BCSA British Counter-Strike Association launches, aims to ‘nurture all tiers of UK-based competition’

BCSA British Counter Strike Association

A new British Counter-Strike Association (BCSA) has launched, offering resources and support to CSGO players in the UK.

The group aims to ‘instil individuals with the qualities required to thrive at a professional level’ and to ‘nurture all tiers of UK-based competition’.

The association posted a tweet yesterday introducing themselves to the community, including links to their Discord, social media accounts and resources:

While they don’t have plans to represent players or teams, the association said: “Across every facet, our scene is brimming with passionate people. By encouraging collaboration, constructive feedback and professionalism, we will strive towards British Counter-Strike becoming an increasingly vibrant and competitive environment.

“Our goal is to open up communication channels and provide the board’s expertise to all relevant parties.”


Speaking of the board…

Who’s behind the BCSA?

The British Counter-Strike Association board consists of the following:

  • Allan ‘Allan’ Hender, analyst/caster and former Endpoint coach
  • William ‘mezii’ Merriman, player at Fnatic
  • Max ‘MiGHTYMAX’ Heath, player at Endpoint
  • Ashley ‘ashhh’ Battye, GamerLegion coach

The BCSA was first announced last month, in this article on the UKCSGO website.

UKCSGO will also be distributing a series of resources and articles to do with the BCSA, including guides on schedule planning and game plans for players, with more coming soon.

In terms of other esports bodies and groups based in the UK set up to support esports, we have the British Esports Federation, Esports Integrity Commission, Esports Scotland, Esports Wales, Esports Ireland, Esports Northern Ireland and other grassroots groups.

There’s also the broader UK games industry body Ukie, and outside of the UK there’s the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA), which represents pro players.

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