UK gamers have one of the most valuable collections on Steam

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A new study has found that the UK is amongst the countries with gamers that have the most valuable collections on Steam.

Guide Strats discovered that the UK ranks third in the list of countries based on the cost of games amassed on PC game download platform Steam, with the average UK gamer’s Steam library having a value of $3,895.

The Netherlands ranks first with $4,252, and Australia second with $3,977. This news also comes as Team UK lost The Caches IV Showmatch to Team Australia at IEM Sydney 2023 on the weekend.

Not only that, the UK also has the fourth biggest collection of PC games in the world, with gamers averaging 282 games (which they have spent 5,328 hours playing).

The Netherlands is on top here again, with an average 339 games per user, while Denmark has the highest average total hours played, with 6,581 hours per user on average.

Peru is the most positive country of gamers, with its Steam users recommending 93.58% of games reviewed. Slovakia is also helpful, commanding an average 5.36 upvotes per review.

Check out the full list of countries of gamers with the most valuable collections on Steam below:

Countries of gamers with the most valuable collections on Steam

Survey methodology for finding the most valuable collections on Steam

In the new study, conducted in August 2023, Guide Strats analysed half a million Steam accounts to paint a picture of the average gamer in 81 countries, based on hours of playtime, number of games, value of collections and helpful reviews.

In terms of the full methodology, Guide Strats said: “We began our analysis by retrieving over 2.9m reviews of the top 500 games on Steam by current players, then retrieved the country in which those 513,000 reviewers are based.

“Using the ‘location’ of a review, we were able to calculate the average number of times a review was upvoted as ‘helpful’ and the percentage of reviews that recommend a game in each country, giving us the most helpful/least helpful and harshest/nicest game reviewer countries.

“For the 62,000 users who disclosed their game collection, we calculated the average number of games owned by users from each country and the average total playtime (across all games) per account.

“Finally, we used current prices from to calculate how much each user’s library is worth in current prices. We could then calculate the cost of the average Steam user’s collection in every country.”

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