A huge result for UK esports: Former MnM Gaming UK players win Rainbow Six Pro League Season 10 finals with Navi

navi win rb6 pro league

UK esports added another string to its bow today after a Navi side consisting mainly of UK players won the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 10 finals.

They beat North American organisation DarkZero 2-0 at the finals in Tokoname, Japan.

Navi’s UK players in the final included Kendrew, CTZN, and Pie, who was standing in for fellow Brit Doki, who is currently banned for toxic behaviour and thus wasn’t able to play in the finals. They also have Polish player Saves and Croation player neLo, as well as UK coach Kid Giggy.

The Rainbow Six roster previously played for UK esports organisation MnM Gaming before being acquired by Navi earlier this year.

Kendrew previously told Esports News UK back in April he believed his team could definitely qualify for the Pro League – well now they’ve gone on and won it.

Navi won 7-4 on Consulate and 7-3 on Coastline, and Pie was named MVP (most valuable player).

Kendrew said: “It feels amazing. The crowd were incredible, everyone here, thank you for your support.

“We said during the games if we enjoy playing, we have fun, we laugh, we play well. If we stress, we bicker. If we enjoy our games and have fun, that’s what happens.”

Not only are the team mostly British, but there was another talented Brit on stage who has made a real name for himself in the Rainbow Six esports scene in recent years: host Matt Andrews (as seen announcing Navi as champions in the video above).

This result is a huge one for UK esports. We have world champions in other games, such as F1, Street Fighter and FIFA, as well as arguably world-class players in the likes of Call of Duty and Overwatch. Now Rainbow Six’s Navi players join the list of esteemed UK esports heroes.

From all of us here at Esports News UK, we salute you.

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