UK studio announces PlayStation Closed Beta release date for Predecessor, the game based on Epic’s abandoned MOBA Paragon

Predecessor game like Paragon

London-based game developer Omeda Studios has announced that its Playstation Closed Beta for Predecessor, a third-person action MOBA, will start on December 5th 2023.

Born from Paragon, originally developed by Epic Games, Predecessor has been in early access on PC for almost a year. During this Closed Beta, PlayStation players will now have the opportunity to get a taste of the MOBA, billed as the first of its kind on Unreal Engine 5.

Paragon launched in 2016 but was shut down in 2018 as Epic focused its efforts on its more popular competitive title, Fortnite.

Another dev, Netmarble, has also produced Paragon: The Overprime, a separate game based on the original Paragon.

What is Predecessor?

Teams of five join arms in battle as they fight for glory on a third-person battlefield against enemy heroes on a traditional three-lane map, featuring an interactive jungle, monsters and more.

In a match, 10 players are divided into two teams with each player controlling their chosen hero. Each hero has their own unique abilities and design, meaning there’s a hero to match everyone’s style of play. Heroes complete objectives to collect gold like killing minions, downing towers or annihilating enemy heroes.

As a hero collects more gold, they can buy items from the shop that influence their heroes in different ways – allowing them to teleport to new locations, go invisible, freeze time and more.

Items also allow a hero to get more powerful (strength, attack speed, health and various other attributes).

Predecessor’s PlayStation Closed Beta release date and what to expect

The Playstation Closed Beta starts on December 5th 2023 and is accessible to all North American and EU players on PS4 and PS5.

During the PlayStation Closed Beta, players will have the choice between 30+ different Heroes with their different characteristics and roles.

With cross-platform capabilities, PlayStation Closed Beta players will be teamed with PC players, increasing match-making downtime.

To gain access to the Predecessor Playstation Closed Beta, players will need to register here using their email address. 

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