Into the Breach return to Rainbow Six Siege with new roster featuring Kendrew

Into the Breach

UK esports organisation Into the Breach have returned to Rainbow Six Siege esports, they confirmed on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday evening.

They announced their roster via a cool visual below, featuring a mix of European players including two from the UK.

The Into the Breach Rainbow Six Siege roster includes UK players Azzr and Kendrew, German player Jonka, Finnish player Kantoraketti and Swedish player NoaUrz.

Coaches include KangruKenny (UK), Leonski (Netherlands) and manager Blainey (UK).

Azzr has played with the likes of Tenstar in the past, while Kendrew is an experienced UK Siege player, having represented MNM, Navi, Cowana and more.

Kendrew is also one of the former MnM Gaming UK players who won the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 10 finals with Navi back in 2019.

Azzr said: “Excited to finally get to play in T1, thankful to the guys for picking me up and to ITB for the support. Looks like me and KangruKenny will be together for a bit longer.”

Kendrew added:

“Happy to join Into the Breach, it’s been a stressful couple of months post Stage 1 but ITB has been nothing but brilliant, welcome to the team KangruKenny, Azzr and Jonka.”

Kendrew, Into the Breach

KangruKenny commented: “I have helped seven players make Tier 1, now it’s my turn. This was my dream to make T1 and now I’ve finally, finally done it. Thank you for all the amazing support over the years, it’s been a crazy journey over the past two years.”

Into the Breach previously had a Rainbow Six Siege roster that they let go in April 2022.

Good luck to the Into the Breach for their return to Rainbow Six Siege and let’s see how they get on with their new roster for 2023.

Elsewhere in CSGO, Into the Breach saw UK player Thomas move to a substitute role in the past few days, with French player Misutaaa joining.

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