Leet Tip: Hunted The Demon's Forge

As the first in a new series of Leet Tip videos, where we give you the most essential piece of advice for a particular game, here’s how to tear through enemies easily in Hunted: The Demon’s Forge.
We also explain how to get the best weapon in the game – the epic Crystal Bow – and share more tips, including how to unlock an easy 100G achievement.  Read on to view them.

How to get the Crystal bow
To unlock this you’ll need to beat all three skeleton brothers. There is one in chapter 1, one in chapter 2 and one in chapter 4.
Chapter 1
After you’ve destroyed the tower, head past the tomb in the middle and go right to get the red rune. Follow the corridor and have Caddoc push the wall. You’ll eventually find the orange rune. Light your bow with the purple flame and go back down the tunnel. Shoot the purple crystals through the door with the flame to open up a passage and get the purple rune. Now return to the passage to the right and push the wall to get the Green Rune.
Head back to the crypt area and get the decent weapons before fighting the first skeleton brother. Take his key – you’ll need two others.
Chapter 2
After going through the spider gate and dropping down a pit, instead of heading left you’ll want to attack the wooden planks to get to the catacombs. Head deep into the area and you’ll eventually see the second  tomb – go past it and into the hole to activate pressure plates. Go into the newly opened tunnel and search the area. You’ll need to activate the switch to shut off the water, then shoot a flaming arrow where the waterfall was.
Go down the tunnel and get a skull and place it in the skull door from earlier. Take the flower from inside and return to the talking wall. Pull the lever, go down and beat the second skeleton brother to get the red key.
Chapter 4
When you get to the courtyard with three fire braziers and three pillars, get Caddoc to push them and E’lara to light them. Go down the pit.
Go under the waterfall and get a fire arrow before shooting a brazier on the middle island. Don’t go left through the door to exit the area just yet. Head right and look backwards from where you came – a brazier is left of the door you originally entered. Shoot it. Go down the new path and set fire to another brazier amongst the pillars. Head right and open the chest. Kill the third skeleton brother and collect his key. Exit the area.
Chapter 6
Once you’ve reached the Lower Holding Pens, and as long as you have the three brother keys, head left.
Shoot the ropes holding the shields up at either side of the room. Then push the right pillar. Stand on both pressure plates. Fire an arrow through the flame and into the statue head to light it. Cross the bridge and kill the skeleton before taking his bone. Go through the door that just opened and viola – loot that crystal bow. 151 damage, fast speed and looks to boot. Enjoy.
More Hunted tips

  • When using the bow and arrows with E’lara, blind-fire as opposed to aiming with the left shoulder button
  • Use the shield breaker magic against armoured enemies such as Minotaur and Wargar with shields – they’ll go down much quicker
  • Stray from the set path – you’ll often discover extra loot, gold and weapons
  • Avoid drinking Sleg to get the good ending. For this you’ll unlock a 100G achievement when you beat the game
  • Use team moves – get Caddoc to cast enemies into the air for E’lara to take out. As E’lara, freeze enemies so Caddoc can shatter them to pieces. Also, as Caddoc, casting lightning or fire magic on E’lara will power up her bow and let her take down enemies much quicker than usual

Hunted: Video guide
If you haven’t seen it yet, view part 1 and part 2 of our complete video walkthrough for Hunted: The Demon’s Forge.
Do you have any Hunted tips to share? Post them in the comments box below.

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