Summer 2023 EMEA Masters groups, teams and broadcast talent confirmed, UK caster Jamada misses group stage due to unusual Twitch ban

EMEA Masters 2024

The play-ins are over and the Summer 2023 EMEA Masters groups, teams and broadcast talent have been finalised as the main event approaches.

The EMEA Masters features the top League of Legends esports teams from national leagues across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Summer 2023 EMEA Masters main event groups and teams

The EMEA Masters 2023 play-ins concluded a few hours ago, and the top four teams from this have now progressed to the main event.  

These are GTZ Esports from Portugal, Team Go from France, Anorthosis Famagusta from Greece/Cyprus and Dsyre Esports from Italy.

Nord Esports were unfortunately knocked out in the play-ins, meaning Irish org Nativz, who won the recent NLC 2023 Summer Playoffs, are the only remaining NLC team in this particular EMEA Masters competition.

Once again, a UK/Ireland org will go up against France’s Karmine Corp, reminding us of that time last year when X7 Esports stunned the then-reigning champions Karmine Corp in a 28-minute stomp.

Nativz said on X/Twitter: “We are Nativz, we are the final hope of the NLC, we will win EMEA Masters.”

The EMEA Masters groups are as follows:

Group A

  • Denizbank Wildcats
  • Orbit Anonymo
  • Bisons
  • GTZ Esports

Group B

  • SK Gaming Prime
  • BK ROG
  • Aliorbank Team
  • Dsyre

Group C

  • Karmine Corp
  • Nativz
  • Macko Esports
  • Anorthosis Famagusta

Group D

  • Movistar Riders
  • NASR Esports
  • Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition
  • Team Go

Those conclude the list of the Summer 2023 EMEA Masters groups and teams.

EMEA Masters Summer 2023 casters confirmed as Jamada faces odd Twitch ban

The EMEA Masters broadcast talent includes Quickshot, Laure, Guldborg, Yamatocannon and Troubleinc.

From Ireland we have Oisin and Dagda, and from the UK there’s Jamada, Hiprain, Medic, Initialise and Nymaera.

In an unusual situation, Jamada goes into the EMEA Masters Summer 2023 unable to appear on broadcast during the group stage.

He said: “I’m still suspended on Twitch for another week with no progress on finding answers, thus as things are I’ll be missing the group stage only. I’ll still be participating in the knockout stage. Much love and still happy to be here.”

So, what happened?

On August 10th, Jamada posted the following on X (aka Twitter), saying he’d been suspended on Twitch for two weeks for ‘hateful conduct’:

Confused as to why this was the case, and unaware of any hateful conduct made, Jamada reached out to Twitch – but to no avail.

He said over the past week on X/Twitter: “I received no email regarding the initial suspension nor did I get a confirmation email about the appeal I sent in. It all seems really strange…

“Due to Twitch ToS and the length of the ban, I won’t be able to appear on the EMEA Masters’ group stages. The days I have been hired for are the only work days I have for this month and due to some added personal news that I received recently, losing this income is incredibly detrimental. I am completely in the dark about the ban.

“My request for further information about my suspension was marked as rejected by Twitch Support.

“For clarity, I haven’t even received an email confirming the suspension. There is no official confirmation besides what I can see in the appeals portal and there aren’t any logs/clips etc to coincide with the suspension. Given the above, as far as I know, I’ve never been suspended before.”

Like Jamada says, he’s missing groups but should be back on the broadcast for the knockout stage.

For more content on some of the EMEA Masters Summer 2023 caster line-up, see our Jamada interview from MSI 2023, our Dagda interview from MSI 2023 and Initialise’s opinion piece on the NLC and national leagues on Esports News UK here.

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