WIN a Hoo-rag Skull Daddy bandana

Want to look like the Call of Duty Ghosts guy? Perhaps you want to be Dave Perry from Gamesmaster? Or you could be a gamer and just want to look cool/feel uber when playing? (we’re sure you’ll look cooler than us, above)
Well, we’ve got two Hoo-rag Skull Daddy bandanas up for grabs.

To enter, all you have to do is follow Leet Games Blog on Facebook or Leet Games Blog’s Twitter page, then simply write a post on Facebook or Twitter linking to this article. When you’re done, just leave a comment in the box below with your  name in, or email [email protected].
Also, make sure you have a UK postal address we can send the goods to.
The deadline for entries is August 9th. A winner will be picked on August 10th.
Good luck!
If the skull bandana isn’t for you, you order a custom gaming bandana or choose from a variety of others.
Note: UK entrants only. There will be two winners picked for this competition. Each will receive one Hoo-rag bandana. View a full list of terms and conditions here.

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7 months ago

I was 3rd Recon then 1st Recon a MarSoc Raider………….
Our enemies do not know what lies in the shadows, moss, puddles and in the fog of war what awaits for them……ghosts exists! Celar Silens Mortalis Semper Fidelis…….always faithful ….always foward…..hoo-rah! Thank you America and to all my brothers and all my sisters down range save me a seat!