Wolfiez joins TT9 Esports

Wolfiez TT9 Esports

British Fortnite player Jaden ‘Wolfiez’ Ashman has joined UK-based esports organisation TT9 Esports (aka Team Truculent).

The news comes after Wolfiez left London-based Excel Esports in September 2022, after more than two years.

TT9 made the announcement in a video on Twitter:

Wolfiez was also snapped with TT9 streamer Jalen after joining, and took part in a bootcamp with him:

Wolfiez joined Excel Esports in May 2020, after Wolfiez made a Guinness World Record as the youngest person in esports history to win $1m at a single event (the 2019 Fortnite World Cup). He has also won three Fortnite Cash Cups.

He put himself on the map after the Fortnite World Cup win at just 15 years old.

TT9 said in a statement on their website: “We are incredibly happy to have Wolfiez join our team at TT9 Esports and believe that he will be a valuable asset to our organisation. His skills, experience, and dedication to the game make him a perfect fit for our team.

“In addition to being a talented player, Wolfiez is also a valuable member of our team both on and off the battlefield.

“Wolfiez will work closely with several of our members to bring new and exciting real-life content to our viewership, and his dedication to the team and his passion for creating engaging content will make him a valuable asset to our organisation.”

TT9 Esports

“We are confident that Wolfiez will not only excel as a player, but also contribute to the growth and success of our team in other ways. We are excited to see what the future holds for him and are looking forward to supporting him as he continues to thrive in the world of Fortnite esports. Welcome to the team, Wolfiez!”

TT9 are a UK-based esports org founded in 2018, with some operations in Germany, that claim to have a fanbase of 90,000 people. They started out as a group of friends in FIFA Pro Clubs and the group were initially known as AcTiv Clan.

Last year, Wolfiez also secured a Red Bull sponsorship.

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