Nexus Blitz returns with several changes in LoL patch 13.21

Nexus Blitz

Popular League of Legends game mode Nexus Blitz is coming back, and Riot Games has announced a bunch of changes ahead of its return.

In the official LoL 13.21 patch notes published today, Riot has said Nexus Blitz has received a few quality of life improvements listed below.

Patch 13.21 is set to drop on October 25th 2023.

Riot Games said in the patch notes: “Nexus Blitz is finally back! The last time Nexus Blitz launched was back in patch 11.11. Since then, there’s been a slew of sweeping changes to League’s gameplay, as well as some under-the-hood tech changes that needed to be made to bring the mode back. We’ve been working behind the scenes to bring this fan favorite back, so we hope you enjoy it.”

Nexus Blitz includes champion, jungle and event spawn changes for return of game mode in October 2023

Champion Balance Buff percent adjustments have been reset for all champions.

“From numerous item/champion reworks to the durability update, a lot has happened since the last time Nexus Blitz was live. We’re taking this opportunity to reset the balance and establish a new baseline. Don’t worry though, if certain champions get out of hand… we will find them… and we will nerf them. Or buff them,” Riot said.

Akshan will be getting a change: During events with a ring of fire (Bardle Royale, URF Deathmatch, Prize Fight), killing scoundrels will revive teammates with 30% of their maximum health at the location of their death.

“Akshan’s soul saving shenanigans didn’t do much for his allies when they had to traverse a map full of fire to make it back to the fight in the middle of a deathmatch,” Riot explained. “To compensate for the lack of travel time, his teammates revive with significantly reduced HP. If you die outside the edge of the closing ring in Bardle Royale though, you better hope you can outrun the fire!”

For Bel’Veth in Nexus Blitz, enemy jungle guardians now drop an Enhanced Void Coral.

Riot said: “Bel’Veth only having access to a single Epic Void Coral from Rift Herald kept her from reaching her Void Empress status even a single time in many games. Tying it into turret kills like ARAM presented its own problems, as it was a nearly guaranteed trigger that caused games to quickly snowball out of control. Having Enhanced Void Coral drop off of the enemy jungle guardian gives her a high risk, high reward opportunity to reach her True Form.”

Then, for Ivern, his Friend of the Forest passive has been disabled for Nexus Blitz.

“Ivern’s unique style of passive jungling presented problems when entering a duo-jungling world,” Riot said. “his has led to him being disabled in past releases of Nexus Blitz. Our goal with this change was to let him battle jungle monsters a bit more traditionally. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Ivern to see how this experiment plays out.”

Looking to Jungle Pets, they only need half the amount of stacks to level up in Nexus Blitz, and players no longer obtain bonus treats after fully upgrading their companion.

Finally, there are event spawn changes in the return of Nexus Blitz in patch 13.21.

“Previously, it was rare, but possible, to be behind in power but still have the events favour the winning team,” Riot said. “The goal of this change is to improve the feeling of fairness for events. Additionally, Loot Veigar and Teemo will no longer wander into the top side of the enemy jungle until a team is behind and needs a little extra defense.”

Event spawns for the following events will always spawn neutrally or favour the losing team:

  • Loot Teemo
  • Loot Veigar
  • All variants of Bardle Royale
  • King of the Hill
  • DPS Race

Prize Fight and URF Deathmatch should now properly reset ability cooldowns at the start and end of each round too.

Next Worlds Clash date in November 2023 revealed

LoL Worlds 2023 Clash

The first Worlds 2023 LoL Clash in October has come and gone, but today’s 13.21 patch notes have announced the next one.

Team formation for the second weekend of Worlds Clash will open from October 30th, and the tournaments take place on November 4th and 5th.

The rewards for the November 2023 Worlds Clash tournaments can be found in the link above.

See the full 13.21 patch notes on the League of Legends website.

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