Infamous 2: Complete guide

Infamous 2 guide
We’ve sourced a complete walkthrough for Sony’s supercharged PS3 sequel Infamous 2.
Here’s how to find all the dead drops, blast shards, trophies and complete all the missions.

Infamous 2 walkthrough
As the game has only just hit shelves, there are currently two decent places to get the walkthrough from: IGN or SSoHPKC’s YouTube channel. If you can put up with the kid’s incessant swearing, the latter is good if you want a video walkthrough, while IGN’s is advised if you want a more peaceful guide.
How to find the blast shards
IGN has written two comprehensive guides – one on the dead drops and the other on the game’s blast shards which can be used to power Cole up.
Have you got Infamous 2? Got any tips to share? Post them in the comments box below.

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Soccer Game
10 years ago

I am a bit late reading this article. But I’m so happy since I’ve been looking for a detailed and clear Infamous 2 complete guide. Kudos to the writer.