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Comparing Football Manager and FIFA is a little like comparing oranges and apples. They are both enjoyable but some people may prefer one over the other.

The best way to compare different games like this is by looking at the significant similarities and differences between the games, helping those who are torn between the two.

Football Manager

Football Manager is the leading football management game and has had a dedicated following since its early “Championship Manager” days.

The latest release, Football Manager 2024, was released on November 6th and lets players take on management jobs around the world’s top leagues including the newly added Japanese leagues.

Every aspect of management from financial dealings, scouting, signings, tactics, training and media handling is included in the game that focuses on players overseeing matches, rather than taking part as a player.

Players are not limited by the number of seasons they can play and the game is career-focused.

Football Manager is available on a range of platforms, including:

  • PC
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PS5
  • MacOS
  • Xbox Series X
  • Xbox One
  • Series S
  • iOS/Android

At just £44.99, this price tag offers great value for money for a game that provides hours of gameplay.


FIFA is another football game that, like Football Manager, is released annually to reflect transfers and make improvements. While Football Manager focuses on the management aspect of the game, FIFA allows players to control the players with a greater focus on match gameplay.

Players have the opportunity to play against different difficulty settings for AI managers or against other players in-person or online.

One of the big differences between Football Manager and FIFA is the growing betting market on FIFA. Betting markets for esports like FIFA must be sanctioned by the relevant authorities and are usually available for competitions. You will find a list of betting sites here that offer a great selection of sports betting options including eSports competitions.

The user interface isn’t as detailed as with Football Manager, but the graphics are significantly better. The game does come with a higher price tag of around £59.99 and is available on the following platforms:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • Series S
  • Xbox Series X

It’s worth mentioning EA, the developer that usually produces the annual FIFA games, now focuses on its own EA Sports FC titles.

Online Vs Offline

FIFA is best suited to online competitions where players can enjoy the social aspect and challenge of other players around the world. Its offline mode is fine for those who want to practise, but the career mode can quickly become repetitive and lose its appeal.

There is also a lack of realism in FIFA’s manager mode, with most players able to craft a team by attracting the top players relatively easily.

In comparison, Football Manager offers an unrivalled single-player gaming experience offline. Players can spend hours searching for players that have been scouted in real life to provide realistic signing targets.

Football Managers database is so accurate that many real teams have used it to find emerging talent.

When it comes to playing online, FIFA really steps up its game with Ultimate Team where players can buy packs of player cards that allow them to feature for their team.

Pro Clubs lets FIFA players create clubs and play against friends and other people online. This has gained popularity among streamers who have a dedicated online following.

Football Manager’s online mode is an option that allows friends to compete against one another but can be relatively slow as people play at different speeds.


FIFA leads the way when it comes to graphics, with realistic gameplay helping to create an immersive experience for gamers. FIFA’s focus on the game requires greater graphics compared to Football Manager, where the game’s details are more important.

Football Manager does offer a 3D display of games, but because managers don’t control the player movements it does not need the same level of intricacy as FIFA.

Many Football Manager players also forgo the match display as they can work through more games without it.

Career Modes

Gamers that like to focus on a game’s career mode will find Football Manager offers an unbeatable experience. Players will start in 2024 with the current selection of players to choose from and, as the game progresses, the player generation feature allows managers to find the next wonderkid.

While Football Manager offers one of the most realistic sports games on the market, it also allows players to suspend reality and continue their careers. In some cases, players can manage for hundreds of seasons while building their legacy.

FIFA, on the other hand, restricts players to 15 seasons, and is very limited compared to Football Manager in what you can do. There is not the same difficutly in trying to sign targets that provides Football Manager players with something to work towards.

FIFA developers will have realised that continual gameplay against AI generated opposition will only hold the attention of its players for so long and have focused on their online PvP mode.

User Interface

The FIFA interface is straightforward and clean, making it easier to navigate and providing smooth transitions. Football Manager has a much more detailed interface that provides access for all the different things that players can do.

The developers have had to work hard to ensure the Football Manager is still responsive and isn’t cluttered.


FIFA and Football Manager offer two completely different gaming experiences. As each year passes and the games continue to focus on what makes them popular rather than trying to encroach on each other’s USP.

FIFA undoubtedly appeals to a younger market that want more action and the ability to compete online, whereas Football Manager is more for those that want to deliberate over every small decision.

There is no way to say one game is superior to the other, with such big differences. Instead, we can say that both lead the way in their fields and football fans can enjoy both equally.

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