TripperNN Commits to Man City Esports with a One-Year Contract Extension

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Manchester City Esports has announced that Sebastian ‘Trippernn’ Kjaer will continue to bring his gaming skills to their Fortnite team for the 2024 season.

Securing a player of Trippernn’s caliber for another year demonstrates City’s commitment to esports and striving for success in the space.

With this contract extension, fans can look forward to more thrilling gameplay and strategic mastery that Trippernn is known for.

Trippernn’s Journey: Reflecting on Past Achievements and Future Aspirations

In his debut year with Manchester City Esports, Trippernn’s journey was marked by impressive agility and adaptability despite the rollercoaster of near misses. Having joined the organization with an enviable record — notching up second-place finishes at both the FNCS S20 Finals and the Gamers8 No Build event in 2022, as well as a strong fourth place at the FNCS Invitational — his transition to City was one filled with high expectations.

Throughout the season, Trippernn’s strategy involved changing duos multiple times, a testament to his versatile play style and commitment to finding the right synergy. At 20 years old, Trippernn is aiming to convert last year’s setbacks into motivation, aiming to recapture the top-tier performance he’s demonstrated in the past.

As Trippernn gears up for future matches, Manchester City Esports has shown how it’s branched out into new competitive landscapes, paralleling traditional sports engagements. With plans to incorporate an analytics approach similar to that used in calculating NFL daily fantasy odds, the team intends to enhance its strategic decision-making. This innovative method, often used to predict outcomes in sports games, will be tailored to fit the dynamic nature of esports, potentially giving Trippernn and his teammates an edge in forecasting tournament progressions and optimizing their in-game tactics.

Trippernn’s Renewed Vigor and Optimism for the FNCS Semi-Finals and Beyond

Trippernn has openly shared his enthusiasm for his ongoing relationship with Manchester City Esports and the recent extension of his contract. Emphasizing his commitment and dedication to growth after facing a challenging season, Trippernn is confident in his ability to perform at an elevated level. As he prepares for the FNCS semi-finals, the stakes are high, and he sets his sights on a triumphant showing there and the ensuing finals.

Adding teammate Setty to the team also sparks a new dynamic that Trippernn believes will be instrumental in his improvement and achieving the shared goal – clinching Manchester City Esports’ first FNCS title. The combination of self-preparation and the presence of a new teammate has both Trippernn and the esports community filled with anticipation for what the future holds.


With the extension of Trippernn’s contract and the addition of Setty, Manchester City Esports solidifies its roster with a combination of experience and new talent poised to make a significant impact in the competitive Fortnite scene.

The team’s dedication to innovative strategies, such as incorporating sports analytics, promises to give them a unique edge. As Trippernn looks to his future with optimism and a resolve to harness his potential to the fullest, Manchester City Esports stands behind him, ready to usher in an era of triumphs.

Fans and spectators alike can anticipate a season of high-octane matches and strategic prowess as Trippernn and his teammates shoot for victory under the Manchester City banner.

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