These custom gaming bandanas are perfect for clans and esports teams

A US company called Hoo-rag got in touch with us recently to let us know about a Skull Daddy bandana they’re positioning at gamers (which you can win here), or use to become the Call of Duty Ghosts man, but we noticed something cooler: they also offer custom-made bandanas featuring your own logo or design.
With esports, pro gamers and gaming clans wearing more flashy team clothing nowadays, these caught our eye. And the fact that teams can wear them in so many ways (see the video below) makes them well-suited to gamers.

The only catch is you need to order a minimum of 50 units, but if you’re a big enough clan and you all pitch in, that shouldn’t be a problem.
You can check out Hoo-rag’s custom service here, make an order and look at previous customised bandanas they’ve made.
Of course, there are plenty of ready-made designs available too, priced at around $16 each. Some of our favourites include the GI Gray and Blue Digital Camo variants:
We’ll leave you with a video that shows you all the different ways you can wear a Hoo-rag:

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