EMEA TFT Monsters Attack Rising Legends Finals: UK player Kurfuzzled to take part

TFT Rising Legends 2023

32 of the best Teamfight Tactics (TFT) players across EMEA are preparing to compete at the EMEA TFT Monsters Attack Rising Legends Finals this weekend, including UK player Kurfuzzled.

The tournament, the pinnacle of TFT esports in the region, is set to take place from May 13th to 15th 2023.

It will see the three champions of the Golden Spatula Cups, the top 21 Golden Spatula Cups point earners, and the top 8 Ladder Snapshot point earners battle it out to be crowned the EMEA TFT Monster Attack Rising Legends Finals Champion and for a share of the €43,900 prize pool.

The 32 players will play 12 games across the first two days of competition. Initially split into four lobbies, each player will be reseeded into a new lobby after every three games. The Top 8 point earners from the first two days will then advance to the third day of the competition and play another six games. The Top 4 players, based on points again, will then qualify for the TFT Set Championship – Monsters Attack – while the fifth and sixth placed players will get another shot to qualify through the Western Last Chance Qualifier (WLCQ).

“The 32 players that have qualified for the EMEA TFT Monsters Attack Rising Legends Finals played their hearts out to make it to this stage and we’re very excited to host them at the finals,” said Max Wischow, Product Lead for EMEA TFT Esports.

“It’s set to be an action packed tournament to determine who will represent EMEA on the world stage at the Monsters Attack Global Championship and we’re excited to see how the event unfolds.”

Fans can watch all the action in 10 different languages, including English on the main TFT Twitch channel and also French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Czech, Russian, Turkish and Hungarian on Riot’s broadcast partner streams.

For the first time, players will also be able to showcase their knowledge about the EMEA TFT competitive scene with the Rising Legends Final’s Pick’ems, to win prizes depending on their scores.

Players will also be able to choose their favourite community and take it to the top of the leaderboard by collaborating with each other adding up their scores.

Kurfuzzled to represent UK at TFT tournament

Thanks to Counterfeit for the additional intel

Kurfuzzled is one of several players taking part in the EMEA TFT Monsters Attack Rising Legends Finals this weekend.

After Lallana got to Fates Global Championship in April 2021, we haven’t had a UK player on the worlds stage since then. Until now. And at the regional level, the Reckoning Finals in August 2021 was the last time there was a UK player taking part.

“Kurfuzzled really blew into the scene like a hurricane and almost won his first Golden Spatula Cup,” caster Counterfeit told Esports News UK. “He came into the final round as points leader but he went out with a hard 8th place to finish, which was pretty heartbreaking.

Kurfuzzled made it into the regionals as 20th out of 21 players who qualified from overall circuit tournament performance, so expectations aren’t necessarily high going into the EMEA TFT Monsters Attack Rising Legends Finals, but anything can happen at this stage in a tournament, so let’s see Kurfuzzled will fare as the sole UK player here.

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