Blast Premier Spring Showdown 2024 rosters confirmed: Teams aim to qualify for London event, s1mple set for CS2 debut with Falcons

S1mple to take part in Blast Premier Spring Showdown 2024 with Falcons

Image credit: Stephanie Lindgren for Blast

The Blast Premier Spring Showdown 2024 rosters have been confirmed, as teams target a place at the Spring Final in London.

There are debuts for two headline-grabbing names in Counter-Strike, as Ukrainian s1mple will make his CS2 esports debut, while Russia’s rising star Donk (who recently won IEM Katowice 2024 with Team Spirit) will play his first Blast Premier event.

S1mple made big headlines earlier this week with the announcement that Team Falcons have signed him from Navi on a one-month loan deal.

Falcons’ UK-based Global Director of Esports and EU Operations, Grant Rousseau, said: “Of course no doubt many are excited about s1mple joining us, and I’m glad we could make this happen. This is a one-month loan to cover us for Blast Showdown.

“That gives us the flexibility to make the permanent roster decision needed going into ESL Pro League, IEM Dallas etc, whilst still giving us a great shot to make it out of Blast Showdown.”

S1mple recently spoke with British host James Banks at IEM Katowice 2024, saying he was happy with the recent update to CS2 and confirmed he’ll be back playing.

The Blast Premier Spring Showdown 2024 will get underway from March 6th to 10th. It will allow two teams to progress to the Blast Premier Spring Final 2024, which takes place at the OVO Arena Wembley in London from June 12th to 16th.

The London final will consist of eight teams – six of which have already qualified. These are Vitality, Faze Clan, Navi, Virtus.Pro, Astralis and G2.

There’s just one UK player in the Spring Showdown (UK/Romanian volt on GamerLegion) and one in the London event (mezii on Vitality).

Late last year, Vitality and Mezii won the Blast Premier World Final 2023 as well as the Fall Final.

Blast Premier Spring Showdown 2024 teams and rosters

blast logo 2022
  • BIG: Krimbo, tabseN, prosus, JDC, syrsoN, s1n, hyped, gob b
  • C9: Ax1Le, HObbit, electroNic, Perfecto, Boombl4, F_1N, groove
  • Complexity: EliGE, floppy, Grim, Hallzerk, JT, T.C
  • GamerLegion: acoR, Keoz, isak, volt, Snax, aNdu, ash
  • Heroic: TeSeS, sjuush, kyxsan, nicoodoz, NertZ, sheddaN, sAw
  • Imperial: VINI, felps, HEN1, decenty, noway, zakk
  • NiP: alex,REZ, maxster, Bluepho3nix, Silence, jacob, MisteM, THREAT
  • OG: k1to, F1KU, regali, Nexius, HeavyGod, Lambert
  • Rare Atom: somebody, Summer, expro, kory, phzy, peku, Twista
  • Saw: MUTiRiS, story, roman, ewjerkz, arrozdoce, SYDOX, NABOWOW
  • Team Falcons: Snappi, Magisk, SunPayus, maden, s1mple, zonic
  • Team Liquid: cadiaN, NAF-FLY, Twistzz, YEKINDAR, skullz, jokasteve, zews
  • Team Spirit: chopper, magixx, donk, sh1ro, zont1x, hally
  • Elevate: snav, dare, shane, Peeping, dea, MRC9, nbgee12
  • Metizport: adamb, susp, nilo, Jackinho, ztr, spooke, abdi
  • Monte: Woro2k, br0, DemQQ, sdy, kRaSnaL, leen, LMBT_R

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