Esports World Cup games list, schedule and $60m+ prize pool breakdown for 2024 finalised, plus details of Club Championship

Esports World Cup Games List 2024

The Esports World Cup (EWC) Foundation has finalised the Esports World Cup games list for 2024.

This line-up of 21 games will be part of the inaugural Esports World Cup this summer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, first announced last year.

And the prize pool for the tournaments will be more than $60m overall. This is the largest prize pool awarded at an esports tournament, beating the previous record of $45m set by Gamers8: The Land of Heroes in 2023.

The latest game additions include EA Sports FC 24, Apex Legends, Fortnite, RennSport, Rocket League, Street Fighter 6, Teamfight Tactics, Tekken 8 and League of Legends.

These nine titles complete an EWC program that features top esports games across various genres — first-person shooters, multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA), battle royales, real-time strategy, fighting games, and sim racing.

These nine join previously-announced titles Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2, Garena Free Fire, Honor of Kings, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Overwatch 2, PUBG: Battlegrounds, PUBG Mobile, Rainbow 6 Siege and StarCraft II.

EWC will host these communities this summer for a global cross-game competition that will crown the first-ever Esports World Club Champion.

“Billions of players across the world play these games, and we can’t wait to bring all of those vibrant fan communities together in Riyadh this summer.”

Ralf Reichert, Esports World Cup Foundation

Participating clubs will be rewarded based on their success in individual games and receive additional prizes based on their results across all EWC tournaments.

“When we started working on the Esports World Cup and announced it last fall, we promised to bring the community all the best games,“ said Ralf Reichert, CEO of the Esports World Cup Foundation.

“This final batch of titles concludes this promise. We are incredibly excited and thankful to all the publishers and game developers making this dream line-up a reality. Uniting and showcasing the power of esports and the esports community becomes the reality.

“Billions of players across the world play these games, and we can’t wait to bring all of those vibrant fan communities together in Riyadh this summer.

Over the past couple of weeks, EWC revealed the latest featured publishers and games on social media, as well as some invited esports teams.

For example, in CS2, Faze, Complexity, Furia, G2, Vitality, Mouz, Virtus Pro, Spirit and Navi have been invited, with the following also invited to the closed qualifiers: Cloud9, Eternal Fire, M80, Legacy, Imperial Sportsbet, Pain Gaming, The Mongolz, Lynn Vision, Flyquest and Bad News Kangaroos.

Esports World Cup Games List for 2024

  • Apex Legends
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Counter-Strike 2
  • Dota 2
  • EAFC
  • Fortnite
  • Garena Free Fire
  • Honor of Kings
  • League of Legends
  • Mobile Legends Bang Bang
  • Overwatch 2
  • PUBG
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Rainbow Six
  • RennSport (ESL R1)
  • Rocket League
  • StarCraft II
  • Street Fighter 6
  • Teamfight Tactics
  • Tekken 8

$60m+ prize pool for Esports World Cup

As mentioned, the prize pool for the tournaments will be more than $60m overall. This is the largest prize pool awarded at an esports tournament, beating the previous record of $45m set by Gamers8: The Land of Heroes in 2023.

The money will be split across the Club Championship ($20m, detailed below), the Game Championships ($30m+), Qualifiers ($7.6m), and the MVP Awards ($1.1m), as reported by Esports Insider.

The game championship prize pool breakdown is as follows:

“Setting the record for largest esports prize pool is a remarkable achievement, but what I’m most proud of is the positive message this sends to the wider esports and gaming community,” said Ralf Reichert, CEO of the Esports World Cup Foundation.

“More than $60m is a testament to our investment in the future of global esports, a commitment to esports fans who deserve exceptional events and an extension of our mission to create meaningful competitive opportunities with life-changing prize pools for esports athletes everywhere.”

Details on the EWC Club Championship

The Club Championship, a cross-game competitive format unique to the EWC, will award a total of $20m to the top 16 clubs based on their overall performance. The Club Championship is a new format focusing on multi-game competitions, with each Club selecting the games they want to compete in.

At the event’s conclusion, the Club with the best performance across various game championships will be crowned the world’s first Esports World Cup Club Champion.

The remaining prize pool will be divided into three additional distribution categories: Game Championships, MVP Awards, and Qualifiers. Each of the 20 Game Championships will have their own prize pool with a combined total exceeding $33m.


There are a couple of simple requirements for the Club Championship – one of these is necessary to participate, whilst the other is necessary to win:

Participation requirement – A Club needs to reach the top 8 in at least two competitions to be eligible to participate in the Club Championship.

Winning requirement – A Club needs to reach first place in at least one competition to be eligible to win the Club Championship and become the best Club in the world. In the case that the Club with the most points has not achieved this, first place will go to the Club that has accrued the most points whilst meeting this requirement.

Alongside this, it’s worth noting that Clubs can only earn points for participants that were publicly stated as part of the organization before the deadline at 23:59 AST on Friday May 31st 2024. This includes competitions where the qualification or invitation occurs after that date.

Points Breakdown

All competitions in the Esports World Cup offer the same number of points, rewarding Clubs that consistently perform at the highest level across the board. More Clubs competing in more game titles means more competition and many more unforgettable moments in esports history. Here is the full breakdown of points based on competition placement:

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Prize Money Distribution

With $20,000,000 up for grabs for the 16 most successful Clubs, all will have their eye on the grand prize of $7,000,000. This will be distributed as follows:

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Tiebreaker Scenarios

If a tiebreaker for first place in the Club Championship occurs, it will be decided in the following order:

  1. Individual competition results – if a Club has more first-place finishes in individual competitions, they win the tiebreaker. If both are the same, second-place finishes are then considered, and so on.
  2. Head to head – if a Club has more points from direct matches than the Club(s) it is tied with, they win the tiebreaker.

In the case that Clubs tie for any other position below first place, the money for that position will be split without the use of tiebreakers.

In addition, a $50,000 MVP Award will be awarded to a standout participant in each competition. More than $7m will be awarded before the Game Championships start, as teams and athletes compete to qualify for available tournament spots across eligible qualifier events run by partnered publishers and event organisers.

Esports World Cup 2024 schedule and dates

The Esports World Cup announced the official schedule for the event happening later this summer. The tournament will span across eight weeks, from July 3rd to August 25th 2024 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Week 1

  • League of Legends
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • TBA
  • DOTA 2

Week 2

  • DOTA 2
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • Free Fire

Week 3

  • DOTA 2
  • Counter-Strike 2
  • PUBG Mobile

Week 4

  • Overwatch 2
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • PUBG Mobile

Week 5

  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
  • Honor of Kings
  • Apex Legends

Week 6

  • Street Fighter 6
  • Fortnite
  • Teamfight Tactics

Week 7

  • EA Sports FC 24
  • TBA
  • Starcraft II

Week 8

  • Rocket League
  • TEKKEN 8
  • PUBG Battlegrounds
  • ESL R1

What is the Esports World Cup Club Support Program?

Esports World Cup orgs in club support programme 2024

The Esports World Cup Foundation (EWCF) has announced that 30 Esports World Cup orgs have been accepted into its debut EWCF Club Support Program. See more in our article: Fnatic, Guild, Tundra and more named as Esports World Cup orgs in Club Support Program.

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