Digital Schoolhouse Splatoon 3 esports grand finals preview: Teams and casters confirmed as teachers comment on the benefits of collegiate esports

Splatoon 3

For transparency: Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco is working with Ukie on a freelance basis to judge the Digital Schoolhouse student journalism award

This year’s Digital Schoolhouse Splatoon 3 esports grand finals are fast approaching, with four teams ready to do battle in London this month.

The collegiate tournament is for students aged 12 to 18 across the UK, and was first announced last year, with gaming event WASD set to host the Digital Schoolhouse finals at the Truman Brewery in London on Thursday April 25th 2024.

Digital Schoolhouse is the computing education arm of UK games industry trade body Ukie, which has partnered with Nintendo for the tournament. Previous years have seen Smash Bros esports tournaments for students, with Norton College named 2022 and 2023 winners.

Teams, casters and producers at the Digital Schoolhouse Splatoon 3 finals

There’s four teams in the final:

  • Altrincham Grammar
  • Southend High School for Boys
  • Outwood City Academy
  • Hinchley Wood School

And solo casters (from a mix of schools, not solely the above) will include:

  • Dax
  • Lawrence
  • Isabelle

Duo commentators are:

  • Tommy & Violet
  • Rueben & Andrew
  • Nasif & William

Producer/observers include:

  • Albert
  • Josh

There will also be journalism, design and content creator roles.

What teachers had to say about the Digital Schoolhouse Splatoon 3 collegiate tournament

Megan Wynne, Teacher at Outwood City Academy, said: “We have loved participating in the Splatoon 3 competition so far. It has been an amazing opportunity to play, and meet other teams from across the country. It has been fantastic to visit Leeds and Liverpool so far to compete. We’re excited to be competing in the final in London. This has been a fantastic opportunity for my students to participate.”

Mark Ward, Head of IT and Computer Science at St John Fisher Catholic High School, added: “Although we have a thriving esports squad and clubs running at the school, this year our shoutcasters have taken centre stage.  After being crowned regional champions last year, student casters have given their all in shoutcasting this year’s new game, Splatoon 3. 

“Our main casters suffer with short term memory issues and shoutcasting has given them chance to build and reinforce techniques and strategies to support with this.  Work back in the classroom now includes specific reference to esports and the wider gaming industry as a way to support building long term memory capacity.

“It was a newcomer to the shoutcasting world that has stolen the show this time round. After starting out as part of the players’ squad, one student soon found their voice shoutcasting and went on to be crowned regional champion and joint Northern champion at the semi-finals in Liverpool.”

Mark Ward, St John Fisher Catholic High School

“They have blossomed from someone who would normally shy away from big crowds, into now, at the Digital Schoolhouse semi-finals [at Guild Esports HQ and Level Tap], conducting impromptu interviews with the competing squads to find out more about the people behind the characters to aid with their shoutcasting.

“They are an absolute natural in front of the microphone and the skills developed during this year’s tournament will continue to support them well into the future.”

Jude Nzemeke, Teacher, Southend High School for Boys, commented: “Being a part of the Digital Schoolhouse Splatoon 3 tournament has been an absolute blast! The excitement of students for reaching the finals is unreal, and they are both thrilled and determined to do their best.

“Throughout the tournament, every match has been a learning curve for the students, and seeing how much they have all improved has been really rewarding. It’s not just about playing – it’s about teamwork, thinking on their feet, and adapting their strategies on the fly. Win or lose, this has been a brilliant experience!”

We’ll be at the Digital Schoolhouse Splatoon 3 grand finals at WASD London on April 25th to report on the finals and interview the winners. Watch the action on the Digital Schoolhouse Twitch channel here

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