!!!!
    are you for real about the snivy thing on saturday
  147. Pink Snivy
    no snivy no service
    and if i dont have a snivy?
  149. Pink Snivy
    I Caitlin and my ity bity Snivy will dominate the battle field with Scratch!.Yes I am serious i want to see a snivy,a female Snivy or no service.
    ok i will get a snivy from my friend
  151. teehee
    lol i breed sniveys i have at least 20 snivy's
  152. teehee
    and i ev train them. i have 6 maxed out in stat's. 1 in attack, 1 in special attack, 1 in defence, 1 in special defence, 1 in speed, and 1 in hp.
  153. Pink Snivy
    Okay DALE THE MASTER I couldnt find my Defeatist code but luckily for the 1's with female snivys I found the most epic code and it works.ITS WONDER GUARD ABILITY So stock up on snivys for tommorow!
  154. Pink Snivy
    A way to control IV's? teehee please share I dont quite beleive you.
  155. Pink Snivy
    Slight change me and Blue Zorua used switch id code or something but now his trainer card has my data and mine has him so now im Jonah and he's Caitlin so ill have whats on his card so dont get confused. im the girl.FOR OTHER AR'S NEVER USE NAME CHANGE CODES. EVER!!!.
    how many snivys do you want all six?
    if the error code ceeps hapening can we do it another time?
  158. Pink Snivy
    It only has to be 1 snivy and if the error code keeps happening ill tell blue zorua the thing is we have 19 request e-mails on zorua's account so date or time change is very slim oh by the way I have the shiny hydreigon level 88 ready for you to pick up c you all tommorow night.
  159. Pink Snivy
  160. Pink Snivy
    It wont let me trade pokemon with abilities I modified like multitype and wonder guard so they'll have their normal abilities.
  161. Pink Snivy
    Today i caught 90 shiny solosis and then released all of them!.
  162. Pink Snivy
    does anyone ave a shiny code to make shiny snivy pink instead of blue? $50 dollar reward. NOT!
  163. Pink Snivy
    I have a level 100 shiny genesect with illusion! I forgot I did that and I had it in first slot and went into battle and my shiny servine level 100 with wonder guard came out and im like WTF?
  164. Pink Snivy
    found cool musical pokemon glitch. do musical at end hold select for 10 to 5 seconds let go then find pokemon u used and I was like why is this solosis have a barett sunglasses and a tophat?
  165. Pink Snivy
    I just noticed that when me and blue zorua showed up the number of comments increased by 65. Take that Mr.Woodard I am practicing math over the break!.
  166. Pink Snivy
    oh and DALE THE MASTER we werent able to rescedule.Sorry tough luck
  167. Pink Snivy
    the time on this forum is screwed up!
    is there a level you need snivy at?
  169. Redd
    derp derp. I'm trying to use the Egg-hatching method for a shiny Deino. Oh, I love those Pokemon. But through years and years of playing Pokemon I've never ONCE spotted a shiny. :c Wish me luck with the Deino!
  170. Pink Snivy
    we seem to lack comments.
  171. Pink Snivy
    this computer is glitcched up i cant see other peoples comments. time for a little code writing and computer surgery.
  172. Pink Snivy
    YES! I can see stuff again! oh yeah good luck on the Deino. I know alot about pokemon but have no patience for shiny hunting and I think its a waste of time when you can just AR for it no offence meant to shiny hunters but personaly I recomend ARing its sooooo much faster I have every pokemon in unova shiny. working on past gens.and for DALE THE MASTER there is no level I want I really dont care I just like snivys by the way comment if you find a pink snivy icon. Im still searching!
  173. Blue Zorua
    Hello im back in order to make the giveaway go faster so more pokemon will be given out I have called some more friends who like pokemon and will help hand out they will post they told me the names they'll be using dont worry there less hyper than Pink Snivy. Their usernames are Dragonair Extrodinair and Broken Boldore. Can't wait until tommorow! :) .
  174. Blue Zorua
    No worries,I still have more people: Dead Pichu and Mystic Dirt. :). 6 people.Awsome.
  175. Blue Zorua
    Sadly to say just kidding its just me and Pink Snivy. :(
  176. Pink Snivy
    I HAVE SOMEONE!!! Okay her name is Green Tepig she'll stat post'in soon!
  177. kimi-aerrow
    shiny carvanha shiny zubat shiny shaymin shiny gastly shiny solosis (which took me 2 days and finally hatched yesterday shiny litwick (hatched and is now a chandelure) and trying to get an emolga and audino... by the way i used Masuda method to hatch the shinys i wanted!
  178. Pink Snivy
  179. dale the master
    when i am in the place how will i find you?
  180. Hi all, It's great to see this post has sparked debate but I'm going to ask you to keep on topic. This site isn't a forum or chat room so please do stay in topic and take any other personal discussions or arrangements elsewhere. You're welcome to exchange email addresses on here. Also (safety net), Leet is not responsible for any game save data being deleted as the result of trading and breeding Shiny Pokémon. Thanks, Dom
  181. Blue Zorua
    Since Dom Sacco said to stay on topic E-mail me for questions at . :).
  182. shiny salamence
    i have a few shiny pokemon if you use repel and you find yourself in a battle you might have a 25% chance of shiny success
  183. jayman1099
    i used the breeding metod, it totaly works! my tenth klink was shiny! :) but i have twomore boxs full of non shiny pokemon, but yeah if the breeding pokemon are of diferent countries it does up the chances to 1 in 2000, wich is still high :(
  184. jayman1099
    and blue zorua your method doesn't work.
  185. jayman1099
    shiny salemances idea might work because in white forest pokemon will apear no matter what and nidoran and aron are rare. well thats all i found so im putting my kuck on that metod. ps use max repel while in gras to get this effect.
  186. jayman1099
    cancel that .......location! i will prove this works..... somewhere else
  187. john adom
    you guys are gay playing pokemon
  188. john adom
    realy gay pokemon fans!!stupid
  189. you gay
    so stupid and what is gay shiny pokemon
  190. I hate pokemon
    I am a bitch because every call me bitch because i play pokemon so you guys are bitch too becuz you play pokemon!
  191. Brian
    The first shiny pokemon I caught was an Onix (which is also my favorite of all time, so I was really happy)..that was Pokemon Diamond. And in Pok. White I recently caught a shiny Timburr.
  192. Arceusaj
    got a shiny swablu in saphire once
  193. Arceusaj
    also venasaur charizard blastoise meganium typhlosin feralgatr sceptile blazekin mudkip rotom swablu porygon-z gyrados regirock registeel (TOOK A VERYVERYVERYVERYVERYVERYVERYVERYVERY LONG TIME!)
  194. dalton
    caught a shiny gyrados and shiny ponyta in soulsilver
  195. Liam
    Lol I had no idea what animate were and I was trying to catch an abra and I ran into a shiny one but it didn't look that much different from a normal abra so I didn't know it was special...I just so happen to catch it and once I evolved it into alakazam it turned pink so thats when I learned about shineys!
  196. Liam
    Since then my shiney team has expands to 8, Alakazam, Pichu, Suicune, Gyarados, Luxray, Mandibuzz, Sharpedo, and Magnezone My brother has Pelliper, Gengar, Abomasnow, Suicune, Pichu, and Gyarados And his friend has a shiny fearow (legitly trained to lvl 100!!!) Anyway so all of those are legit even though the Gyarados, suicune, and Pichu are from events I've currently only caught one shiny from chaining which is shinx (luxray) and i did find a shiny rattatta in soul silver but I had o pokeballs :(
  197. MakiWolfeh
    I have caught real/"fake" shiny Poke'mon before but I'm going to share how I got my real ones. The first shiny I caught I never knew was actually a shiny; I was simply just wandering around in the Safari Zone in Ruby version and happened upon an orange-ish Pikachu. I caught it and then later found out it was a shiny. Then, on Diamond version, I caught a shiny Magikarp in the lake where you catch Feebas. And finally, on my Platinum version, I accidently made a shiny Graveler faint but later on in the game I ran into a shiny Rhydon so I caught her.
  198. Anonymous
    Man, I was pretty surprised that! ACTUALLY caught one in black! Shiny litwick :3 I would have put a picture of it here but my old computer wouldn't let me! :(
  199. Blue Zorua
    For people a shiny litwick as a green eye and a blue flame. Your welcome Anonymous!. :) .
  200. Arceusaj
    anyone have a legit shiny jirachi?
  201. Arceusaj
    anyone have a legit shiny jirachi?
  202. zorua is awsome
    ive got heaps of normal zoruas for trade im trying to get a shiny zorua but no luck so far anyone want to trade their shiny pokemon to me for a zorua please im desperate for a shiny my email is
  203. Blue Zorua
    Im willing to trade you Zorua Is Awsome a shiny zorua for a normal one but it depends on its moveset nature and level. I will trade for a normal zorua level 50,female,that knows dark pulse (I cant find tm). My email is above. :) .
  204. Blue Zorua
    with a hasty nature.
  205. zorualover
    on my last post, the zoruas are not shiny!!!!! so many people are asking me about shiny zoruas that im going insane
  206. Trent
    i got a Shiny Mewtwo (legit), and Shiny Mamoswine (legit). i got one on firered and one on white. i am so damn lucky!
  207. Trent
    i got a Shiny Mewtwo (legit), and Shiny Mamoswine (legit). i got one on firered and one on white. i am so lucky!
  208. hamza
    im new to this can you teach me i never caught a shiny before seriouse
  209. endless vortex
    i caught a shiny tentacool in Pokemon sapphire it had blue jems in stead of red. {I forgot to trade it to a friend so i could reset it but i forgot} what a cruel world:{
  210. Blue Zorua
    Zorualover you are WRONG! a Zorua has a shiny sprite which is instead of the red markings on its face and hair tuft,the marking are blue. And Zorua will be brown instead of blacl. This is a common fact.
  211. Arceusaj
    ive hatced over 500 tyrouges using the masuda method, w/ a japenese hitmonlee and my us ditto. why wont it work??
  212. mamoswine in white = luck/ origonaly piloswine roserade and clafable diamond= luck/ evolved from 1 form
  213. bob
  214. bob
    3 shiny
  215. Pokebro
    I caught a shiny shinx before. =) If anyone has a shiny escadrill I will give a shiny simisage or shiny gengar for it my email is I luvvvv escadrill ♥
  216. IKillUrPokemon
    i entered ilex forest from alzea town entrance only to be stopped in my track from a shiny oddish which was awesome and unexpected i chose to evolve it to bellossom and not vileplume it is my only ever wild encounter with a shiny but i do have 19 more from trades oh and it was heartgold version im now hatching eggs with english ditto and japanese charizard but still no sign of that black charmander ;( my other shinys are mew,latios,shaymin,tyrogue,hitmonlee,salamance,arcanine,froslass,pichu,gyarados,venusaur,milotic,umbreon,flareon, elekid,magmortar,manaphy,Tropius,kingdra
  217. i got a shiny zekrom,rufflet,woobat,and a shiny comments or need tips? email me at i'll help XD
  218. Blue Zorua
    To Blue Zekrom,I don't beleive you because as a proven fact that I have seen and tried without AR codes it is impossible to get a LEGIT shiny Zekrom.
  219. Pink Snivy
    Yes, shiny zekrom=IMPOSSIBLE (without AR codes).And Blue Zorua at school we went over this,only I get to expose these liars.
  220. Pink Snivy
    so blue zekrom,you say you have those shinys so to see if your for real can you tell me they're colors? I have them so I know.
  221. Sean
    I caught a shiny drowzee in pokemon heart gold
  222. 009?
    i walked into a random patch of grass on pokemon white and caught a lvl. 8 female shiny pidove. its cool and i cant wait until it evolvs. yay!
  223. mama luigi
    i found a shiny piloswine lvl 47
  224. mama luigi
    i also found a shiny karrablast but i killed it :(
  225. mama luigi
    i once found a shiny cryogonal and caught it! what luck!
  226. Pink Snivy
    blue zekrom,since you didnt reply that means you dont know so therefor I am right and you are lying
  227. im hungry
    I found a shiny swello in pokemon black, I found a shiny rampardos in pokemon platnim, and shiny piplup, golbat and roselia in pokemon pearl
  228. Once, a few years ago, when pokemon ruby firt came out, I caught a Shiny Electrode. Being Really young, however, I thought something was wrong and started a new game. I really wish I hadn't.
  229. Pink Snivy
    for the past half hour i have been giving out ill-gotten shiny pokemon on the gts (AR) i still am you can post a request and i probably wont get back to you! ENJOY!
  230. mama luigi
    ps i am only 10
  231. mama luigi
    i found a shiny abra lvl 4 but i killed it.crap:(
  232. mama luigi
    i also have a shiny blue is light blue.awesome:)
  233. Nun Ur Buisness
    i once caught a shiny geodude on my cousins pearl, and if i keep killing reshiram will i not be able to V.S. N and if so i know how im gonna lvl my pokemon.
  234. Nun Ur Buisness
    oh and do you get the other 4 region's pokemon at black city/white forest?
  235. shiny freak
    i have a shiny azumarill pidgeot and crobat caught them all in leaf greenan the pidgey was the first thing i saw lol
  236. mama luigi
    if you have a shiny magnezone i am willing to trade a shiny yanmega.HELP ME!
  237. Anonymous
    i caught a shiny Herdier woot!!!!!!! i didnt use any method it was just attracted to meeeee!!!! 
  238. Anonymous
    I found two shiny mareeps- In the safari zone. They both ran away D:
  239. Anonymous
    he@$ yeah after trying all f@#$%King methods i finnally caputered a shiny axew time for a BLACK HAXORUS!!!!! HAHA
  240. Typhlo
    really, i have every shiny (non-unova) pokemon! So ha ha and tripple HA!
  241. Typhlo
    Really? I have every shiny (non-unova) pokemon! even the legends
  242. Yo
    i got a shiny Mamoswine (originally Piloswine), Shiny Golurk (originally Golett), shiny Klinklang (originaly Klink), shiny Stunfisk (hatched an Egg) and shiny Excadrill (from Challenger cave)
  243. Yo
    i took 2 hours to catch a shiny Golett. i encounter one, if it's not shiny, i ran. i repeated this process about 250 times u can use Sweet scent if u want
  244. Yo
    (all the versions (non-unova) of pokemon) i have a shiny Weavile, Aggron, Crobat, Palkia, Dialga, Electivire, Zangoose, Ninetales, Espeon, Togekiss, Gardevoir and Regice. Just in case if u will be suspicious, i did NOT use the AR.
  245. Eon
    I once caught a gold krabby on Gold and a gold bellsprout on Fire Red and on Heart Gold I was given a Shiny Tyrogue by the Dojo Leader
  246. Pokemaster
    i am only 12 and must be the master of pokemon because i have a lot of shinies, i have tranferred all my shinies to white, almost all of my shinies are legendaries, i didnt cheat for them, i just reset my game til i caught them, i have a level 75 shiny mewtwo, a level 100 shiny groudon, a level 42 shiny suicine, and much more, now all i need is wifi lol!!
  247. Pink Snivy
    Pokemaster,just because you have 5 or 6 shinies doensnt mean you're the pokemon master. I have an AR and have every single shiny pokemon unova and all other reigons.And I bet your shiny pokemon are'nt legit.
  248. tom
    i have NOTHING
  249. IKillUrPokemon
    im looking to trade shiny pokemon for shiny but not for black/white version i use HG/SS hacked shinys unwelcomed email with your FC and player name im available 4pm-4am (UK)
  250. orange osshawott
    i found the 2nd easiest way in b/w 1: breed 1 pokemon through Masudo Method (or how ever you spell it) 2: get a pokemon from a different country AGAIN and keep going like this DO NOT BREED WITH THAT POKEMONS PARENTS as that will end the chai n after the 5th egg, the chances are now 1 in 569 also, no dittos as that will make ir 1 in 1253
  251. orange osshawott
    *chain *it
  252. zac
    i have just started pokemon black and i need some help
  253. Anonymous
    i have a shiny klinklang, sigyliph, charizard, sharpedo, steelix rapidash, salamence and n arbok
  254. Anonymous
    i want a shiny kyogre i'll give my salamence or steelix
  255. jamie
    I hatched a shiny snivy when i was trying to transfer my starter from black to white
  256. orange osshawott
    using my method, i hatched a shiny krabby ^_^
  257. o m g
    omg on black i got a shiny zorua
  258. politoedKING
    i have a question for Blue Zorua, how many times did u soft reset on average for the shiny breeding method???????
  259. orange osshawott
    question for blue zorua : can u add me on pokemon black my name is jmz98 and my friend code is ... well im typing this on my dsixl so i need to go to black then ill post my friend code
  260. orange osshawott
    ok name is (exactly as spelled) JMZ98 and friend code is 3267-4358-4574 i traded shiny crabby for my fav pkmn (treecko lv 1) and got a shiny krokorok from that so if u want a legit shiny krokorok tell me everyone else add me and put ur name and friend code on too thx ^_^
  261. kyle Marshall
    I have aton of patience i have a shiny groudon, Lugia, and Hoho
  262. orange osshawott
    shiny porygon-z lv100 anyone want it? ill take it for ANY other shiny truth
  263. mama luigi
    this guy traded me a shiny geodude and did not know it was shiny:)hehehehehehehe
  264. mama luigi
    i will trade a shiny yanmega to any one that has a shiny magnezone.(also pre-evolutions)
  265. PokeLover
    Hey everyone! I really want to catch a shiny pokemon on black but don't have access to internet =( does anyone know any methods that DO work? I'd love to no... I have only eva found one shiny zubat on Emerald but then my sister deleted my game... devo =(
  266. IKillUrPokemon
    @pokelover if you have a wireless router check underneath it for model and make type into your search bar. Find wireless settings and switch your WEP/WPA to (off)(no privacy) then restart your router and you have wifi connection if you cant find wireless settings add /indexRES.htm?wirelessRES.htm to the url above hope this helps
  267. PokeLover
    Answering to IKillUrPokemon, I'm sorry but I don't really understand what you were trying to explain...I'm at school at the moment and can't reply immediately...
  268. PokeLover
    If anyone is on at the moment, please say something and answer if you have any helpful methods of catching shiny pokemon...ones that actually DO work would be nice =) wen i get home from school...I'M GOING TO CATCH A SHINY...BY SEARCHING...FOR...HOURS...=/
  269. PokeLover
    Oh and id love to talk to Pink Snivy and Blue Zorua but I'm just sorry that I can only talk to you while at school due to the fact that I don't have internet at home...=( but I look forward to reading more comments on Monday! POKEMON RULES!!!! Especially SHINIES!!!
  270. PokeLover
    BYE...4 now! If anyone would like to chat about pokemon...send me an email at THANKYOU MAKERS OF POKEMON!!!
  271. me
    i got a shiny poliwag, my bro got a shiny ponyta
  272. joeymasterbates
    i caught a shiny fearow in diamond and a shiny pilowswine in black.
  273. orange osshawott
    found a shiny kanghaskan this morning ( well, yesterday morning) nd i ran X_X
  274. nI have only once found a shiny pokemon. I crit'd it and it died. I really wanted a shiny Doduo!
  275. IKillUrPokemon
    am i the pokemaster because i caught and breed 383 pokemon before doing a single trade to get the rest? or because my battle record is won 47 lost 0 hahaha i have over 1000 trades complete now and i have never used AR codes because i have english version pokemon games and i dont think ARs work for them also you black & white users check out all the pokemon you want for your game why not cheat ;) i bet most of you here are good at it
  276. ninjaboinick
    I caught two shinies out of random luck; a shiny Pidgey in SS and a shiny Stunfisk in Black. I have like 14 others from trades, though.
  277. a
    i caught a shiny corsola in pokemon black. i was lucky because it was the first time seeing one and it was a randome encouter.
  278. I found a shiny pidove yesterday while I was trying to train my patrat
  279. Now a shiny unfezant
  280. Nick
    i found 2 shinys 1. a shiny marril and i evolved it and traded it to my old friend that i dont like 2. shiny nidoran(boy) that my cousin reset the game on! im shinyless!
  281. red riolu
    im just so jealous of my brother and friend!friend got shiny herdier,no cheat(im pretty sure...),and,i saw him do it,brother got shiny swadloon,now jealous...i wanna shiny!!!!!
  282. MadAcid
    I just caught a shiny Litwick the other day, it is wonderful!
  283. precisionx
    lol, i caught a pink shellos.. then i saw the blue one and thought it was a shiny. how retarded am i? hahahahahah
  284. orange osshawott
    FINALLY MY FIRST SHINY LEGY ^-^ its a landorus anyone want it before i give it away?
  285. I'll trade you one of my zekroms
  286. Omg
    Funny i was playing soul silver and caught a shiny latios :D
  287. Anonymous
    ive caught a shiny roselia and shiny starly in pearl
  288. Blue Zorua
    I come back to you all after 3 weeks of shiny hunting,and using my past generation games I have caught every single shiny exept for Arceus,Munchlax and Omastar,oh and Orange Osshawott I added you so I'll post mine later. Anyone who can get me the shinys above will be rewarded because I have extras of some of my shinys.( It's a lie. you can get Victini shiny I did it a week ago.)
  289. IKillUrPokemon
    i have a shiny omastar if your interested in trade let me know
  290. Tyler92801
    I found a shiny Pidgey once.It's now a shiny Pidgeot.I've found lots of shinies on the GTS.I've gotton a shiny Machoke,now Machamp,and shiny Salamence.:3
  291. bob
    I have a shiny deoxys from pokemon emerald, a shiny lugia, and a shiny event mew.
  292. orange osshawott
    hey pink snivy or blue zorua, culd u get me a lv 4 spiritomb with wonder guard plz i really want one ill even give up my shaymin for it oh yeah i traded my lv 100 shiny porygon-z to someone for a lv 100 shiny girantina, which my friend stole while i was asleep >:(
  293. orange osshawott
    ive come up with the smartest idea: trade all of ur good pkmn into ur friends game, delete urs, and soft reset till u get a shiny starter (tepig looks kool with his blue ^_^)
  294. Anonymous
    got shiny wooper in safari zone in platinum and it didnt run away =3
  295. orange osshawott
    the olny wild shiny i ever caught (legit and not traded) was lake of rage red gyrados lol but i found a shiny kanghaskan and i ran because i was used to hitting the run button (it happens to all of us ^_^)
  296. orange osshawott
    oh yeah and my landorus i used blue zoruas method for that i have gaven away my lv 85 shiny pandorus to my 2nd fav pkmn : magikarp ^_^ i luv magikarp i just now realuzed all of my posts are long lol
  297. Chicken Nuggets Rule
    Blue Zorua which method is the fastest and the easiest???
  298. IKillUrPokemon
    hatched my 1st ever shiny last night (cyndaquil) took only 15 eggs but was 350th egg overall to hatch still beats the so called 1 in 2046
  299. orange osshawott
    lol i meant landorus not pandorus oh IKillYourPokemon, u seem to play anothr major role in these comments, wats ur b/w name and friend code?
  300. Lelu
    I caught a shiny Wabafet in the safari zone of sapphire - it's female so it's even sillier in that it's purple and has lipstick on!
  301. gyarados
    its red i found it in ss at the lake of rage
  302. i want a VICTINI i willl do anything for him/her.!!!!!!!! i only have: reuniclus,gothitelle,cofagrigus,chandelure(shiny),samurot,cobalion, virizion.terrakion all in my p.c....plz i love victini and restarted so many times just to get it and i hgave been looking for almost a year!!!!!! i really want one :)........plzzzzzzz:D
  303. orange osshawott
    @pokemaster : u culdnt have been looking over a year for victini, mostly cus its barley been out 2-4 months
  304. I found a shiny meditite at the begining of the game in platinum
  305. IKillUrPokemon
    hey orange osshawott i dont play or own b/w ;( i play HG/SS i own both and 3 Dsi Xls lol i played pkmn red or blue like 13 years ago when there was only 151 pkmn times moved fast because the nxt time i played 12 years later HG/SS have 493 pokemon so im still getting to know new moves, natures and pkmn possibly the only reason i havnt bought b/w because it might be too soon getting to know another 100+ pkmn but i will buy it some day ;)
  306. orange osshawott
    kool just tell me whn u get either i just noticed that an invincible pokemon is a sableye or spiritomb with the ability that no moves except super effective hits they have no weaknesses lol they will mever die ^_^ i want one now plz pink snivy or blue zorua i do t care if its legit....... another long post
  307. lol i haz a shiny charizard,mewtwo,torterra,pinsir,garydos(lake of rage) and pwng of all,.............ME!lol jk rlly its zoroark. beet that .
  308. no hax or nuttin
  309. hey zorualover, where du u live?
  310. Pk trainer caleb
    Hey I have a question about the method in which you catch a pokemon and Nick name it repel. I have been trying for days to make it work but all the pokemon I caught and named repel and put in first slot never became shiny can some one tell me what might be going on plzz reply when you can thx here's my email thx for your help
  311. PokeGirl
    Hey! I hav been searching and searching to get lucky and catch a shiny pokemon but still no luck...all I hav is a shiny gyrados from ss but it's not very good :( anyone got a good method...and yeah I agree with Pk trainer caleb...the Repel thing doesn't work!
  312. PokeGirl
    I just realised that when I sent my comment, it said that it was the 15/5/11 but because I'm in Australia, it's really the 16/5/11 9:16am haha no wonder no one is replying...
  313. patrick
    i havent spent to much time catching shinies i got a shiny magcargo in diamond. and when i was on route 18 i was lucky enough to see a shiny frillish it was so close to the originals color that if the sparkling stuff didnt show up i would have ran away.
  314. PokeGirl
    hey patrick I think you're a lot luckier than me...haven't caught one at all :( do you have black or white?
  315. IKillUrPokemon
    @ pokegirl the fastest way to find legit shiny pkmn is to chain using the pokeradar or if you want you can buy an AR then every wild pokemon will be shiny in your game if you cant get access to either of these methods then you will have to have tons of time and patentice finding wild shinys by spamming the grass current odds are 1/8000+ per wild shiny and 1/2046 via breeding if you use masuda method
  316. PokeGirl
    Thanks IKillUrPokemon...but why is ur name sooooo long? I keep writing spaces! Don't call me a noob but what is an AR?
  317. orange osshawott
    @PokeGirl AR is short for Action Relay, which acks ur game and cheats 4 u ... do u have black, or white cuz i need a pkmn that knows charge from pkmn white lol antr long posts
  318. angry or sad dnnuno
    shinys wont let me alone they folw me il trade em HELP
  319. angry or sad dnnuno
    free shiny here if u have wf i think come here if u have the game well done i trade them for anthing u can have eny pokemon BUT my mew
  320. angry or sad dnnuno
  321. angry or sad dnnuno
    IF UR despret for a shiny get one here il trade som any shiny pokemon for bug type
  322. Anonymous
    The repel thing is bull... Oh and btw willing to trade Shinto gyarados for victini hit me up if you want to trade My friend code is: 0518-7806-3153
  323. Izzy
    I have found 2 of my shinies on LeafGreen. I found a shiny Weedle (now a Beedrill) and a Pidgey (now a Pidgeot). I LOVE LEAFGREEN! :D
  324. orange osshawott
    hey angry or sad dunno, can i have a lv 73 shiny for a lv 73 bug pokemon?
  325. ShadoDarkarai999
    I found a shiny tangela a month a go!!!!!!!!!!!!
  326. PokeGirl
    Orange Osshawott, I have black and I've got a pokemon from my ss game that knows charge. It's my Luxray
  327. PokeGirl
    Btw, how do you find landorus and thundorus because I've seen tornadus but can't find the other two...but anyone wanna trade me a shiny???
  328. angry or sad dnnuno
    great take em alll their anoing pests!
  329. angry or sad dnnuno
    ok u can have any one for a bug!!
  330. angry or sad dnnuno
    pokegril would u like a a shiny or orange osowhat would like a zora
  331. angry or sad dnnuno
    or wuz it zorack!?!?!
  332. angry or sad dnnuno
    pokegril il trade if u give me an egg or a bug
  333. angry or sad dnnuno
    quick the shiny starters are stil aveble!
  334. Batocie
    Well I don't have an ar and I don't go shiny hunting I just got 2 programs on my comp I male the pokemon and send to my ds through gts :D
  335. Batocie
    Make* not mail
  336. Batocie
    An one want a shiny pokemon I'll trade any pokemon with any ability nature moveset lvl and iv and evs, for you to receive these u will have to trade me the pokemon u want non shiny any lvl for the one I will get shiny any lvl
  337. angry or sad dnnuno
    ok u can have one for somthin!
  338. IKillUrPokemon
    @ batocie im sure almost every1 knows where to go to make their own pokemon any nature any ability any movesets any lvl the only problem is these pokemon will not be allowed to trade in the GTS but you can trade with a friend on your pal pad ;)
  339. angry or sad dnnuno
    do want a shiny their anoing!
  340. New person on site!
    I have shiny giratina shaymin gyarados latias cresselia dialga furret by trade except gyarados and i got naturally shiny caterpie in pokemon bug contest on hg naturally:)
  341. PokeGirl
    Hey angry or sad dunno! Why are your shinies annoying? Anyway I'd love one cuz I don't have any...what pokemon do you have? I've got a Syther and some other bug ones...cant remember
  342. PokeGirl
    Um...angry or sad dunno? ARE YOU THERE?! Where do you live cuz i'm in australia and it's 9:02am...maybe it's too late for you to answer...
  343. PokeGirl
    OK I'll wait for someone...=)
  344. Hey guys if anyone out their has a shiny gollet,golurk,tepig,pignite or emboar my profile name is Cole and my freind code is 13790 if you have any of the pokemon above I'll give u my giranina lv 50 shiny heatran lv 50 shiny palkia lv 50 shiny dialga lv 50 shiny groudon lv 50 shiny deoxys lv 100 shiny rayquaza lv 51 shiny latios lv 35 shiny regirovk lv 40 regice lv 40 registeel lv 40 metang shiny lv 43 sceptile shiny lv I forgot entei lv 40 shiny raikou shiny lv 40 swinub shiny lv somewhere in the twenteys noctowl shiny lv 23 jinks shiny lv somewhere in the twenties tangela shiny lv somewhere in the twenties and that's it if you have any of these pokemon PLEASE trade it to me I'm begging you if been looking for these shineys for weeks
  345. joe
    i just got black barely play it nd got shiny lugia zoroark machamp mightyena and gyrados lol
  346. steve
    i know a way to get 100% shinys use the AR to get 100% shinys get a egg get it to sounds can be heard save hatch it a that point it is hacked turn off your ds turn it back on hatch the egg and it will be 100% ligit shiny i used this to get a shiny zigzagoon ponyta crogunk and more i also hatched a shiny caterpie on black useing the masuda method!
  347. steve
    i have a shiny golett
  348. angry or sad dnnuno
    no i dont live in alstrilaia i just busy with shiny tradeing
  349. angry or sad dnnuno
  350. angry or sad dnnuno
    ITS just a talent i saw a caterpie shiny one then lots came!!
  351. medic33
    I caught a shiny Darumaka in the desert resort on pokemon black
  352. steve
    i'd trade almost anything for an egg of a shiny 5th gen pokemon! except for my lv100 vaniluxe ducklett shiny linoone and shiny butterfree
  353. steve
    i feel sorry for you cole having a shiny jynx! if i found a shiny jynx i'd kill it even though it would be shiny sucks to be you cole
  354. angry or sad dnnuno
    il hate shinys they are aoing take em all for a low lvevl pokemon take IT!
  355. Nun Ur Buisness
    HAHA cool my name is still here and i haven't been on this site in... 19 days
  356. Mike Kube
    I caught a Shiny Magicarp, It looks epic but It still kinda sucks. ;P
  357. pokemaster
    i caught a shiny arceus
  358. jm
    i receive a shiny snivy in pokemon black:D
  359. orange osshawott
    hey angry or sad dunno, i have a lv 73-74 bug pokemon, can i get a shiny at the same level? it might be a scyther, heracross, or volcarona
  360. cookiez
    I have a shiny obamasnow and zorua:) Got a blue voltorb in sapphire, didn't know it wuz rare and restarted game.... I'm an idiot...... Also restarted heartgold without deleting original file just 4 fun. caught a blue E unown and named it bluE.(Yeah, stupid name) but I couldn't save the game and had to turn it off!DX
  361. rainingatnight
    one time, in ruby version, i got a shining oddish..and i wanted to restarted my i did. =( the shining oddish has a green tint and it had stars encircling it..but i didnt think oddish was useful at the time!! i was so ignorant! if only i would have known the chances of seeing one! (btw, i saw it in the safari zone after u beat the elite 4 and unlock the hidden area in the safari zone.)
  362. ...
    Caught a shiny buizel, tentacruel, pidgey, drowzee, ditto, and 2 LoR Gyarados. Lost 3 of them though... :(
  363. Theresa
    I play pokemon 24/7, I have all the games, and I've never once even encountered a shiny ): *tear*
  364. nole
    i found a shiny sneazel in black while running through the deep chasm cave, to tell the truth i was looking for a metang and suddenly a pink and gold sneazel popped up, i caught it and named it nevermore because i doubt i'll see another one, also people say they want a shiny victini but it's impossible without cheating, the new games are designed to not allow victini to appear as a shiny.
  365. PokeGirl
    angry or sad dunno, you can't spell and if I give you my syther, what shiny will you give me?
  366. retro
    i got a shiny weevile its so cool
  367. Masterdoctor
    well guys.... I've been playing pokemon all my life and no cheats and I FOUND a shiny Mewtwo and mew my emerald was sinking a little bit about the mew i was amazed about the mew and mewtwo BUT when i was attacking the mew it sadly ran away..... im still relooking for the mew and taking back what's MINE :)
  368. Masterdoctor
    btw i forgot how can i increase my chances on getting a shiny in black
  369. Masterdoctor
    i forgot onto my last post without cheating
  370. Tundra
    I've basically ran into one shiny pokemon per game I have: - fire red Pidgeot - Sapphire Marril - Diamond Kricketune - and in black a Boldore I caught in Chargestone Cave I keep trying the MM for Vulpix but I keep getting distracted, it's taking forever!!
  371. Masterdoctor
    good luck i'm done with black and i got white 4 wks ago i found 1 shiny the name of a pansage i couldnt get it darn lag on my DSi it was odd too it has stars on top very very odd
  372. Heyole
    I caught a shiny darumaka by chance in desert resort. It was maybe the 75th darumaka I had encountered
  373. dddddd
    i caught two shiny geodudes
  374. hi
    i want a shiny milotic
  375. hi
    i bet its like rare
  376. hi
    at least i have four milotics
  377. Toon
    i have caught a shiny shinx and graveler in Platinum just randomly without the poke radar
  378. KIWI
    I once caught a shiny Groudon in Heartgold
  379. bradwill
    i was lucky enough to catch 5 in previous generations, and all the rest were pokeradar which took me forever... zigzagoon,muk,magikarp,hariyama,spoink were all FR LG R/S and emerald games. the rest were platinum buizel, magnemite, shinx, skitty,phanpy,noctowl,geodude,marril, electrike, dusclops, ponyta, machop, staravia (by accident), pachirisu, swablu, and cubone. pokeradar works you just need to have mega patience and also hundreds and i mean hundreds of max repel, i went through about 60-80 every time i was chainging
  380. Brain
    I have a shiny spirtomb in platinum and shiny ho-oh in heart gold
  381. I have a shiny unfezant and in pearl , i have a shiny tenticool
  382. I have a shiny unfezant and in pearl , i have a shiny tenticool ps my team 50-60
  383. pokekid
    shiny medicham , riachu [event] , porigon , and flotsile
  384. Will
    i have a shiny ponyta (which i'm never evolving) and a shiny Quagsire (which i named Barny because it looks just like the purple dinosaur)
  385. Hi Pink Snivy and Blue Zorua I need shineys my email is
  386. pokekid
    Blue Zorua do you actualy have any blue Zoruas that you'll trade?
  387. pokekid
    by the way i'll be 11 in july
  388. poke
    i have a shiny azumaril
  389. Cool i got registeel and porygon z
  390. pokekid
    has anyone noticed that blue zorua and pink snivy arent on
  391. yes and its retarded i depended on them
  392. blue zorua
    bananas are a good source of orange juice
  393. aaron
    i have pokemon black in black i forgot about shinyies and then a shiny yellow spider thing appeared it was supposed to have blue eyes but it had purple
  394. DrWorm
    In Sapphire... Umbreon (hatched eevee and evolved), Meditite (found on a used game pak), Zigzagoon,Linnone (from the gamecube promo disc); saw a shiny Electrode and Hariyama (but they used Explode/Whirlwind on me) In Pearl (all using the pokeradar)... Voltorb, Farfetch'd, Ponyta, Rapidash (evolved a shiny Ponyta), Lickitung, Bibarel, Oddish, Phampy, Psyduck, Pidgy, Geodude, Graveler, Gligar, Elekid, Starly, Buizel, Gastly and Gengar (evolved a shiny Gastly).
  395. Anonymous
    I caught a shiny Whismur and evolved it to its final form (Exploud)
  396. Anonymous
    Same as above I caught it in Emerald
  397. i love pokemon!
    help me please!
  398. Can anyone give me a shiny charizard please
  399. Can someone give me a shiny charizard please
  400. Or a shiny rapidash
  401. im desperate for a shiny anything, if there is a hacker reading this, plzz give me a shiny pokemon ill take any one, i'll give you a zorua, zoroark, oshawott, tepig, snivy, tirtouga, or archen plz i will take any shiny
  402. just send me a message on youtube
  403. Masterdoctor
    I will take anything shiny ANYTHING maybe a shiny Charizard.....
  404. Someone
    Can someone trade me a shiny larvesta or volcarona? i can give u a shiny espeon, shiny hydreigon or shiny cofagrigus all lv100 i wold prefer on english version without any nickname plz
  405. Someone
    PLEASE!!!!! i m so desperate i hatched about 500 larvesta eggs
  406. Pokegirl
    Well I have lots of volcaronas but no shinies... sorry but I would like to have any shiny pokemon because I don't have any =(
  407. k kid
    caught all legendarys as shinys. only had to reset once.
  408. In Pokemon black Or white
  409. Or a shiny rayquaza
  410. I'll take a shiny charizard I don't care if its hacked or not please I'm really desperate for one.
  411. Actually if a hacker could get me a shiny charizard I'd be really grateful
  412. leondios
    yo iv cought a couple shinys a peliper a marcargo and a medicham peliper is yellow and white marcargo is purple and his shell is brown and medicham instead of red is blue any1 wanna trade those pokemon im after celebi darkrai and arcaus btw all my shinys are lvl 100 but i dont have peliper lol long story
  413. aaron
    I actually got a shiny ho-oh on my first play through on gold. And it was close too like last Pokemon in my party and he was about to get merc'd and I just throw one last ultra lol. Epic times.
  414. ti
    I got a shiny azumaril platium.
  415. Somebody
    I was at Mt. Silver in Heartgold and ran into a shiny ponyta it wuz awesome now its a Rapidash named Shiny Blue COOL :P :)
  416. Somebody
    I was at Mt. Silver in Heartgold and ran into a shiny ponyta it wuz awesome now its a Rapidash named Shiny Blue COOL :P :)
  417. I have a shiny arceus, a shiny lugia, a shiny chansey, and a shiny kirlia.
  418. super zekrom
    I found a shiny wingull in black a shiny lugia in heart gold a shiny piplup in diamond a shiny golbat in emerald i failed on a shiny breloom on my first encounter and shiny metang in less tha 50 encounters at the safari zone in soul silver in 2 days
  419. mama luigi
    I have a shiny ditto,metagross,politoed,crobat,klinklang,espeon, umbreon,pinsir,salamence,and a buttload of more
  420. Again anybody that can get me a shiny charizard. Please!!
  421. Zekromlover
    Hey blue zorua i have a bunch of shines u wanna see them?
  422. Someone
    On pearl i caught a shiny togepi i almost killed it using aerial ace that did critical i was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! that was close same thing happened when i met a shiny eevee
  423. Someone
  424. laurelwreath
    I got my 1st shiny n black wtout any cheats a few weeks ago I've been playing pokemon 4 almost ten years. I consider this shiny swadloon my baby her names sparkle
  425. pokekid
    someone did you get your shinys that you offered with cheat codes
  426. Lucky me!
    i caught so many shinies within three days its not even funny! I got a shiny, Emolga, Lillipup, A FRIGGIN VICTINI!, and a couple Legendary's by chance , Reshiram, and a kyurem YAAAAY MEEE! oh and some iddiot traded me a Shiny Rayquaza For a Swanna he OBVIOUSLY hasnt played Black and white yet, i offered him a swanna for any level 60 pokemon he wanted to get rid of, and he traded me a rayquaza haha, but im a nice person and after we traded, P.S. I only let him make that trade to see if he was serious, i told him that he shouldnt have done that because it wasnt a fartrade and gave him back his raquaza and also let him keep the Swanna since i had like 5 haha
  427. After a long patience and a long time, I just caught the Shiny Reshiram on Pokemon Black and Shiny Zekrom on Pokemon White and my plan to do next is catch a Shiny Tornadus on Pokemon Black and Shiny Thundurus on Pokemon White and Shiny Kyurem`s on both version.
  428. Whiteout king
    zoroark(pronounced zor-oo-ork) lover i goy a zoura email me back
  429. .....
    ok i have a lot of patience and ive done this for a while now... ive done everythin to get a shiny axew... my brother got a shiny traprinch when ruby was popular... which was a few years ago and anyways i just want a shiny axew. can anyone give me tips??
  430. pokekid
    i will trade an event celibi for a rare legit shiny
  431. Pokekid is a shiny kirlia ok
  432. pokekid
    shut up looser
  433. PokeGirl
    Leave zekrom alone! He just wants to trade sheesh! Btw zekrom I have been shiny searching for ages and can't find any on black yet...wanna trade?
  434. PokeGirl
    Btw spelt loser wrong
  435. laurelwreath
    Lol & pokegirl u just spelled the word spelled wrong. Spelt can't be used in that context
  436. no luck shiny
    i only have a shiny Persian,metagross,porygon-z,luxray,raichu,rotom, all so my friend code for black is 05661 6733 0344 please give me your friend code i will trade you for shines
  437. Pokegirl
    laurelwreath, you seem cool...lets be buddies! Do you have black or white? We can trade if you have any cool shinies :)
  438. JoeeeeMullllennnn
    Youu see i love shiny hunting i have a box full of shiny legit legendary pokemon but did it take forever :O normal shiny pokemon i have captured a shiny wooper a shiny eevee a shiny bagon which was a real lucky one and i on white a tranquill :D Pokemon rules
  439. laurelwreath
    Both but I only have one shiny its in my black.
  440. Anonymous
    I caught a shiny tallow on ruby
  441. shatishamararie
    I got a few shiny pokemon on my old fire red catrige befrore i lost it I got them through the pokemon collusium games...
  442. Shinyaddict
    I have a shiny lucario, weavile, drifblim, porygon-z, and vaporeon, and I really want more shinies. Any hacker willing to give me some, just say after this comment, legit or not I want it, I will give you a suicide, raikou, azelf, uxi, phione, coballion, or warturtle for it :)
  443. Shinyaddict
    Not suicide, suicune I'm really sorry cause that's sounds so mean.... :(
  444. Hey pokekid at least I have a shiny arceus and lugia and there is no way in hell your getting then got it.
  445. Them not then
  446. Pokegirl the only shiny I can trade is chansey or kirlia I'll give away a shiny arceus but only for a genesect meloeta or a keldeo since these are the only Pokemon I haven't captured yet I have every other Pokemon though
  447. This is on pokemon platinum version. so i was just training my pokemon until i ran into a shiny machop in the grass. so THEN i trained it into a machoke. then i traided my machoke to my friend and it evolved into a machamp. then i traided back. then i migrated it to my pokemon white version. By the way it was green. also i got a shiny raquaza that is black. so if anyone wants to trade my email is so contact me if you want to trade or want info.
  448. stephen
    i cant find any shiny pokemon and i started playin it since 5/9/2011
  449. BlackStarz91
    I Have never seen a shiny pokemon exept Gyrados in silver, Heart Gold and SoulSilver...
  450. Somebody
    I wuz the 1 who got the shiny ponyta and my sis just caught a shiny pellipper itz green and it looks radical! Schweet :)
  451. Tepigrulez
    I wuz somebody before and now im this i had the shiny ponyta and pellipper... Does anyone wanna trade a me a shiny zorua im begging literally i will trade with any friendly person ive tried 100s of times... u know i dont even care anymore can someone just trade me a shiny thx ppl :)
  452. Anonymous
    I once caught a shiny Cacturne in pearl.
  453. Shinyaddict
    Zekrom or shiny machop willing to trade, just give me you're friend code... You can see what I can give you up Above in the comment section. I can also give a ho oh. I recently got a shiny beldum and bibarel Bibarels look exactly the same
  454. Mo
    Sigh...I remember when I first got a shiny Geodude and Voltorb in Pokemon Emerald...I'll tell you what I got super duper ultra lucky! I just need to know how to transfer those two Pokemon to Pokemon White...
  455. i had a shiny infernape on white but traded for a giratina
  456. i have a level 100 reshram if any body wants to trade
  457. Shinyaddict
    @Mo Take those and transfer to heart gold, should silver, diamond, pearl, or platinum, then transfer to black or white ;) And now I have a shiny patrat, druddigon, and karablast!
  458. *melor*
    im trying everthing to get a shiny i found a shiny once but i didnt know how rare they were :( and relesied not botherd but today im breeder girl im gonna breed untill i get shiny so im gonna look for a ditto to start of with.
  459. Anonymous
    lolololollo in leaf green i has a shiny slowpoke... i no its lame but who shod i get it 2 evolve into!?!?!? ps i got it in safari zone with two steps left. i has others. shiny giritina, espeon, charizard, heatran, zapdos, luxray, 3 zubats, sandshrew, breloom, magneton, sceptile, unown, gyrados(not lake of rage it was a magikarp!) and my deoxys!!!!! yeah did event and got it shiny!!! YAR i called charizard nigger
  460. Anonymous
    im ^^^^^^^ i was super lucky i am pro with pokewalker
  461. Dakota
    I caught a shiny Alomomola. FML
  462. Someone
    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After the 896th larvesta egg, i got a shiny larvesta. good thing that it is a volcarona now. For this, i used 0,0% of cheat so stop hacking you people that hacks
  463. Someone
    i used to be a hacker, but i quit it 3 years ago. even though i quit, i still have a load of shinies. so i repeat, STOP HACKING YOU HACKERS(people that hacks)!
  464. peace out pkmn rox
    ive had a shiny meloetta, shellos, lugia, victini, celebi. my friend had shiny typhlosion. but ive seen many shinies over wifi just never gotten em,only the ones mentioned i got and my friend gotthe ones i mentioed under him
  465. joshua
    I have a shiny a Arces,
  466. Koptra
    Beat this i caught a shiny victini kyurem landorus thundurous tornadus jirachi charizard milotic and 40 other pokemon WITHOUT CHEATS!
  467. I can trade a genesect for a shiny charizard. I have 6 genesects.
  468. Hey koptra can u give me a shiny charizard for a genesect please
  469. Hey koptra can u give me a shiny charizard for a genesect please.
  470. And they're not hacked, I swear. They aren't shiny either though sorry if u were expecting a shiny genesect.
  471. pokefan101
    my bro caught a shiny charzrd
  472. Anonymous
    I restarted my black and caught two shiny pokemon.
  473. pokefreak
    I restarted my black and caught two shiny pokemon.
  474. pokefreak
    I restarted my black and caught two shiny pokemon at the beging.
  475. BlahBlah
    I've had a Shiny Zubat, Solrock, and Magmar :P
  476. PokeGirl
    laurelwreath do you have any other shinies on any other games that you can trade to black? Oh and zekrom I don't have any of those pokemon that you mentioned...sorry. But I can give you either a level 100 typhlosion or level 100 torterra?
  477. laurelwreath
    In diamond I traded some lvl 50s 4 a shiny rayquaza & darkrai.
  478. Paul
    I Caught A Shiny Dusclopps Outside Giritinas Cave And A Gold Shinx At The Start
  479. Shinyaddict
    S.O.S someone please trade me a shiny (zekrom please pease please)
  480. Paul
    Zekrom Sucks Ass
  481. Carnavine Lover Steven
    I Like Carnavine
  482. Steven McGrath
    I Hate Pikachu But Not Carnavine
  483. Kieran Turley Jr
    I Love Spongebob And Am A Bed Wetter
  484. Eugene Krabs
    Pay Day Is The Best Move
  485. Paul McGrath
    I Like Combee
  486. You think you're lucky? Hah. Noobs. I caugt a Shiny Goldbat in Crystal, Shiny Zubat, Shiny Magnemite, Shiny Ditto in Firered, Shiny Drowzee in Heartgold, Shiny Tangela, Shiny Ponyta, Shiny Ho-oh(: in Soulsilver, Shiny Latios(: , ran into Shiny Roselia in Battle Pyramid in Emerald, and Shiny Feebas after beating game in White. All other shinies are gifts. Beat that?
  487. Ok I have every Pokemon now but I still want a shiny charizard
  488. WhyDidIDoIt???
    I once caught a shiny pigot on my old green version. Stupid me started a new game, though. So I lost it... TT.TT
  489. Pretty much everyone can get a shiny. I mean, it's not that hard
  490. laurelwreath
    It is hard if u don't use cheats or soft reset. Wtout trade or event pokemon its obivously unlikely I have all the pokemon games 4 ds & gameboy. But only 1 legit that I caught myself.
  491. Paul McGrath
    I Would Love A Gold Steelix
  492. Ohh. Well there are a few common shinies. I'll name them and for what game. Zubat; Firered. Clefairy, Ponyta; Leafgreen. Golbat, Gyarados, Magikarp, and Pidgey; Heartgold and Soulsilver. Volbeat (Very very rare but I have three) on Emerald. That's all I really know though. Site is for more info
  493. Dragoness
    Psh when did this become "i has morr shinies then u so i win" board? <_< I'm in the middle of hatching Eevees from a Japanese Eeevee dad and American Eevee mom, in hopes of a shiny, on Black. I hear the chances are about 1/1370 this way. 40 or so babies down, no shinies yet. -_-
  494. laurelwreath
    Ok. How can I get a shiny reshiram does it really have alock on it so it can't b shiny on the 1st appearance?
  495. Anonymous
    i have a shiny areceus i fell so licky because i have all 16 plates for my areceus i didnt use any cheats i have him on my black version by the he gold
  496. Anonymous
    cool i just found a shiney bagon its so cool its green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  497. Anonymous
    To blue zorua can you give me some ideas for cathing legandars
  498. Anonymous
    by the way alot of the words are mispled because i am so tired i havent slept in two days
  499. Anonymous
    I caught a shiny Audino in black today. Out of all pokemon, it had to be Audino?! Haha atleast I got a shiny, it's my first too :)
  500. Just informing, I just got a shiny Deino after breeding mine and a Japanese Hydreigon. Took me 36 eggs. I got very very lucky
  501. Dragoness
    @ Laurelwreath, I'm pretty sure Reshiram is indeed coded so you can't get a shiny one...but god only knows why it has a shiny sprite on Bulbapedia... And Clone69Master...36 eggs?! My god YES you are lucky! *seethes in jealousy*
  502. laurelwreath
    Thanks dragoness I did research after I posted the comment if u don't catch it on the 1st appearance, then after u beat the game u have a second chance to catch reshiram & it CAN b shiny. But I'm not going 2 chance not catching it.
  503. I like Pie
    I found a shiny lillipup in black lvl 2 then i traded for lvl100 azelf
  504. i got a shiny alakazam (its knee and elbow are pink)
  505. i want to get a shiny snivy blue instead of green snivy is pretty cool. i already made 20 eggs and my snivy is lv.70 speed 131! it can even beat my serperior
  506. who knows the color of a shiny zekrom
  507. laurelwreath
    for micheal, lighter shade of black blue eye and green tip on head
  508. laurelwreath
    for micheal, lighter shade of black blue eye and green tip on head.
  509. laurelwreath
    has anyone else had success wt Blue Zorau's Repel method? ive tried it without much luck wt litwick
  510. plague777
    i have been lookin for a shiny pokemon for 4 hours!! havent found a single 1 can some1 plezz tell me how?
  511. plague777
    i have been lookin for a shiny pokemon for 4 hours!! havent found a single 1 can some1 plezz tell me how? my email is
  512. Anonymous
    i have many shinys {like anyone cares}
  513. Dragon slayer
    i have many shinys {like anyone cares}
  514. Why thank you Dragoness. I am indeed very lucky. I have already evolved it to a Hydreigon. It looks pretty amazing. It's green and a light colored black. Right now I'm soft reseting my Leafgreen in order to obtain a shiny Entei. I have all three but they were gifts for my Heartgold, Soulsilver, Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl for my Black and White games. I'm also on the verge on trying to catch a shiny Zoroark.
  515. I really want a shiny and i dont want 2 by a action replay so ho do u?
  516. Forgot one important detail on my Platinum. If you have the game then you know what I'm talking about. I traded my pokemon for the girl's Abra in the first gym leader's town and it turns out that she gave me a shiny Abra named Kazza on my first try. No cheats or hacks and no soft resets.
  517. Brinson
    I was just trying to find pokemon that i hadn't caught a Regular Darmuka came so i caught it then next thing I know a shiny one still trying to find shiny scraggy
  518. Anonymous
    i have a shiny gensect its red i got from my friend he didnt cheat he got from some kind of a event or something like that
  519. nathan
    i what to trade
  520. Anonymous
    hey guys how do u get a shiny leged pokemon or legendary pkmn
  521. I just traded my shiny Hydreigon for a Shadow Lugia, aka XD001. It's amazing!
  522. Anonymous
    Using Pokeradar i once caught a Shiny Mareep and in Ruby, i ran into a shiny Spinda... lost the game though :( never got to trade it to my newer versions...
  523. Anonymous
    btw, more than 400 hrs on my Black Version and still not a single Shiny has shown up. i tried breeding, the Masuda Method, grinding, soft resetting for legends.. nothing :(
  524. ElizabethTheGreat
    I caught a Shiny Graveler in Platinum. Total accident, and I actually am not a fan of the breed. : I But I just about sh*t bricks when I saw it, and really, what else could I do but catch it? : )
  525. stephen
    i found a shiny beheeyen and ran because i did not now it was a shiny i am going MAD!!!
  526. Tepigrulez
    Hey ppl if u wanna trade i got a lot of shinies... 2 shiny pichus, a shiny pikachu, a shiny gyrados, a shiny steelix, a shiny roserade, and i also have a shiny charizard... i think someone wanted a shiny charizard didnt they?
  527. Tepigrulez
    does anyone wanna trade me a shiny snivy tepig oshawott or zorua plz im desperate i will literally trade u guys 1 of my shinies thx pals!! (if u r friendly @ least)
  528. Tepigrulez
    im gonna offer my shiny charizard 2 any1 who has something i want just shout it out if u want it ppl!! itz black and cool :)
  529. Tepigrulez
    actually if any1 has a meloetta or sumthing else thts shiny just say it :) wuz it zekrom who wanted a shiny charizard cause i have 1 for sale if u got the right stuff ;)
  530. Tepigrulez
    or a shiny pachirisu will work :)
  531. laurelwreath
    I just traded for a shiny genesect & solosis. I'm trying 2 get a shiny rayquaza on ruby but I'm low on ultra balls & can't leave 2 get more =( any suggestions?
  532. shinyzoruaiscool
    all the pokemon i have are shiny except one and have about 30 pokemon. ill trade my regular milotic for anything shiny.
  533. shinyzoruaiscool
    hey laurelwreath just save the game and restart til its shiny thats wat i do alot!
  534. shinyzoruaiscool
    u know wat i just noticed. its a friken game that people play to make themselves feel good. who gives if a pokemon is shiny its not like itll help u in life. this is wat will happen. "hey boss so yesterday i caught this and beat that and bla bla bla." one hour later your fired cause ur not doing ur job cause ur talkin bout a stupid game so all of u get a life now cause this is ur only chance. if ur older than ten and playin pokemon people r makin fun of u behind your backs even if theyre ur freinds.
  535. Tepigrulez
    shinyzoruaiscool u r right in a way but i dont care i like pokemon so im gonna keep playin it anyway can someone plz give a response if they want 1 of my shinies ive got a shiny pichu, pikachu, steelix, roserade, charizard, gyrados and a few more :P
  536. laurelwreath
    Excuse me shinyzorauiscool but this acomment line 4 ppl who like the games & want help or want 2 know other who like them to & I find it incrediblly rude that ppl like u come up to a website like this designed 4 ppl who want 2 talk about pokemon & decide 2 rag on us. If u r going 2 act like ur better than us then u should go bcuz ur not u wer talking about these games 2 & ur last comment just says ur 2 faced so if u want 2 continue on this thread talk pokemon if u want 2 continue ur rant then find somewhere else. Thank u.
  537. laurelwreath
    Hey like I sed earlier does any1 know a way 2 get more ultra balls on pokemon ruby wt out leaving my place n front of rayquaza?
  538. Anonymous
    I have a shiny rhyperior , a shiny ponyta and a shiny gliscor in platnium..... but no shinies in black....
  539. Tepigrulez
    yea u tell shinyzoruaiscool 2 b quiet laurelwreath GO GO GO!!! i like pokemon so im gonna keep playin !! :P in ur face shinyzoruaiscool!! anyway laurelwreath do u have any shiny pokemon maybe we can trade like some people like 2 do with pokemon... unlike some who have no interest in it...COUGH COUGH COUGH SHINYZORUAISCOOL.
  540. Tepigrulez
    does any1 have a shiny pachirisu, buizel, liketung or some other cute shiny pokemon plz i really want 1 i have big pokemon tht r shiny but i want baby pokemon... does any1 have 1 for sale?
  541. well after defeating the elite 4 the final time i wanted to catch an onix. on my first encounter i got a shiny yamask. During my quest i found another shiny, Cofagrigus. So every time i look for the same shiny i caught i find it.
  542. anonymous
    I once started over on emerald and the zigzagoon that attacks that guy in the biginning was shiny. Too bad.
  543. Keto
    I had never ran into a shiny pokemon until yesterday where ...i got my firstshiny , a rhyhorn on white forest, I'm so happyyy!! I've played every pokemon game since yellow and this (and well i once found a rayquaza i think it was black but my batteries ran dry LOL My ugly luck) is my first caught shiny , i used my masterball on him |3 he's so cute <3
  544. Pokaball99
    I played every game possible and beat them all like twice and never seen a shiny wild pokemon =(
  545. pkmn master
    In diamond i have a shiny togepi with a Japanese name. shiny gyarados from soulsilver...duh None from White :( shiny golem soulsilver 2 shiny enteis from the event
  546. pkmn master
    I have more pkmn but wouldn't go for this shiny pokemon post :-( I wanna show off.
  547. Gold Lucario
    I have 2 shiny Lucario 2 out 136 eggs the old regular method its up for trade and i have reshiram or what ever that dumb*zz dragon is called im looking for a shiny celebi or one of the shiny dogs or a shiny eevee email me at no f*ckn scammers plz and no bs
  548. pkmn master
    SHINYZORUAISCOOL- Who cares if you're still playing even if you're older than 10? You might be older than 10 and you said yourself you only have 30 pkmn~ you just feel sorry for yourself :P
  549. pkmn master
    Oops misread that :P. Still i doubt you have that many.
  550. pkmn master
    Time to try to get a shiniy Zoroak or whatever its called
  551. that one guy with that stuff that does things
    i was playing pokemon pearl and i decided to fish near sunnyvale..thats the city name right? whatever, so i fished there and the first thing i found was a shiny octillery. lets just say i changed my pants after that.
  552. Shinyaddict
    Tepigrulez I have lots of shinies! Milotic, weavile, drifblim, lucario, vaporeon, bibarel, cresselia, rapidash, druddigon, farfetch'd, beldum, chikorita, and tynamo. All from trades though. Anyone have starter shiny pokemon I will give you a phione!!!!!!!!!!
  553. Anonymous
    shiny tyranitar and a shiny gigalith :)
  554. Anonymous
    i caught a shiny zigzagoon in emerald and a shiny staravia in dimond i found a shiny machop in heartgold in the safari but it fled D:
  555. MasterAxis
    hehe... i've already caught 2 shiny pokemon out of luck in pokemon white, one of them legendary
  556. Tyler
    i caught 2 shiny pokemon in black, a shiny deino and a shiny feeroseed, and in white i have a shiny samurott now, and to top it off in fire red i have a shiny zapdos and blastoise
  557. Tepigrulez
    Finally someone who actually listens 2 me!!! Shinyaddict can i trade for ur shiny milotic and chikorita for anything u want!!! just tell mwa im really desprate for a shiny starter and milotic (theyre pretty :) ) ive been trying for a shiny hoenn pokemon in sapphire itz not working out tho... plz offer sumethin for me shinyaddict!! i will give u ANYTHING!!! :) thx shinyaddict plz reply like before :)
  558. Tepigrulez
    plz shinyaddict ANYTHING!!!! :O
  559. Tepigrulez
    actually shinyaddict i will give u 1 of MY shinies for 1 of ur shinies... i have a shiny charizard (u might like tht itz a starter), shiny roserade, shiny pichu, shiny pikachu, shiny gyrados (of course), shiny rapidash and shiny steelix i will five u any of them for 1 of ur shinies if u dont agree just tell me sumthin u want instead but plz dont make it sumthin tht isnt out yet like a a keldo or sumthin like tht ;) thx!!
  560. bvu
    my frien was using my ds with his ds and stole my shiny pokemon
  561. Tanner
    Defeat the pokemon you want shiny 100 times.Cary lots of repels.This should get you it.
  562. Garnette
    "They can also have stronger stats than the normal versions." <--This is actually not true. Shinies have the same stats as any other pokemon of their species. Shinies are mostly just vanity poke's, and with the 1/8,192 odds, chances are you can breed a pokemon with much better stats than your shiny. Out of all the years I've been playing pokemon, I've only encountered 3 (sentret, zangoose, charmander).
  563. Shinyaddict
    Tepigrulez if you give me a celebi or mew I will give you my chikorita or milotic. I now also have my dream shinies starter form!!!!! DRILBUR! Neon pink and blue excadrill here I come!!!!
  564. Shinyaddict
    Sorry if you think that's a rip off but it's my only deal...
  565. Tepigrulez
    actually shinnyaddict i DO have tons of celebis but non of them r shiny... is tht OK? if it is i can give u a level 50 or 100, or u can hav 2 of them for ur shiny milotic and chikorita or maybe even 3... am i going overboard? itz no rip off i remember when i wuz on a harsh mission 2 find a celebi... sry if u wanted a mew but i only have 1 and itz special 2 me... SRY! but u can hav 3 celebis @ the maximum :) i can also help u with a shiny drilbur if u want :)
  566. Tepigrulez
    im still on my search for a shiny hoenn starter 2... i will tell u if i get 1 shinyaddict! maybe u can trade for tht 2! ooh im getting really overboard over this but now im getting real excited!! shinyaddict i cant wait for ur reply :)
  567. Tepigrulez
    if u have an extremely special shiny pokemon tho... i will offer my mew 2 u shinyaddict but itz not shiny :( but if u have a special shiny sumethin ill offer it 2 u shinyaddict
  568. Tepigrulez
    Maybe i should just give up on getting a shiny hoenn starter... i mean itz sooooo hard! i just dont seem 2 have the patience for this (ive done this for a week) but ill keep tryin till next week... ill have more time for this cause my summer break just started :) i hope 2 hear from shinyaddict soon 2! (im soooo impatient :P )
  569. Shinyaddict
    Any celebi would be great, and if you want my shiny cresselia for a mew that could work! But the celebi for chikorita sounds fine
  570. Shinyaddict
    I just got a shiny zorua!!!!!!!!!!!
  571. pkmn master
    I've tried a day so far to catch a shiny kyuren o_o is it possible...? It's my first soft reset attempt.
  572. pkmn master
    Plz help D:
  573. Tepigrulez
    WOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a shiny zorua?! LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!! shinyaddict ur soooo lucky! i know im being a little greedy here and i REALLY dont want 2 be, but i will give u my mew for it shinyaddict! yeah... ur probably gonna say no... anyway, my mew for a shiny cresselia COULD work! they look sooo cool shiny! how about 3 celebis for ur shiny milotic chikorita and lucario and my mew for ur shiny cresselia? :) i am really worked up about this :P
  574. Tepigrulez
    wait shinyaddict wat game r ur shiny pokemon in? mine r in heartgold... r urs in black or white? if so, itz no deal; ill just migrate them. sry i just wanna make sure about this :)
  575. Tepigrulez
    oh yeah i also have the shiny legendary beasts shinyaddict if u dont have those we can trade for them 2!
  576. Shinyaddict
    My shinies are in pokemon white.... So if it won't work that's ok... But I will do these trades Lucario or chikorita for celebi Cresselia for mew I kinda wanness keep my zorua
  577. Shinyaddict
    *wanna not wanness
  578. Shinyaddict
    Btw the only shinies that are lvl 100 is the lucario and milotic so sorry
  579. Shinyaddict
    Now I have a shiny slowbro and swinub!!!!!!
  580. laurelwreath
    to pkmn master ive onlt read that victini, reshiram and zekrom cant not be shiny (althrought if u dont catch reshiram or zerom the 1st time the second encounter on dragon tower is not shiny locked) so it should be possible to get a shiny shiny kyurem. good luck.
  581. pkmn master
    thanks laurelwreath. hopefully i get it ^_^ and shinyaddict how do you get all those?
  582. laurelwreath
    Shinyaddict how'd u get the shiny zorua? Can I get 1 by soft reseting b4 I battle it?
  583. pkmn master
    laurelwreath you battle the zoroark but you get the zorua by talking to the kid if you have the celebi from the event. the celebi has to be first in your party i think. and you need 1 empty slot and a pokeball you can use. (im not sure about the soft resetting though)
  584. Tepigrulez
    kk shinyaddict ill migrate my shinies and celebis and mew 2 my pokemon white so maybe we can trade pokemon. Ok how about 2 celebis for ur shiny lucario and chikorita and my mew for ur shiny cresselia... but what about the milotic? 3 celebis then? idk what 2 do... when should we trade anyway shinyaddict? im gonna migrate soon so we should trade soon as well! I cant wait 2 trade! :)
  585. Tepigrulez
    also shinyaddict thx for replying so quickly all the time!
  586. pkmn master
    haha tepig your'e really into that trade!
  587. Shinyaddict
    I'm sorry but I don't want to give my milotic up and the only way I would will be for a shiny mew, keldeo, meloetta, or genesect. A shiny celebi might work too.
  588. Shinyaddict
    I'm not sure went to trade, just give me your friend code or something, not really sure when
  589. Shinyaddict
    *when not went
  590. Tepigrulez
    itz ok shinyaddict i underdstand i wouldnt want 2 give up a shiny milotic either :P soooo now i know what 2 trade ill give u my friend code tomorrow shinyaddict
  591. Tepigrulez
    hahaha i know pkmn master i AM into this trade! (if u were talkin about me) i think i might be overdoing this all in all but i AM crazy for shinies... so ur right pkmn master! :)
  592. Tepigrulez
    actually shinyaddict ill give u my friend code now: 1721 2491 8909 i hope u can give me urs soon 2 shinyaddict... am i driving u crazy shinyaddict? i dont want 2, sometimes i just get carried away bcz thts just my personality...
  593. I have almost every pokemon that are shiny
  594. laurelwreath
    i just breed a rufflet from spain and my vullaby.they had three eggs im hoping that i can soft reset so ill have a shiny rufflet and vullaby then a thrid shiny to give away
  595. genosect12
    i want a genosect melleota and kerudio. im available sometimes everday. responding to blue zorua or pink snivy
  596. i want a genosect melleota and kerudio. im available sometimes everday. responding to blue zorua or pink snivy. my name is adrian. my trainer card is i love zekrom. i love color change to
  597. laurelwreath
    never just fund out its all determined wen u recieve egg
  598. pkmn master
    Yeah i was talking out you Tepigrulez. Laurelwreath what you mean by "give away"? :P
  599. Tepigrulez
    hey pkmn master do U have any shiny pokemon? id like 2 trade with u 2, in case shinyaddict doesnt reply anytime soon... ive got lots of celebis and a mew and a deoxys and lots more... do u wanna trade, pkmn master?
  600. Tepigrulez
    if u want some celebis and my mew ur gonna have 2 wait for my mew bcz i might trade it 2 shinyaddict... and if u want a celebi i can give u a maximum of 2 celebis... but i might only offer 1 bcz i like them 2... sry im just givin u a heads up in case u wanna trade with me 2, even tho u dont know IF we r gonna do this @ all and u probably havent even read this yet... stupid me :P
  601. aiden
    hey tepigrulez i have a shiney tornadus 100 and a shiney medicham so jist leting you know...
  602. I caught a shiny mantyke
  603. Gold Lucario
    Um u no u can get a free mew from nvm i dont wanna mess up ur trade tepig ill just hush
  604. My name is trenten and my friend code is 2881-0551-8968 this is to JMZ98
  605. pkmn master
    tepigrulez i have shiny togepi with a Japanese name. (but don't wanna trade) shiny gyarados shiny golem 2 shiny enteis legit i dont like cheating. I already have a mew and celebi :/ have anything else you would trade for these?
  606. Tepigrulez
    hey pkmn master i know u probably have this already but do u have a manaphy or phione? if ya dont i can give u 1 of those ... or u can have a shiny suicune or raikou bcz u didnt say u have 1 of those... i do have a deoxys and a jirachi as well if u want 1 of those. :)
  607. Tepigrulez
    hey aiden r u jelous? :) im kidding but i think u r :P ill give u celebi for tht shiny tornadus...
  608. Tepigrulez
    hey aiden r u jelous? :) im kidding but i think u r :P ill give u celebi for tht shiny tornadus...
  609. Tepigrulez
    ummm Gold Lucario thx for not sharing... do u wanna trade 2? nooooo nvr mind im going crazy right now omg sooner or later im gonna ask EVERY1 on this huge blog... (if u DO want 2 trade tho just tell me ill be here...) :)
  610. Gold Lucario
    I have a level 100 shiny latios up for trade email at no f*ckn scammers plx
  611. Gold Lucario
    ummm tepig im buildn a huge battle team with all shinyys no legendaries XD im lookn for a shiny garchomp lucario zoroak i dont know the name of dusclops next stage in evolution but i want him and a tryanitar and a alakazam or watever its called
  612. dan the poke'fan
    I have a lv.89 shiny chandelure :P
  613. dan the poke'fan
    caught it at lv.17 x x v
  614. Tepigrulez
    ummm gold lucario can u just tell me the pokemon u might want for tht awesome latios if u want 2 trade it cause no offense but i dont want 2 give away personal info 2 cantact me... how about a celebi or manaphy? also dan the poke'fan u r soooo lucky i love litwick and itz evolution family LUCKYYYY
  615. Tepigrulez
    im trying 2 breed a shiny scraggy ive tried about 14 or 15 or sumthin like tht tries using the masuda method... now im gonna try 2 get a shiny munna (theyre YELLOW) bcz im getting impatient with the scraggy... i thought the masuda method wuz supposed 2 increase the chances but it feels like nothing has changed at all :/
  616. Tepigrulez
    hey does any1 know where shinyaddict has been i havent heard anything from tht guy for a while...
  617. Gold Lucario
    is it a shiny legit celebi
  618. Gold Lucario
    by any chance tepig u got one of those event celebis for zoroak or watever i got them n trade but i wana get them n the game or if u could sparre a mew ill give u a shiny riolu im tryn the masadua method please reply thanks
  619. ricky
    I caught a wild cotonee yesterday :D
  620. soooo lucky
    i once caught a shiny shroomish in emerald the kept on walkking then caught a shiny shroomish again! also later on in the game i got a shiny raquyaza
  621. flying purrlion
    does the repel method work on purrlions? PS i have five shiny luxrays through chaining
  622. flying purrlion
    blue zoura please answer i am DIEING TO GET A SHINY PURRLION !!!!!!!!!!!
  623. flying purrlion
    Anyone? Help! just answer me one question DOES REPEL WORK IN POKEMON BLACK?! P.S does anyone have a shiny unova pokemon!?
  624. Tepigrulez
    YAY!!! i was in my car yesterday hatching munna eggs when i looked away and looked back 2 see tht a shiny munna had hatched!!! YAY MY 1ST SHINY UNOVA POKEMON!!!... sry i had 2 let tht out... :)
  625. Tepigrulez
    yeah gold lucario i got tons of the event celebis i have something like 5 of them... u want 1? ill give it 2 u for either the shiny latios or the shiny riolu... but i kinda want the shiny riolu more for some reason i dont remember y... oh yeah! i tried 1 of those what pokemon r u quizzes and i wuz a lucario :P so now i want a shiny lucario...
  626. Tepigrulez
    plz reply soon shiny lucario thx ;) PS im trying for a shiny purrloin flying purrloin soon... maybe if im lucky i will get 1 of those 2! :P maybe ill give u 1 if u got the right stuff but no promises...
  627. Tepigrulez
    *not SHINY lucario i meant gold lucario lol
  628. laurelwreath
    I couldn't get his nicknaming a pokemon repel 2 work however there is a repel method on bulbapedia that u can aply 2 shinies there r videos on youtude that prove it
  629. flying purrlion
    thanks Tepigrulez i can trade a shiny luxray if you get one but theres one problem i dont know how to use GTS ........... also thanks laurelwreath for letting me know but can you tell me if i am not being too pushie one of the videos please ?
  630. Tepigrulez
    nooooo flying purrlion u dont need 2 use the GTS! all we need 2 do is trade our friend codes (is ur luxray in pokemon black or white plz tell me tht 2) and then we can trade over wifi connection... if ur luxray is in pokemon white or black give me ur friend code and ill give u mine... and then we can trade i am a huge luxray fan so this can work! try 2 give it 2 me 2day or tomorrow and i will start my search for a shiny purrloin plz reply soon thx!
  631. Tepigrulez
    also gold lucario plz reply soon!!! my celebis rnt shiny but they r from the event in case u meant tht and wanted tht :)
  632. laurelwreath
    Flying purrlion idk there names but I just searched "pokemon repel method"& look under video results. none of the videos really explain how it works but one guy found a shiny dieno after only 156 random encounters
  633. Shiney Zoroark
    Hi! I did not see any shiney, but my friend found a wild shiney amoongus. He traded it to me, so thats good. Bye!
  634. i wish it wuz easier. i really want shiny dieno. i dont feel comfortable with leaving my email so let me know ur location and keep it in ur party and if were close we might meet by chance
  635. anonymous
    i have pokemon white. if i see u (let me know some way 2 tell) ill message u the password 1234567
  636. pkmn master
    TEPIGRULEZ- is the deoxys and jirachi legit? what would you want for one of those and if you dont want any of those then...I have a collection of pokemon but arent shiny. (Where is shinyaddict???? what happened to him????? and why are you trading with everyone????) :P
  637. Tepigrulez
    u know pkmn master thts a really good question! y am i trading with every1?? i guess itz because i LIKE 2 trade... if im bothering u then u shouldnt put anything pn this blog for me... besides im only trading with almost like 2 ppl y should u care in any way? but u know im starting 2 wonder the same thing... ok thx for saying tht pkmn master now im just gonna trade with 2 ppl and get the rest myself :'( im kinda offended
  638. Shinyaddict
    Tepigrulez I really really wanna have a jirachi I ilk give you my phione for it pleeeaaasseeeee
  639. Shinyaddict
    And btw sry I didn't answer
  640. Shinyaddict
    I hope you didn't give up on me tepigrulez! And my friend code is: 1979-0178-3522 And I want a deoxys too! So manyy traaddeess... I just want to recount the deals Shiny lucario and chikorita : 2 celebis Shiny cresselia: mew Here are deals I would make for other pkmn Phione: jirachi ???: for deoxys
  641. Ben Nickel
    I have 2 shiny zoroas and a shiny gigalith
  642. flying purrlion
    wait but how do i give you my friend code and sorry for the late reply . also he is in my black game and some extra information he is male knows swagger ,bite, attract, volt switch and he is nicknamed Mondo well i have another one same as Mondo but nicknamed Spiro both are level 33 but Mondo has a lonely nature while Spiro has a lax nature also they both have the ability intimidate . prefer to Spiro because of his name you need choose one, NOT both. thanks to both of you ( Tepigrulez and Laurelwreath ) P.S how do i use the friend code thing. i do not usually wirelessly trade so i am a bit nervouse P.S.S did you find the shiny purrlion?!
  643. flying purrlion
    bye the way where have pink snivy and blue zoura been i was also wondering if i could get a zoura ( dont care if shiny or not but shiny would be nice) pink snivy i love snivys also BYE
  644. flying purrlion
    also if anyone else wants a shiny luxray write back!!!!!!!!!!! BUT you will have to either give me a shiny pokemon or something else good ( not telling you to give me a level 100 shiny mew just offer something rare or you know ((shiny purrlion)) :)
  645. Tepigrulez
    ok (i have soo much 2 write!)... shiny addict u can have my deoxys for anything shiny bcz my deoxys is a little precious 2 me... but for a shiny then ill do it! thx for ur friend code shinyaddict lets try 2 trade tomorrow or something how about it? but 2 be honest i dont like the idea of trading my jirachi for a phione bcz i already have a manaphy and so i already have a phione... anything else u got? bcz this is 1 special jirachi! :) reply soon thx!
  646. pkmn master
    tepigrulez i didnt mean to offend you im just curious :o. I was born curious. And you didnt answer if theyre legit.
  647. Tepigrulez
    flying purrlion im still working on the shiny purrloin ive hatched about 20 eggs so far but nothing has come up but ill find 1 soon... 2 get ur friend code go 2 ur players bag and go 2 the key items and and then press A on the pal pad and then press A on "(players name's) friend code. then itll show up and u can give it 2 me so i can give the shiny purrloin 2 u. if u dont have a pal pad i think u have 2 go 2 fennels house in straiton city or somethin like tht and then talk 2 the little girl in the same room fennel is in and she will give u a pal pad... hope this helps! :)
  648. Tepigrulez
    ohhhh ok pkmn master lol im curious about so many things 2 my mom gets mad @ me for tht :) and yeah they r legit but i might trade them 2 somebody else... tell me some good things u got up for trade and i might change my mind a little bit :)
  649. Tepigrulez
    PS flying purrlion i dont mind which shiny luxray u give me
  650. Gold Lucario
    okay hmmmm ill have to hatch a shiny riolu for u itll only take about 30eggs =) i want this shiny riolu becuz im trainn it
  651. Tepigrulez
    YAYYYY shiny riolu thx gold lucario! :)
  652. flying purrlion
    allright i will give you Mondo but how do i give you my friend code ? do i need to go to the union room or something ? thanks a million , also are you using the mesuda method to get the purrlion ? if so could you also trade me a different nationallity ditto if you have one ? i once bought a pokemon white game in Greece thinking it was different nationallity ( though it wasnt i didnt know it had to be a different language ) and i made 300 eggs for nothing . Real story my friends just to go LOL a little :)
  653. Golden Lucario
    By any chance does anyone have a regular or shiny dusknoir hes one of my fav he is the best non-legendary shost pokemon if you do post the stats and the level i mite giv u a shiny riolu or smetn =D
  654. Golden Lucario
    i hav a mew level 5 bi the way
  655. Golden Lucario
    Sorry for my lang. but how the h*ll did u get to go to greece ur soooo lucky plus i have 2 dittos from japan XD
  656. Shinyaddict
    Tepigrulez I could give you a ho-oh for jirachi but if you really really want to trade for shinies, I could give you slower and swinub for your jirachi and deoxys. And also how do we trade cause I'm not understanding. What if we live in different states? Then time zones would be different, I am making this so complicated, probably cause I'm super duper excited!!!!!!
  657. Shinyaddict
    *slowbro not slower
  658. Golden Lucario
    Do you hav wifi shinyaddict -_- smh becuz i dont think u do
  659. Tepigrulez
    golden lucario r u gold lucario r u guys the same things? even tho the names r similar idk if ur the same... if ur the same person did u make my shiny riolu yet?? sry i was born impatient and i always will be... :)
  660. Tepigrulez
    yeah i know shinyaddict im excited 2 :) yeah have u ever been on the GTS? is ur ds connected to ur router (the device tht connects 2 ur computer so u can be on this exact website) if it isnt u should connect 2 it, then go 2 ur pal pad in ur key items part of ur players bag and register my friend code (u will find it if u scroll up somewhere i know itz there) and i will register urs 2. then we can meet over wifi :)
  661. Tepigrulez
    time zones, states, watever! it wont matter just follow what i said above and it should go ok (i think im not always as helpful as i look) shinyaddict also the shinies sound good 2 me! but i kinda want 2 keep my deoxys is tht okay?
  662. Gold Lucario
    yep that was me and not yet
  663. tips fos grinden
    give first pokemon smokeball so you can run from non shini
  664. Gold Lucario
    tips fos grinden u must think we are the stuppidest player -_- smh
  665. pkmn master
    Haha, i agree, gold lucario :P
  666. Shinyaddict
    I do gts a ton and I have registered ur friend code and its ok to keep your deoxys, I would keep mine if I had one! So here r the trades I'm guessing: Shiny lucario and chikorita : 2 celebis Shiny cresselia: mew Shiny slower or swinub: jirachi Do you have a darkrai or arceus by any chance?
  667. Tepigrulez
    well... 2 be honest shinyaddict ive been trying 2 find a darkrai for almost a whole year! i had 3 before but i traded 1 for a uxie (tht was when i wuz younger and stupid :P) idk what happened 2 another 1 and my last 1 was deleted in my platinum file when i new gamed it... but i do have a arceus... but ur gonna have 2 give me some serious SHINY pokemon for tht! idk what kind of shiny pokemon tho... something pretty... :) im kidding but i only have 2 deals for it- ur shiny weavile or drifblim... sry if ud like 2 keep those but itz my only deal... :O
  668. Tepigrulez
    also gold lucario howzit going with the riolu?? sry if im bugging u but i get REALLY excited over things like this and i cant wait!!! Sry if im bugging u tho but i was born impatient as u know (i think) :P
  669. Gold Lucario
    U can get a legit mew celebi(non event tho =( ) arceus and other pokemon im not goin to say cuz its goinn to ruin trades
  670. Shinyaddict
    Gold lucario tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee And I would give you my weavile tepigrulez rulez. Wanna trade today?
  671. Shinyaddict
    And btw, pkmn master if you want to know how I get all these let's say I'm very persuasive...
  672. Tepigrulez
    hey gold lucario can u tell us AFTER me and shinyaddict trade? plz i dont wanna ruin my trade im excited for ittt!!! shinyaddict how about june 30th at like 1 2 or 3 o'clock for a trade?
  673. Shinyaddict
    That sounds ok. I'm sad now though. I traded my phione and now I don't have one :( could you give me one because I'm helping your shiny quest? And the weavile and arceus would work
  674. Shinyaddict
    And btw, when I clicked ur name on the pal pad all it said was to either check code, rewrite name, or delete. What should I do?
  675. flying purrlion
    wait but when i went to see my friend code it read "To obtain your friend code please log on to Nintendo WFC" how do i get my friend code ? i logged in the system setting and went to options and only said delete nintendo WFC configuration and to transfer it and system information . where do i go to get my friend code? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  676. flying purrlion
    gold lucario bye the way i can speak greek so a greek pokemon game would not be a problem for me also is there a chance you could give me one of your dittos ?
  677. flying purrlion
    sorry i ment golden lucario at first i didnt get your Question. i go there to see my family for vacation Tepigrulez HELP HELP HELP
  678. flying purrlion
    I DIDNT MEAN Tepigrulez is in my family
  679. flying purrlion
    Does anyone else want to trade with me when i fix my problem with my friend code? :)
  680. Gold Lucario
    Ive just hatched a shiny xD riolu and i wont tell any1 only like 100people know how to get it i can get any pokemon but none shiny tho =(
  681. Gold Lucario
    um what do u wanna trade for mi ditto
  682. flying purrlion
    Do you want the other shiny Luxray ? if so i am sorry but i cant trade using the friend code thing yet so if you do , can you help me with my friend code problem ? ( see above for my problem ) also where have Pinksnivy and blue zoura been? PS how many eggs did it take to hatch the shiny riolu ?
  683. flying purrlion
    where is Tepigrulez ?
  684. Gold Lucario
    pink snivy and blue zoroark wer the same people tryn to scam others and about 50eggs go to your bag pal pad and your friend code should be their and have u finishd thee game yet?
  685. Shinyaddict
    Whenever I click a friend code all it says is to check code, rewrite, or delete. I don't understand how to trade with it!
  686. Anonymous
    go to check code itll tell u ur code then u giv ur friend code to peole now to add friends clicks on that little power button on ur bottom scrreen
  687. Gold Lucario
    thats me ^^^^^
  688. flying purrlion
    yes i have beat the game , but i havent completed my national pokedex yet does that make a difference ? is finishing the game going to all the cities and beating the champion in Unova ? cz thats what i did . when i went to my pal pad it didnt say my friend code instead it said what i wrote above ! PS how did you hatch that shiny riolu in just 50 eggs ? and where is Tepigrulez lately ?
  689. Anonymous
    mausda method i hav two foeirgn dittos and hmmm u no u hav to be connectd to the nitendo wfc thats ur problem connect to wfc then go to wfc
  690. Anonymous
    mausda method i hav two foeirgn dittos and hmmm u no u hav to be connectd to the nitendo wfc thats ur problem connect to wfc then go to palpad
  691. Gold Lucario
    ughh i keep forgettn mi name -_- ^^^^^
  692. Gold Lucario
    i dont want mi shiny latios tho -_- giv me a really good non legendary dragon pokemon and guess wat im almost done wit mi wifi team XD any1 wanna battle me i hav a non legendary team so that means no legendaries -_- idk wer tepig is but his shiny riolu is ready
  693. Shinyaddict
    I've connected to wfc I don't understand!
  694. Gold Lucario
    go to check code on pal pad its their smh yall givn me a headache lmao
  695. Tepigrulez
    sry ppl ive been really busy!!! :P sry 2 keep u guys waiting... ok so flying purrloin wat kind of ds do u have bcz if ur not connected 2 wifi getting connected differs from game 2 game... if u have a dsi or a dsi xl then u have 2 go 2 options on the menu with the blocks on it and then scroll 2 the right 3 times until u find the internet rectangle and click on tht and then u go 2 connection settings click on a connection # NONE and click on the none and then search for an access point and when u find ur router click on it and do wat it says and then u should be connected 2 wifi if u have a ds or ds lite (im not really sure if this is the way tho) u should start ur pokemon black or white and then and when ur on the menu where it says continue and it has ur player name and everything, u have 2 scroll down 2 the nintendo wfc settings and do wat i said for the dsi (itz really similar) idk if this is right for a ds or ds lite u might wanna look it up on the internet... i hope this helped flying purrlion PS i still havent hatched ur shiny purrlion yet sry!! :( it takes time tho :P
  696. Tepigrulez
    woww my last thing was probably the longest on this whole thing!!! ok then gold lucario (YAYYY MY RIOLU IS READYYY THXXX!!!!!) can i have ur friend code? mine is above somewhere (ull find it) and then ill give u a celebi also shinyaddict sure i can give u a phione itz no deal ur helping me out anyway!! im sry i was out shopping the whole dayyyy but how about (if u can reply in time how about we trade @ EXACTLY 6:00? the way 2 trade over wifi is simple... since we have our friend codes registered u have 2 go 2 a pokemon center (make sure u can connect 2 the internet) and talk 2 the lady on the top floor in the center tht is in the middle the lady in the middle between the man and women in blue) and we start connection there but we have 2 do it @ the exact same timee!! i think this is how u do it i hope it works and i hope i helped u out shinyaddict! i cant wait 2 trade!!!
  697. i caught a shiny raticate in the original gold version right after i found and caught raikou
  698. i just rubbed my "shiny" dick all over your moms face
  699. Shinyaddict
    Tepigrulez are you talking about the wifi club thing? If so that works. But what state r u in so if times are different we can work that part out. And I can't do it at 6 so how bout 5? btw I'm in Oregon
  700. Tepigrulez
    WOW ur in oregon?! thts cool! is it nice there? anyway the time difference between u and me is 3 hours (im in new jersey :) ) oh ok if u cant do 6 then... wait r u talking about 5:00 in oregon? this is confusing... :P i guess tht cant be helped so if ur talking about 5:00 in oregon then i have 2 meet with u @ 8:00 in nj but if u meant 5:00 over here then itz 2 late bcz over here itz already almost 6:00... so come on @ 5:00 (5:00 in oregon not nj) and we can do it then!
  701. Tepigrulez
    btw yea i meant the wifi club lady in the middle of the 3 ppl on the top floor of the pokemon center in pokemon black/white
  702. laurelwreath
    I haven't had any luck wt my spainsh rufflet wat is needed 4 the bredding thing 2 work? O & itraded 4 this torchic & n was infected wt pokerus u have a better chance of finding a shiny then a pokemon wt pokrus (1 in 21,000) I couldn't believe my luck
  703. Shinyaddict
    Laurelwreath you have to make sure you are breeding with the same pokemon from two different countries. And I have tons of pkmn with pkrs. My victini has it and I have 7 other pkmn. Tepigrulez that's perfect! If I do it at 5. It's perrrffeecctt! I cannot wait to trade!
  704. Shinyaddict
    Tepigrulez here are the deals: Chikorita and lucario(shiny)- two celebis Shiny cresselia: mew Shiny weavile: jirachi Free phione for me And btw now ihave a shiny elgym and pidgey!!!!!
  705. Shinyaddict
    And maybe while we trade we could work out some other deals.?
  706. laurelwreath
    Thanks t how will ik if it'll work I mean will the moves b n a different language or something?
  707. Tepigrulez
    niccee! we can do it now!!! umm shinyaddict u know my phione? well if u have pokemon black can i have a vullaby for it? i mean itz 1 of the only pokemon i dont have in my pokedex in white and i cant get it over the gts bcz ive nvr seen it before... and itz not hard 2 get if u have black... but if u have white ill except anything (nothing very cheap tho like a patrat or sumthin like tht) ok then we trade 2night!
  708. Tepigrulez
    laurelwreath theres no way 2 know if itz working everything will look normal but ull see if u keep trying ull find results u may think itz not working but trust me itz working... i know bcz i used the masuda method and got a shiny munna on my 16th egg or sumthin like tht trust me wat ur doing will work wonders if ur just a little more patient :)
  709. Tepigrulez
    but i have 2 admit the masuda method can be a bit annoying ive hatched more than 50 purrloin eggs (1 for flying purrlion and if im lucky a 2nd 1 will be for me) and i havent found anything... and the only thing im getting out of it is having 1/4 of my pc being full of baby pokemon tht rnt shiny... do u think i should release them or will tht do somthing 2 my game and finding pokemon?
  710. Tepigrulez
    ps shinyaddict sure we can make more deals as we trade! :)
  711. Shinyaddict
    Wait I got the trades mixed up! It's shiny chikorita and lucario: 2 celebis Shiny cresselia: mew Shiny slowbro or swinub: jirachi Shiny weavile: arceus And I have a vullaby so that's ok. I already finished my nova pokedex. And it has pkrs so u r lucky!
  712. Shinyaddict
    Do you want to trade at 4:30 my time and 7:30 your time? Sry I'm just super duper excited! We can still keep the regular time:)
  713. laurelwreath
    Thanks again. O & tepigrulez try going 2 Gts negotiation ud b surpruised how many ppl will take lvl 1 pokemon
  714. Shinyaddict
    I know! I got a shiny pidgey for a lvl 1 aipom
  715. Tepigrulez
    ok thx laurelwreath!! wow shinyaddict tht was lucky of u! lol sure we can do it @ 4:30 in ur time and 7:30 in my time (im really excited 2!!!) but shinyaddict... umm i dont wanna dissapoint u or anything but im not so sure about trading u my mew and arceus... i mean ill still bring them but i might disagree... im really and honestly sry shinyaddict but i just dont know about giving it 2 u especially the mew (ive searched for over 2 years 2 find a way 2 get 1 and i got 1 this year from an event) and idk where i can get another arceus but ill bring them anyway!! i cant wait 2 trade!!! only 6 min!!!
  716. Tepigrulez
    oh yea im sooo stupid :P my arceus is still in my pokemon platinum!!! :P can we make it 4:40 in ur time and 7:40 in my time? sry shinyaddict i totally forgot!!
  717. Shinyaddict
    That's fine.
  718. Tepigrulez
    or maybe 4:45 in ur time im sry i couldnt find my arceus!!! stupid me...
  719. Tepigrulez
    or 4:50 in ur time... i tried 2 get it in pokemon white but it know a hidden move!!! ughhhh im sry this is really unfortunate :(:(:(
  720. Shinyaddict
    You should've prepared!
  721. Tepigrulez
    im sry shinyaddict!!!! wahhhhh 4:55 and i MEAN it!!!! :'( im soooo sry!!!!!
  722. Shinyaddict
  723. Tepigrulez
    ok finally (thank god) im ready... lets do this!!!
  724. Shinyaddict
    We r doing the trade one at a time
  725. Shinyaddict
    Thanks for trading!
  726. Shinyaddict
    And btw, if you had a shaman I would've been soooo happy
  727. Tepigrulez
    THANK U FOR TRADING!!!! im soooo happy!!! when u say shaman do u mean shaymin the gratitude pokemon? the green 1 with the flowers?? i had tht!!! i have it with me!!! if u mean tht do u want it? hmmm how about the shiny swinub? i promise itz already in my game... if u want it just tell me :) trading wuz a lot of fun letz do it again sometime!
  728. Tepigrulez
    gold lucario can u give me ur friend code and also can u tell me (and any1 else who wants 2 know) how 2 get a mew and arceus and other pokemon now?? but it is a cheating thing??? i dont like cheats :( but tell me anyway
  729. i caught a shny zigzagoon
  730. Shinyaddict
    Yes that shaymin I want it sooooo bad. And I would've given you a shiny swinub for it. Let's trad e again soon!
  731. flying purrlion
    Tegigrulez i have s Dsi and i went to options got connected to wifi but then when i went to see my friend code in black it still didnt say it instead it said what i said wwwaaaaayyyyy above also i am in Greece right now for my vacation so i am not sure but i think we have a 7 hour difference! :(
  732. pkmn master
    I wanna trade with someone for something :3
  733. pkmn master
    shinies or legendaries @_@
  734. Tepigrulez
    ok then shinyaddict we will trade again soon!! :) flying purrlion i know u went 2 connect 2 wifi but did u actually CONNECT 2 it?? if ur on vacation in greece (which is totally awesome) u should connect 2 wifi over there and in ur actual home when u come back bcz ur not going 2 be in greece forever (r u??) just use the connection 2 none box when u get home so u have 2 wifis 2 connect 2. if it still doesnt say ur friend code in ur pal pad itz probably bcz u nvr logged onto it... 2 do this go 2 the pokemon center and talk 2 the man farthest 2 the right on the top floor (i think hes the only man and hes in blue)and press on global trade and then press on either GTS or GTS Negotiations (there isnt really a difference) and press start and save (make sure u r in a place where u literally connected 2 wifi so u can connect 2 it) then press yes and if u connected 2 ur router with the options (if u followed the instructions i gave u before) then it should connect and say tht ur dsi and ur game will be treated as a set (which is good) and then ull go 2 the GTS if u want 2 try it out go ahead or u can look back @ ur pal pad 2 find ur code!! :) (i think :P) i hope this works and i hope i helped PS ur shiny purrloin still isnt hatched yet ill keep working on it but r u sure theres nothing else u want? itz a little hard but ill keep trying :)
  735. Tepigrulez
    i still cant believe 2 things: 1. i traded with shinyaddict yesterday and 2. gold lucario only hatched 50 eggs for a shiny riolu!! HOW?!?! the masuda method i know but y is it taking ME soooo long with this?!?! :P
  736. Gold Lucario
    lets trade tonight im in ga,atlanta its 10.19am here and i cant giv up that pokemon thing it is legit i can get any pokemon(non shiny) but a arceus(event) i can get many mews im sry but i cant giv it up :P
  737. Shinyaddict
    Pkmn master if you want to trade let's do that I'm not sure what you want though. I have a shiny milotic, drifblim, vaporeon bibarel rapidahs, elgym, swinub, tynamo, and zorua, might have a couple more
  738. Shinyaddict
    Tepigrulez if you want the shiny swinub that could work. I have ALWAYS wanted a shaymin I'm excited!!!!!!!!. And also I'm not sure what you want for ur shiny beasts (suicune, raikou, entei) maybe this time I could give you non shinies for shinies? And thank you soooo much for the arceus, celebis, mew, and jirachi. I owned my friend in a battle, THANK YOU ARCEUS'S PERISH SONG. Let's trade soon.
  739. Shinyaddict
    O and If anybody has a shiny anything they want to trade trade with me! Gold Lucario, Laurelwreath, Pkmn Master, Flying Purlloin, Tepigrulez. Let's trade!!!!!! And pink snivy and blue zorua I think they are scammers.....
  740. Gold Lucario
    shinyaddict i been said that about snivy and blue zorua they wer the same people sheeesh
  741. Tepigrulez
    ok gold lucario but i need ur friend code!!! soo u cant give me a mew can u... plz can u at least try im begging u... it doesnt have 2 be shiny but im desperate for another mew my first 1 is now with shinyaddict (which is fine im not complaining honestly) but now i just want 1 2 raise... but if u cant thts ok ill just take the shiny riolu... is it level 1? and u want an event celebi for it right?? btw theres no time diffenrence between us bcz im in nj and ur in atlanta so itz the same time for both of us... how about we trade @ 3:00 PM, 4:00, 5:00, or 6:00? tell me wats a good time for u.
  742. Gold Lucario
    I have 2 event arceus up for trade level 100s XD
  743. Gold Lucario
  744. Shinyaddict
    Tepigrulezrulez do you wanna trade 5 my time and 8 your time for the shaymin? And gold lucario you have to give tepigrulez ur friend code! And if you have any shinies do u wanna trade with me?
  745. Gold Lucario
    make that 4 arceus
  746. Shinyaddict
    And also tepigrulez do you wanna trade for manaphy? And also, when we traded, i forgot to give you that vullaby and I'm super sorry so iwill give it to you when we trade :)
  747. Gold Lucario
    friend code is 4513 1890 0546 i am online right now tepig any1 wanna battle me =)
  748. Gold Lucario
    im in wifi battle owning people XD
  749. Gold Lucario
    no one can defeat mi tyranitar XD
  750. flying purrlion
    ok guys whoever wants to trade is going to have to wait for my to sort out my problem ( thanks Tepigrulez and Golden lucario , i will try it ! ) also if anyone is willing to give me a unova shiny for free or not anything extreme please do :( i have no unova shinys i will let you know when i can trade ! bye
  751. flying purrlion
    also i have another week in greece :)
  752. Shinyaddict
    Gold lucario I can beat you let's battle
  753. Shinyaddict
    And flying purrloin I'm not sure I would give you a nova shiny for free, but I do have a couple so if you wanna trade that's cool
  754. Tepigrulez
    GOLD LUCARIO CAN I PLZ PLZ PLZ HAVE AN ARCEUS?!?!?! plz???? tell me wat ud like for it! oh yeah gold lucario itz past 3... and did u register my friend code? i did it 2 urs... how about we trade @ 7:00? i also wanna battle u... nobody can defeat my powerhouse! (i think :P some really important pokemon r gone now...) also sure shinyaddict we can trade @ 8:00 my time and 8:00 ur time and itz ok i tried 2 tell u about the vullaby but itz hard 2 say wat u wanna say over wifi :) oh yeah shinyaddict while we trade we should also battle!! i bet u cant beat MEEE!!! :) i cant wait 2 communicate with u 2, gold lucario and shinyaddict! PS do u like my pokemon shinyaddict? PSS gold lucario u didnt say if u could give me a mew im begging u PLZZZ :O
  755. Tepigrulez
    btw shinyaddict while we trade 2night show me any pokemon u have and if i like it ill show u a happy face and i might give u my manaphy
  756. Tepigrulez
    also shinyaddict do u wanna do the trade and battle earlier?? maybe 6:00 my time and 3:00 ur time?? but only if u can reply in time if u cant then we'll just do the time u said :)
  757. Gold Lucario
    sme idiot traded me a shiny zekrom for mi shiny riolu and im in wifi slub
  758. Gold Lucario
    tepig hurry up im bout to go in a min
  759. Gold Lucario
    if u get there and im not there jus wait fo me kk abou 10min
  760. Shinyaddict
    3 my time works perfectly. And ur pokemon are amazing! Your arceus is just what I needed especially with a move like perish song and judgement! And I love jirachi and the others as well!!!!!!!
  761. Tepigrulez
    gold lucario r u ditching me??? come on @ like 7:00 or 8:00 or sumthin like tht also shinyaddct dont ditch me either plz!!! u should come on in about 7 min but im already on... SO BRING ON THE BATTLE AND BRING IT ON!!!!!!!! PS dont go easy on me just bcz im a girl!!!
  762. Shinyaddict
    It's awaiting ur response idk what's taking so long
  763. Tepigrulez
    btw gold lucario plz bring a mew and an arceus and other awesome pokemon and maybe ull find sumthin u like... and u should come on earlier @ like 6:30 or sumthin like tht :) dont ditch!!
  764. Tepigrulez
    oh sry i didnt know u were on shinyaddict sry!!!:P
  765. Tepigrulez
    shinyaddict i wanted 2 battle u!!! y didnt we battle? btw y did u keep showing me tht munna? and making smiles and ! at it?? did u want me 2 do somthing? anyway thx for coming on! next time we should battle!
  766. Tepigrulez
    gold lucario where r u?!?! i cant find u onnnn!!!! im waiting for about 20 min now and ur not onnnnn... did u register my friend code? r u ditching me??? sry im really impatient... but u should be on now shouldnt u be?
  767. Shinyaddict
    That meant I wanted your shiny munna! I don't have very many shinies anymore, And btw, I learned if I turn my volume up, I can here you talk... It sounded like you were angry at me cause I heard yelling...
  768. Tepigrulez
    OMG!!! i didnt know tht!! when i put my volume up i heard screechy sounds... im really sry if u heard yelling!!!! i didnt mean it; my parents were in the basement where my dsi xl was so tht was probably wat u heard... i wasnt angry!!! :( im sry thts not wat i meant... can we try connecting 1 more time? maybe itll make more sense if we talk... and can we battle 2? i wanna see if i can beat u! :) sry about the yelling tho i wasnt made i promise. btw im sry i dont wanna give my shiny munna away i wuz just showing it 2 u... but u can have 1 of my shiny dogs as thx for doing this with me :)
  769. Tepigrulez
    it doesnt matter wat u give for it bcz itz just a gift :) but PLZ nothing really cheap something a little special (maybe sumthing u can only find in black or wat id mostly appreciate is a foreign pokemon like tht oshawott u showed me earlier) :)
  770. Tepigrulez
    if u can come on u dont have 2 tell me u can just come on bcz im still on waiting for gold lucario (i wonder if hes gonna show up??)
  771. Tepigrulez
    btw the screechy sounds i heard kinda scared me... 2 be honest i tht i started a glitch or somethin like tht!!! :)
  772. Tepigrulez
    welll maybe u should tell me just in case :)
  773. I have a shiney zorok
  774. pkmn master
    shinyaddict what shinies you would wanna part with? :o I cant get on wifi at my house because my stupid ds wont connect (says it needs something or whatever) but i can get to my dad's car shop it works there. Mon, Wed, or Fri in the morning. but not the 4th week...
  775. Tepigrulez
    ur pretty lucky trenton! also pkmn master do u wanna trade with me 2?? i got lots of shinies!! shinyaddict even gave me some!!
  776. Tepigrulez
    *not trenton itz trenten sry dude :P
  777. Shinyaddict
    The screechy sounds were probably me moving my d.s around. But anyway I'm not sure what a shiny dog is.... But as long as it's shiny! And we have to battle. I didn't because my party wasn't good, but could we do it at my 9:00 or 10 and your 12 or 1?
  778. Shinyaddict
    And pkmn master maybe you should set up the time cause I don't want to get it wrong! And tepigrulez trade first than we shall battle! And I will give you a cottonee or reinculus
  779. Tepigrulez
    ok shinyaddict!! lets try 2 talk a little more while we r @ it 2. i think i have a better chance of doing this @ 12 my time instead of 1 (even tho itz the weekend my parents have some rules about when 2 sleep :P) but ill try anyway! wat i mean by shiny dogs i meant raikou entie and suicune just tht id clarify tht lol. :) i cant wait 2 battle u! itl be lots of fun! PS where the heck is gold lucario!?! r u gonna ditch me :( plz dont forget!! no shiny riolu no celebi! :O
  780. Shinyaddict
    O not 12 in the morning like you twelve in the afternoon! I don't want to keep you up! My 10 in da morning for your 1 in da afternoon, like after lunch! And u would love that entei....
  781. Shinyaddict
    Not u would I meant I would love that.. And tepigrulez,.... Um.... Up above gold lucario kinda said he traded the riolu for a shiny zekrom.... I hate to break the news
  782. Tepigrulez
    oh okay shinyaddict... yeah i kinda have 2 start using my common sense :) oh yeah sure u can have my shiny entei! (itz a limited time offer!!! :O order soon!!) we should do 1:00 for me (in the afternoon :P) and 10:00 for u so yeah ur right! and then we shall battle!!! i cant wait!!
  783. Tepigrulez
    ...oh. so gold lucario lied after all...? sigh... i shoulda guessed... thx for telling me tho shinyaddict as much as im dissapointed... :'( it isnt ur fault u dont have 2 be sry about "breaking the news"... im sure gonna have somthin 2 say 2 him when he comments again!!! >:O but i cant wait 2 trade anyway!
  784. Tepigrulez
    do u think he hatched me another 1 tho?... no probably not...
  785. Tepigrulez
    well maybe he did im gonna have 2 ask him tho :S
  786. Shinyaddict
    IM SO HAPPY. I traded some of my nova shinies, and now I have three starter pokemon shinies!!!!! Mudkip, treecko, chimchar, and I even got a shiny eevee! What should I make it. I already have shiny vaporeon... How bout espeon? Jolteon? Umbreon? Flareon? Leafeon? Glaceon? The possibillities are endless!
  787. flying purrlion
    tepigrulez i think i need to be connected to the Nintendo Services Agreement . there are two problems 1. i am not 18 yet ( not even close ) so i cant sign up. 2. i do not want to risk my Dsi and my games cz as i was reading it said that it did not protect me from viruses , hackers , and changes that could make some games unplayable . it told me to use GTS that i had sign up. i dont know what to do. :( :( :(
  788. flying purrlion
    shinyaddict it is okay but let me tell you i have no level 100s and only 7 shinys all from chaining so i am a bit new to pokemon ( my first ever pokemon game was diamond ) i am miserable write now not cz of you but the fact that i am probably not going to trade with anyone . :c that was really sad sad face. :c :c
  789. Shinyaddict
    You don't have to trade, it was just a friendly offer :) And um.. To set it up, you go to the main menu in the game, it says continue, mystery gift, etc, one of them says wifi settings.( make sure your not actually IN the game. Right before.) anyway, it should show three access points. Click on one to set it up. Click search access points, and the one you want should pop up in a list, click it, type in a passcode if needed, then after there should be a button to check connection. If it works your done
  790. flying purrlion
    i do want to trade its just i fear that i wont have anything to spark your interest
  791. flying purrlion
    i did that but i still cant get my friend code i think the only way is to obtain it is to agree to the Nintendo Services Agreement to get it and as said above i dont want to and i cant even if i did .
  792. flying purrlion
    is there another way to do a wireless trade? also that repel trick on youtube deos it work on other pokemon besides Dieno ? ........sad foriengn pokerader.........dont like to do pokemon................despair....
  793. flying purrlion
    PS ..............depresion.............
  794. jordan
    got a shiny bellsprout :}
  795. Tepigrulez
    awwww flying purrlion of course ull be able 2 trade!! dont worry about it; ull find out how 2 do it eventually... i searched it up online... for starters... i have an idea! umm y dont u register my friend code (my friend code is 1721 2491 8909... i think u should be able 2 register friend codes so try tht) and then go into a pokemon center and go 2 the middle lady in blueish clothes on the top floor and talk 2 her and then if u go into the wifi room (u have a friend code so i think itll work) i think ur friend code will be generated... so then exit the room and then check in ur pal pad 2 see if u have a friend code. i hope i helped! :)
  796. Tepigrulez
    btw shinyaddict dont forget! 10 ur time and 1 my time! :)
  797. Tepigrulez
    PS im still trying for a shiny purrloin for u flying purrlion i was wondering wat 2 do tho bcz i only had 1 pc box for purrloins left but then my pc expanded so im happy :) hopefully itll show up 1 of these days :P
  798. Gold Lucario
    Tepig u took wayy to long i might b online again
  799. flying purrlion
    Thanks for cheering me up tepigrulez i will try it though i fear it may need the Nintendo Services Agreement ................i miss my cat and dog back in my house in Miami.................... :P
  800. flying purrlion
    um tepigrulz i went to her spoke to her then she asked me if i would like to register my friend code i said yes but when i tryed to get into the room it said i needed to connect to Nintendo Services Agreement so sence i already said to register my friend code i thought it wouldnt be a problem so when i went to see my friend code it said " to obtain your friend code please log on to Nintendo WFC " how do i do that ? ......... i was write about the Nintendo Services Agreement .......... :(
  801. flying purrlion
    P.S i have a shiny starator named Tweeny ........ my cousin keeps teasing me it looks like a chicken ........ :P
  802. Tepigrulez
    ohh im sry flying purrlion... idk wat u should do know... ill look it up tho and ill tell u if i find anything :)
  803. Tepigrulez
    hey gold lucario sry i couldnt make it yesterday try 2 be online @ like 1:30 or something like tht but im gonna check 2 see if ur on right now anyway shinyaddict remember!
  804. pokemontrainer301
    my brother at a shiny pokemon but he only at 2 pokeballs and fail and i hovet it was a shiny pokemon to me 2 :( and when i was a kid i run in to a shiny gedude like 2 times and din't know it was shiny pokemon
  805. Tepigrulez
    y isnt it working shinyaddict
  806. Tepigrulez
    shinyaddict it keeps ssaying tht u r failing 2 respond... wats rong?
  807. Tepigrulez
    and when we connect i cant do anything
  808. Shinyaddict
    It says that you fail to respond, and whenever you want ti join me it says that but won't let me do anything else!
  809. Shinyaddict
    I think we should give up
  810. Tepigrulez
    shinyaddict i think we should try again later my ds is acting like a retarted machine...
  811. Tepigrulez
    lets try again @ 12:00 ur time and 3:00 ny time maybe itll start working again and then ill give u my shiny entei (i promise) and we can battle 2 besides i have 2 go anyway im sry 2 dissapoint u i really am... :( but we can try again later :)
  812. Shinyaddict
    Ok. And btw, don't use retarded just cause your angry. It's not ok...
  813. Tepigrulez
    ohhh sry shinyaddict yeah my language can get a little crazy depending on my mood and im frustrated... i just hope itll work when we try again in about an hour (u said ok) hopefully itll work... :)
  814. Tepigrulez
    ughhh itz not working again wat did we do last time 2 make it work?
  815. Tepigrulez
    oh shinyaddict i gotta go for now sooo maybe we should try again later... im gonna keep my hopes up tho. :) see ya!
  816. laurelwreath
    Yes I just traded for 2 shiny maractus, shiny archen and a shiny larvesta. It cost me any good pokemon either ^-^
  817. Tepigrulez
    heyyy laurelwreath ill trade u for the shiny archen! sry i feel greedy.... nvr mind... (but just say it if i can have it)
  818. flying purrlion
    tepigrulez what site should i go to for answers ? i feel like my only hope now is either a site or that my friend found a german pokemon game when she made a stop to Germany which i doubt bcz i would be drowsy too , i dont blame her. i hate travel ! why german ,you may ask? cz that the only foreign language that my mom knows a bit besides greek and english . i neeeeedddd a foreign ditto bad !!!! P.S i just thought of some thing !!! what if i agree to the Nintendo Services Agreement then after the trade i logg out before something bad happens !!!!! in such a short amount of time what could happen ?! NOTHING PROBABLY :) :) there is only one possible flaw i see , what if i cant log out after ? :O :O .... GASP! ....
  819. flying purrlion
    P.S.S thanks for helping me Tepigrulez !!! :P :) :D
  820. Anonymous
    i have a shiny groudon, rapidash,porygonZ, and victerebell
  821. jayman1099
    when i had my emerald version the first shuckle i had ever seen in my life was shiny!
  822. Jamesperson
    Hey guys I found a shiny gothorita on route 9 on black but I didn't know until it fainted. If you have a shiny pokemon please trade with me. To trade with me just email me.
  823. Jamesperson
    I don't know if u can see my email but it's
  824. Tepigrulez
    ur welcome flying purrlion im still trying 2 find an answer 2 ur problem tho... i hate it when i dont know something!!! ill keep trying tho! PS no purrloin yet.. sry :(
  825. Shinyaddict
    I'm happy. FLYING PURRLOIN I have a shiny purrloin! And I traded my lvl 1 shiny ninetales for a lvl 100 shiny entei. And I almost got a level 1 shiny zekrom!!!!
  826. flying purrlion
    Good job on getting that purrlion ! but could you please trade me it shinyaddict ? PPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will trade you a shiny luxray ! P.S how did you get impossible level pokemon ? also thanks tepigrulez , i want a foreign ditto ! o well if all else fails go to another country and buy a foreign game P.S.S is the new pokemon game grey comfirmed ? P.S.S.S when is there going to be another pokemon game with a pokerader ?!?! it was so much easier ....
  827. Anonymous
    i got shiny hydreigon gigalith and volcarona and held contest for shiny palpitoad,deerling,samurott, and accelgor on flipnote hatena. check the name scarekrow my accelgor contest is still running
  828. Shinyaddict
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I got a lvl 70shiny latias for a lvl 1 mudkip and a lvl 60 shiny typhlosion for a lvl 54 blaziken!!!!!
  829. Shinyaddict
    And flying purrloin do you have other shinies? If not I guess that's fine, and if you need a shiny ditto I have one
  830. wever
    i cant get any shinys and i havemore than 2 boxes full of snivys nota single shiny ;<
  831. Pokegirl
    hahaha there are so many people on this site who agree that the repel thing doesn't work! I've tried it with both pidgey and weedle and it does not work at all :(
  832. flying purrlion
  833. Pokegirl
    jamesperson I would love one but haven't caught a shiny yet so just hang in there :)
  834. Pokegirl
    flying're a bit bored ay? haha :)
  835. flying purrlion
    yes pokegirl i am and i feel helpless on finding a shiny in black. :P
  836. flying purrlion
    Yes i do shinyaddict but i am best at getting shiny luxrays but i have a shiny beibarel , staraptor , and 5 shiny luxrays ! i could get you a fresh shiny shinx for a foreign ditto! or i could train it to level 30-40 for the ditto? P.S thanks for the offer of the shiny ditto but i am not sure if i could get anything for you shiny besides any shinx evuloution. sorry!
  837. flying purrlion
    do you want a shiny staraptor for that shiny purrlion?
  838. flying purrlion
    Also just noticed something, barely anyone shares their pokemon team i guess ill share mine : Serpierior LV90 , Liepard LV80 , Luxray LV81 , Swanna LV80 , caught between Reshirum LV80 and Staraptor LV81 ! P.S my luxray is shiny ! :D
  839. flying purrlion
    i almost forgot i have a Musharna LV80 too aswell as my fifth pokemon in my team. sorry mushie :)
  840. Shinyaddict
    My team is awesome Lvl 100 electrive (my 6th fav) Lvl 100 blaziken (my 2nd fav) Lvl 100 empoleon (my 4th fav) Lvl 100 leavanny (my 3rd fav) Lvl 100 walrein (my fifth fav) Lvl 100 jirachi (my 1st fav)
  841. flying purrlion
    :P :)
  842. blue braivary
    OMG i caught a shiny rufflet at lv 41 two days ago now its a shiny blue winged braivary
  843. pkmn master
    OK GUYS I CAN CONNECT TO WIFI RIGHT NOW (if anyone's on) I have 2 shiny enteis shiny gyrados shiny golem shiny togepi. flying purrlion im like you no unova shiny pokemon!!! shinies are hard for me to get...the only one i didn't trade or get from an event was the gyrados...AND IT WAS PROGRAMMED INTO SOULSILVER!! I need shinies or legendaries... i have a collection of non-shiny max evolved pokemon that are kinda rare. or hard to get. or hard to lvl to evolve. someone trade with me and you better be on right now! IM AT CENTRAL TIME. RIGHT NOW IT'S 9:30 . nevermind gotta go
  844. pkmn master
    OK GUYS I CAN CONNECT TO WIFI RIGHT NOW (if anyone's on) I have 2 shiny enteis shiny gyrados shiny golem shiny togepi. flying purrlion im like you no unova shiny pokemon!!! shinies are hard for me to get...the only one i didn't trade or get from an event was the gyrados...AND IT WAS PROGRAMMED INTO SOULSILVER!! I need shinies or legendaries... i have a collection of non-shiny max evolved pokemon that are kinda rare. or hard to get. or hard to lvl to evolve. someone trade with me and you better be on right now! IM AT CENTRAL TIME. RIGHT NOW IT'S 9:30 . nevermind gotta go
  845. pkmn master
    OK GUYS I CAN CONNECT TO WIFI RIGHT NOW (if anyone's on) I have 2 shiny enteis shiny gyrados shiny golem shiny togepi. flying purrlion im like you no unova shiny pokemon!!! shinies are hard for me to get...the only one i didn't trade or get from an event was the gyrados...AND IT WAS PROGRAMMED INTO SOULSILVER!! I need shinies or legendaries... i have a collection of non-shiny max evolved pokemon that are kinda rare. or hard to get. or hard to lvl to evolve. someone trade with me and you better be on right now! IM AT CENTRAL TIME. RIGHT NOW IT'S 9:30 . nevermind gotta go
  846. Shini zekrom is coll.I have 1 and with one move shini reshiram die.
  847. The pokemon white is more beutifull than pokemon black version because green zekrom is stronger than shini reshiram.Zekrom is the 2st pokemon at world.We can catch green zekrom with codes.
  848. hey is thier any other ways to try to get shinys i have a ton and ive tryed like practically every way i know how to and i just wanted to try other ways so if any one dose have another way let me know plz and thx
  849. Pokegirl
    I want to know too because i really want to catch a shiny in black...
  850. Pokemon childhood
    I remember Playing Pokemon ruby at school. everyday in 2-3-4 grad . and my friends where also playing we played togheter then a random Shiny Loted appered I was soo happy after 2-3 years I went to test the game again and I found out my little brother had deleted everything, I had like 21 pokemon in lvl 100 Deng it!
  851. Pokegirl
    That sucks. In emerald, I had a shiny was lame but shiny! It got deleted because of my younger sister who didn't appreciate pokemon :(
  852. flying purrlion
    shinyaddict um the offer , remember? shiny luxray / staraptor for shiny purrlion! P.S tepigrulez have you seen my idea? or come up with something ? over ! ( im a bit bored over here! )
  853. flying purrlion
    i feel sorry for you Pokegirl the only reason i HAVE shinys is because i work at least 2 hours for each of my seven shinys ...ugh..... but its worth it ! the only game i ever accidentally deleted was Spiro that dragon on Ds . i dont play it though anymore plus i could beat it from the start to the end in just 30 minutes or less. also unlike you pkm master i chained for my shinys P.S i got that shiny Gyrados too but i dont include it as one of my seven shinys.
  854. Bob
    Shiny rayquaza and garchomp!!!
  855. flying purrlion
    hello?? anyone!?
  856. flying purrlion
    :P :O
  857. Anonymous
    I caught a shiny Groudon after about 84 resets and it's now lvl 100 waiting 4 a kyogre to get shiny raquaza:)
  858. flying purrlion
  859. JOSHUA
    caught a shiny entay P.S. im a bad speller lol any ways it was the first time seeing an entay
  860. dragonlover
    Ok so get this I was going on my emerald I finally found out where bagon where located so I went there to find out if it was true and so I went there the very first bagon I saw in that game way a shiny and at level 35 boy So can anyone tell me how good it is it is a salamance And tell how lucky it is to find one like that
  861. PokeGirl
    hey guys! I was just randomly wondering...when you go to Nimbassa City, do you get a boy or girl ask you to go on the ferris wheel? I get a boy and they always ruin my mood :( haha
  862. PokeGirl
    lol I hate the time difference..i'm at school and it's 1:25pm but on here it's 4:53am! If it was normal I might actually get to talk to more of you guys XD
  863. flying purrlion
  864. flying purrlion
  865. flying purrlion
    P.S pokegirl it will probably always be a boy if your character is a girl.
  866. flying purrlion
    :l ???
  867. Tepigrulez
    sry i tht no1 wuz talking or askin me sumthin so i havent been on for a while sry flying purrlion! :P is the GTS thing working yet? if not i think i got the solution... first of all make sure u can connect 2 wifi... like can u use the GTS?? if ur not sure go 2 the man on the top floor in the pokemon center and go 2 the GTS and make sure the connection works! then exit the GTS... so uve finished part 1 of getting ur friend code... now for part 2...
  868. Tepigrulez
    okay sooo flying purrlion about part 2... i searched up ur problem on google and i found something tht might help! if u cant click on it and automatically go highlight the address and copy it onto google or watever (just make sure u get 2 it!) and watch the video and do wat the person tells u 2 do... i hope it helps... PS flying purrlion the movie shows the actual game while the video rolls but the game is japanese... but the instructions r in english so it shouldnt be 2 hard! hope this helps! :) btw no luck with the shiny purrloin yet but i heard ur gonna trade with some1 else for 1 (shinyaddict i think)... im kinda sad tho... i tht i could get a shiny luxray... :'(
  869. max
    i found a shiny woobat on black and white! if anybody wants it it should be onthe gts lv 40.
  870. pkmn master
    i havent been on lately srry! anyone wanna trade with me? i need shinies :(
  871. max
    oh yeah and my woobat is now a swoobat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  872. Tepigrulez
    pkmn master id like 2 trade with u if u want... wat have u got ill give u some shinies for some pokemon likeeee shaymin darkrai arceus mew (definately) jirachi any of these would be gr8! ive got lots of shinies but i might not give some away :( just say it if u want 1
  873. Misaki
    MY friend has a red Garados!
  874. flying purrlion
    OK tepigrulez FINALLY! you will get your shiny luxray don't worry i have another one for shinyaddict . Now , i think you missed something i said up above. so with the GTS i can not connect to it. i am 100 % sure that i am connected to the WiFi, again you need to read what i said above somewhere for my idea . also thanks for helping me with the video ill check it out soon! Also tepigrulez could you also trade me a foreign ditto for something please? ( i chain frequently so a left over shiny is what i am thinking ) :P
  875. fml
    found a shiny pikachu, and I was like, OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!! so I was battling it and it had about 40% health, you could say, and I used a weak poison type attack to get it in the red health. The attack left it at EXTREMELY low health, i'd say about 5%, and poisoned it. I'm like, are you kidding me?!?!?! so I throw an ultra ball at it. Moves once, moves twice, moves trice, I'm like YESS!!!!! and it comes back out, and the poison kills it. FML.
  876. fml
    found a shiny pikachu, and I was like, OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!! so I was battling it and it had about 40% health, you could say, and I used a weak poison type attack to get it in the red health. The attack left it at EXTREMELY low health, i'd say about 5%, and poisoned it. I'm like, are you kidding me?!?!?! so I throw an ultra ball at it. Moves once, moves twice, moves trice, I'm like YESS!!!!! and it comes back out, and the poison kills it. FML.
  877. Tepigrulez
    umm flying purrlion wat am i missing...? idk wat ur talking about i missed wat??? anyway ummm r u sure u connected 2 wifi with the instructions i gave u a long time ago? u should check again just in case bcz u should be able 2 use the GTS if ur connected.. so just check just in case and ill try 2 get u a foreign ditto dont worry about it! tell me soon and ill try 2 help u! :)
  878. Tepigrulez
    PS can i have a shiny luxray or a shiny pokemon for tht foreign ditto?? (flying purrlion)
  879. Tepigrulez
    kk flying purrlion i got ur foreign ditto now! tell me if u wanna trade for it! :) it was really easy!
  880. Anonymous
    I have shiny psyduck its so blue.
  881. Anonymous
    I have a shiny psyduck its so blue.
  882. pkmn master
    Tepigrulez i don't have any of those :-(
  883. pkmn master
    I'm on right now anyone else on?
  884. pkmn master
    BE ON!
  885. Pokegirl
    Haha I'm on...
  886. Pokegirl
    YAY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! Can't wait to go home and play some pokemon black and dominate! Anyone else gonna come on anytime soon? pkmn master? flying purrlion? Tepigrulez? Anyone??? :(
  887. Jamesperson
    I'm on wow it's late where I am and I got out school jun 15 2011 rite now it's july 8 2011. By the way I want a shiny plz
  888. Pokegirl
    haha! wow thats so cool...sorry but I don't have any shinies :(
  889. Jamesperson
    Where I am it's 12:13 when I sent this and I'm on vacation rite now I live in NJ but I'm in Vermont for vacation. Well bye I'm going to bed now
  890. Pokegirl
    Awww...ok bye ;) someone else should so come onb and talk to soon :)