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Guns of Icarus Online is a brand new steam-powered airship shooter for PC. It’s new, unique and a fun game for the money – but what’s the best way to win matches online?
We caught up with Muse Games’ Joe Lieberman at the Eurogamer Expo in London for five of his top tips.

You can have up to four ships on four in each match. That’s a total of 32 players, so it can get pretty hectic. There are five different airships – and possibly six when the game launches. In deathmatch mode, the first one to get five kills wins. And all integrated voice chat is through Steam. Here’s how to get ahead of the game:
1. Communicate
Communication is the number one tip.
The game comes down to these various levels of team play, so where you have four players on a single ship, it’s all about communicating and working together. You have up to four ships on a team with all the captains talking, using voice chat, to coordinate attacks.
2. El Capitan
Talk to your captain when you design the ship as to what the strategy is for the ship in general.
Have your captain communicate with the other captains to come up with a strategy for the team as a whole. The captain gets to decide which guns to bring. One might have a gattling gun, another might have a flak cannon. There can only be four captains on a team.
3. Choose your class
Each class is different – you have three classes in the game: pilot, engineer and gunner. An engineer can bring three engineer items, one gunner item and one pilot item. And so on.
The mallet is a repair item. The Spyglass is a pilot item. You can use the latter to target enemy ships.
But real power comes from using your guns (as a gunner). You’re always in combat, one way or another.
4. Gun ’em down
Learn the advantages of each gun and understand them. For example, the gattling gun can strip armour off a ship very quickly, but it doesn’t do much against anything else. So have one side of your ship that has the gattling gun, then switch to the other side for a gun that does damage to the hull itself.
There are two parts to a ship that keeps it afloat – the armour, which you can repair, and the hull, which you can’t. So you strip off that armour, you switch sides then hit them with a hull-destroying gun, and they’ll go down fast. But if you just stay on a gattling gun, you’ll be there all day.
The giant shotgun is very good at shooting at a ship’s balloon. So what you can do is keep shooting at a balloon to keep it down, until the ship ploughs into the ground! The goal is to stay above them, take out their balloon, and put them in a position where their guns can’t aim up high enough to hit us. And just stay on them. Unless somebody can pull them off you, they’re dead meat.
You can shoot down but not up. Each gun has its own vertical arc and horizontal swivel. So pay attention to what the enemy is using, and what guns they have, and how you can combat that.
Every gun in this game is different – some have more swivel than others. Because of the way the ship is built, you can get multiple guns firing from multiple sides at the same target.
Also, repair guns whenever they get set on fire. Certain guns are better at firing at a ship’s hull; others at its balloon. One is good at stripping a ship’s armour.

5. Watch this space
Keep an eye out as there’ll be DLC added to Guns of Icarus in the future.
Muse Games is against pay to win so there won’t be any of that in the game. There will be in-game costumes and ship upgrades so you’ll be able to make custom flags. If you want your Jolly Roger you can have it!
The developer is hoping in 2013 it will have a persistent world. And that will be a paid-for expansion where you’ll be able to influence the economy through your actions in the game. You’ll be able to upgrade yourself from a small piece of junk ship to some massive flying ship or whatever else you want.
There’s achievements unlocked in Guns of Icarus that unlock new equipment items and costumes.
There are multiple modes in Guns of Icarus. There’s deathmatch, king of the hill, a resource race, we’re going to have more on top of that, a PVE map, maybe a payload map. There’ll be a night-time battle mode and a lot of different maps too.
When is Guns of Icarus Online out?
Guns of Icarus Online for PC will be available to download on October 29th on Steam. It costs $20 at launch in the US. There’s a four player discount too, which brings it down to around $8.50 each (around £5).

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