Fly to IEM Katowice on a Private Jet


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If you are someone who likes CS:GO, buckle up and get practicing. The gaming tournament of the season is coming up! With it comes many prizes and exciting ways to compete and show off your gaming talents.

However, you might need to travel to Poland if you don’t want to miss your favorite team’s games. If you are worried about traveling back and forth, failing to obtain the tickets, why not opt for private jet travel?

Private jets can get you from your destination to Poland without requiring you to stand in long queues, browse for tickets, or get on board an uncomfortable flight. Traveling by private jet ensures you are well-rested!

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Fly to IEM Katowice by Private Jet

If you are wondering why you should choose a private jet to fly to IEM, here are some reasons to note:

1.      You Can Choose How You Want to Travel

When you travel on a commercial flight, you might be unable to choose how you travel. However, on a private jet, you can choose how much space you want, how comfortable you want them to be, and the amenities you cannot live without.

2.      You Can Be There Ahead of Time

With commercial flights, you might constantly worry about getting to that event late. However, a private jet will take you there faster as it eliminates the waiting time. Moreover, it also lands closer to your location.

3.      You Can Get There Well Rested

You no longer need to wait in long queues or get stuck in traffic. As the private jet operates at your convenience, you can get there hassle-free and well-rested. Also, you can also have the option of pre-ordering from your favourite restaurants or that classy beverage that will put you in the mood for that gaming event up ahead.

4.      You Can Travel in a Group

Have you ever wanted to book a flight and travel with all your friends but can never seem to find the tickets that put you all together? With a private jet, you can travel with your CS-GO team and discuss strategies thousands of miles up in the air with nobody to disturb you!

5.      You Are Cared for Before, and After the Flight

The classy private lounges offered by private jets ensure that you are cared for not just in the sky but before you even step on the plane. When you leave, you can arrange for a driver to pick you up from the runway and transport you directly to the event. This cuts out all the stress in between!

IEM Katowice

The IEM, also known as the Intel Extreme Masters, is an international esports tournament that has been taking place worldwide for quite some time. It is a yearly tournament that is conducted in series in different countries.

The tournament is sanctioned and organised by the ESL (Electronic Sports League). As usual, IEM has a sponsorship from Intel, making this event something every gamer should look forward to.

If you want to play games without speed or performance restrictions, this tournament is for you. You don’t have to visit just to win; you can simply join IEM for the experience. 2023 will witness the main event, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, along with the StarCraft II Championship also taking place nearby.

The IEM league is run by ESL, and Katowice, Poland will witness the season finale centered around the much-awaited CS:GO tournament once again.

About the Championship

ESL recently announced the event details for the IEM Katowice occurring in 2023. This was followed by a posting of the dates. Katowice will start around the beginning of the new year and end with Cologne, which begins the second half of the season.

This time, the championship is going to start by the end of January (specifically 31st January) and end on 12th February. Tickets are available on the event page.

Note the following details about the format;

The game will start with a 16-team double elimination whereby 8 teams advance to the main event. This is the play-in stage.

The second stage is called the Group Stage. This involves a 2 x 8 team double elimination, resulting in the top 3 from each group proceeding to Playoffs.

In the Playoffs, two teams proceed to Semifinals and 4 to the Quarterfinals. This is followed by elimination matches and the final.

The Prize Fund

The total prize fund is set at $1 million this year, with the first prize being $400,000. This goes down to $180,000 for the second prize and $80,000 for the third and fourth. These prizes go down all the way to the 24th position. For more information, visit the official IEM event page.

If you are looking to travel to Poland for the games, there is no better way to travel than a private jet. With Kull Jet Aero, you can get an affordable and comfortable trip.

Final Thoughts

If you are a gamer, IEM Katowice is something you won’t want to miss. However, a private jet is the best choice for your travel, so says Kull Jet Aero. Get from point A to B more comfortably, faster and easily through private jets. Skip that queue and the crowd once and for all!

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