ESIC launches FairPlay Academy education platform

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The UK-based Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has this morning announced the launch of its new FairPlay Academy.

It’s a new online learning platform dedicated to the delivery of educational programs to esports participants and stakeholders.

The FairPlay Academy plans to continuously expand its library of tutorials. Future offerings will delve into various topics around the global esports ecosystem, from anti-doping and responsible gaming to professional conduct and conflict of interest management.

An ESIC press release read: “At the heart of the FairPlay Academy’s mission is a commitment to make crucial educational resources accessible to all stakeholders of the global esports industry. This initiative is grounded in the belief that knowledge is the key to fostering a culture of integrity among players, coaches, organisers and fans alike.

“By providing an extensive range of complimentary tutorials, FairPlay Academy aims to equip individuals with the insights and understanding necessary to uphold the highest standards of conduct and fair play.”

The platform’s inaugural offering, the ESIC Anti-Corruption Tutorial, is set to go live today (Thursday April 18th 2024). The tutorial is designed to confront the challenges of corruption, educating participants about the expectations ESIC holds for those competing in esports, and their obligations to the industry.

Through different learning modules, the tutorial delves into the complexities of corruption, including match-fixing and betting fraud.

“Participants will emerge with a foundational understanding of anticorruption measures and practical strategies to mitigate these threats,” ESIC added.

“The introduction of the FairPlay Academy marks another step forward in our ongoing efforts to champion integrity within esports.”

Stephen Hanna, ESIC

The news comes a few days after ESIC banned CS2 player Gokushima for two years.

Stephen Hanna, Chief Executive Officer of ESIC, said: “The introduction of the FairPlay Academy marks another step forward in our ongoing efforts to champion integrity within esports.

“With the Anti-Corruption Tutorial leading the way, we are laying the foundation for a comprehensive educational framework that will empower stakeholders across the global esports industry.”

For more information about FairPlay Academy and the Anti-Corruption Tutorial, visit

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