Devs of new dodgeball-meets-football party game Wigged Out hoping to work with UK influencers and run an esports tournament

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Wigged Out, a new dodgeball-meets-football party game that’s just entered early access on Steam, is hoping to dabble in esports and work with UK influencers.

The title, developed by Norwegian studio Encircle Games and published by Go Adventure, is available on PC for now, with releases on Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch to follow later in the year.

Wigged Out features support for up to four player, with 1v1 and 2v2 modes and more than 80 levels. Gamers can also play alone with AI bots.

The game features customisation options, lots of wigs, environmental hazards, giant leather footballs, and Mario-Kart-inspired methods to interfere with each other.

Q&A with Wigged Out devs Encircle Games

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What are your esports/tournament plans in Wigged Out? We’re told you’ve said it has esports potential? Please can you elaborate on this?

The game can be played in two different formats and we see these being the main ‘competitive’ modes. We primarily designed the game to have a strong local co-op option, so you can grab some controllers, jump on the sofa, and play a few matches.

But as we playtested and people became more skilled with the game we saw the potential for a competitive title.

Over time players discovered a variety of tricks and skills that made the games much more competitive and fast-paced and even as viewers we felt genuinely entertained.

We do think tournaments and esports will be a core part of the way Wigged Out will be enjoyed and we’re currently investigating what that may look like on full release.

What sets Wigged Out apart from other games?

Wigged Out is a combination of cartoony art, madness, chaos, and entertaining gameplay with a unique historical-temporal touch. The gameplay is genuinely fun and we hope that the casual and accessible nature of the game will help it appeal to a wide audience.

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Do you think Wigged Out can be played cross-platform at an equal level? (i.e. PC players vs console players in esports)

Wigged Out is planned for cross-platform once we’re fully released on PC and consoles – soon we will have more news to share about the console launch coming a little later this year.

We do think there will be parity across the platforms however and expect it to remain competitive across all devices.

Do you have any specific plans for the UK market?

We are hoping to collaborate with English-speaking influencers in the next few months to generate some awesome Wigged Out content.

We will more than likely work with some UK influencers to help promote the game in the UK market – we definitely see it as VERY important to our launch plans.

Do you have other competitive games or ones in the works you’d like to mention?

We’re still working on new projects and expanding our games catalogue but as of yet, there is nothing else we can mention. We’re hoping this is the first of many competitive titles, so keep your eyes on this space!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

When we developed Wigged Out we wanted to create a game that could provide you with hours of fun, playing in local and online multiplayer modes competing alongside your best friends.

We really hope that we can get the game into players hands and provide them with an extremely replayable multiplayer experience and bring a little bit of Wigged Out joy to their lives!

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