FNCS Global Championship 2023: Schedule, broadcast talent, players, prize pool and more revealed

FNCS Global Championship 2023

A range of UK broadcast talent, players and more will be a part of the Fortnite FNCS Global Championship 2023 over the next few days in Copenhagen.

FNCS Global Championship 2023 key info, prize pool, location and dates, schedule and more

The FNCS Global Championship 2023 will see 150 of the best Fortnite players from around the world compete as duos at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

It will take place from Friday October 13th to Sunday October 15th 2023, with the upper bracket on the 13th, the lower bracket on the 14th and the grand finals on the 15th.

The event, produced by Epic Games and Blast, will feature a $4m prize pool, with a Swarovski FNCS trophy up for grabs.

FNCS Global Championship 2023 broadcast talent

There’s a host of casters and other broadcast talent on board, including the UK’s Frankie Ward (stage host), Leven2k (analyst) and Miniminer (analyst).

The full list of talent is as follows:

  • Broadcast Host – Zeke
  • Stage Host – Frankie Ward
  • Caster – MonsterDFace
  • Caster – JacobPR
  • Caster – TheBestTaco
  • Analyst – Leven2k
  • Analyst – Vivid
  • Analyst – Kelly
  • Analyst – Miniminer
  • Game director – Kejser
FNCS Champion Series 2023 Swarovski trophy
Swarovski produced the event’s trophy

Players and teams at FNCS Global Championship 2023

As mentioned, there are around 150 players taking part in the event. And there’s a handful of UK talent amongst those.

In the lower bracket, UK/Lithuanian player Hen – soon to be leaving Guild Esports – is pairing up with Serbian player aske1x.

Then, in the upper bracket, there’s UK player Pinq with Austrian player Vico, who Red Bull Contested earlier this year, the UK’s first major Fortnite LAN.

There’s also Monaco Esports’ UK player Veno, who’s teaming up with Serbian player Queasy of Galaxy Racer.

Monaco also has Brazilian players Axadasz and Gabzera.

Monaco Esports President Louis Ducruet said: “I’m immensely proud of our players and their determination; in Copenhagen, they’ll show the world what Monaco Esports is all about.”

Monaco also said in a press release: “Facing the game’s elite, Monaco Esports has a singular objective in mind: the pinnacle. Fortified by rigorous preparation and the steadfast support of our fans, victory is within our sights.”

Where to watch the Fortnite FNCS Global Championship 2023, plus stream drops and rewards

It can be viewed via the official Fortnite website, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and TikTok channels.

Fans can also watch the FNCS Global Championship 2023 via the Legends Landing in Fortnite. This is accessible via the island code 3303-7480-5925 or by selecting it in Discover in-game.

They can watch the action alongside other players and use emotes to cheer their favourite duo on.

As for stream drop rewards, they are as follows:

  • Watch for 30 minutes on Day 1 at Legends Landing or competitive.fortnite.com: Raise It High Emoticon
  • Watch for 30 minutes on Day 2: Infinite Victory Spray
  • Watch for 30 minutes on Day 3: Chromatic Champions Loading Screen
  • Watch for one hour on Day 3: Scorekeeper Back Bling

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