Dragoni relaunch: UK-based esports betting site offers Counter-Strike exchange market allowing users to bet against each other

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UK-based esports betting provider Dragoni has relaunched with a new peer-to-peer exchange market and data tracking the performances of Counter-Strike players and teams.

Dragoni first launched in 2021 focused on League of Legends, but has now returned with a revamped offering covering four elements: an exchange market, traditional bookmakers market, data resource and community focus.

The site, which has a UK gambling license, is currently offering CS odds and aims to add other competitive games soon.

Players can bet on match outcomes, individual player performances or in-game events in CSGO, and later CS2.

Abios has also partnered with Dragoni to power their odds and statistics.

Dragoni co-founder on new performance index that tracks teams and players

“We obviously provide a great sports book, but what we’re trying to do is bring together the data and educate people, so we’re not just having people bet,” Dragoni co-founder Mark Cole told Esports News UK. “We want to give back to the community and are putting in a lot of effort and time on the betting platform, providing this data that you can use. 

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“For example, we have this Consistency/Performance Index, which is similar to HLTV but different. The Performance Index looks at [a player or team’s] general performance/how well they play, worked out by mathematics and AI. And there’s a Consistency Index, which basically looks at how well someone plays when they’re losing, so do they tilt or throw. This shows when players stay true and positive, and play well even when they’re losing. 

endpoint performance index dragoni
Dragoni has pages on teams and players with indexes to track how they play – for example Endpoint has a performance index score of 63 and a consistency index of 54

“A lot of people see bookmakers as huge operations, but we’re small and dedicated, and are made up of passionate esports fans. And if you don’t feel comfortable betting against a bookmaker, you have the exchange market where you can bet against people who have the same passion as you. And we’re facilitating that.

“For example, do you think m0NESY wil lget over 20 kills in the next game? Make your own odds up and set your wager.”

Dragoni relaunch offerings

A Dragoni press release listed the following four main features:

Peer-to-Peer Exchange Market

Dragoni has introduced a peer-to-peer exchange market, allowing users to bet directly against each other. This feature aims to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among esports enthusiasts.

Users can set their own odds, negotiate bets and interact with like-minded individuals.

Bookmakers Market

Dragoni says it understands that some users prefer the traditional bookmaker experience. Hence, the platform incorporates a bookmakers market where users can bet against the house on various esports events.

Data Resource

Dragoni recognises the significance of data and analytics in making informed betting decisions. Its data resource includes up-to-date match statistics, team/player profiles, historical data and analysis.

Community Focus

Dragoni said: “We are committed to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community where esports enthusiasts can connect, share their passion, and engage in meaningful conversations. The platform features dedicated discussion forums, user generated content, and interactive events to facilitate an enriching and collaborative environment.”

To learn more about Dragoni and stay updated on the latest developments, visit the Dragoni website.

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