‘The UK always delivers’ – from assistant coach at MNM to hype man on the MSI 2023 London stage (interview with Jamada and OfficerNaughty)

We caught up with UK League of Legends caster Jamada and former MNM Gaming team manager OfficerNaughty to chat all things UK League, their background and the great things about London.

Jamada has had a real rise in esports, from assistant coach at MNM to caster in the UK scene, the NLC, EU Masters, and also being a part of the bigger stages on the LEC and LPL broadcasts.

“It’s been an amazing journey so far,” he said. “The LEC is great as you get to interact with the fans, while a lot of the LPL is remote at the moment, and the MSI talent manager reached out to me to ask me to do hype man stuff in between the breaks and stuff, and that was hard to turn down!

“Whenever you actually interact with the fans, it drives the passion back into the whole thing.

“I get messages from people saying, ‘hey, I’m getting into casting because of you’, so I very happily talk to them and make sure they feel happy and confident about chasing these things. Because you never know [what might happen].”


“For me, OfficerNaughty messaged me asking to be assistant coach at MNM and that’s basically how I got into UK esports. I spent three splits at MNM, realised I wanted to casting and then that was it, a slippery slope down into esports!”

OfficerNaughty added: “It was a proud dad moment when I saw Jamada at LEC and there were people coming up to him to take pictures of him! It was so cool and surreal to see, I would be talking to Nymaera and Initialise and people would be queueing behind me to take photos. Esports can create that, it’s a cool ecosystem and I hope the UK gets more shots to show [what it can do], the UK crowds are loud, they’re huge, the UK always delivers.”

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