Ruddy Esports to acquire NLC Division 1 spot from MNM Gaming

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London-based League of Legends esports organisation Ruddy Esports are set to play in the first division of the UK’s Regional League in 2023.

Ruddy have agreed to acquire an NLC Division 1 spot from fellow UK esports organisation MNM Gaming, and are in the process of completing this.

The NLC is of course the Northern League of Legends Championship, the EMEA Regional League (ERL) for the UK, Ireland, Malta and Nordic countries.

DonJake, Ruddy Esports org owner and League of Legends caster and content creator, told Esports News UK about the deal and mentioned Ruddy co-owner Regan:

“I’m not a proctologist to be talking out of my arse – our chances of winning are bigger than Regan’s bum and this is just part one of me doing what I Ruddy said. Talk is cheap and my roster made me take out a monzo loan.”

DonJake, Ruddy Esports

Ruddy’s new roster is set to be announced soon – we’ll update this article with it when it’s ready to be revealed.

Update (December 9th): Roster leaker Wooloo is reporting that the roster will have the likes of UK players Kerberos and NoName.

The news comes a few weeks after the NLC was downgraded to non-accredited ERL, meaning it will have reduced financial stipends for teams and downscaled broadcast, media content and coverage.

The announcement also comes after several teams exited the NLC and UK League of Legends over the past year or so. In summer 2021, the previous UKLC tournament was scrapped and the NLC adopted a multi-division ecosystem, with Freaks4U coming on board as tournament provider.

Other teams as well as MNM that have left the NLC – for now – include Excel’s academy team JD XL, Resolve, LDN UTD, Fnatic Rising, Absolved, Tricked, Enclave, Nvision and more.

The other NLC team slots are still relatively up in the air, with more expected to be confirmed over the coming weeks and months as things settle.

MNM co-founder thanks community as seven-year UK LoL journey ends

mnm win uk lol premiership 1
MNM have worked with a host of League talent over the years including LEC star Larssen (front and centre)

The news also marks the end of an impressive run within UK League of Legends for MNM Gaming, who have won several tournaments including the old ESL Premiership (pictured above).

Kalvin ‘KalKal’ Chung, co-founder of MNM Gaming (pictured, front right), told Esports News UK: “This is the end of a seven-year journey in UK League of Legends.

“We’ve been champions and dedicated to uplifting the community and it has been one incredible journey. We leave our spot in the hands of people we believe will make a difference. Thank you to all.”

Okay, now we’re crying onto our keyboard.

You’ve been an upstanding and respected org, MNM. We’ll miss you in UK League and hope to see you return someday in the future.

What have Ruddy done so far?

Ruddy Esports i69

Ruddy most recently played in NLC Division 3 and also the NLC Aurora Cup, where they reached the playoffs and fell to Astralis Talent 2-1.

Ruddy have also supported events in the UK, having taken part in Insomnia Gaming Festival’s i69 League of Legends Open, where they reached the final (pictured above), and they have been a regular at Esports News UK’s own networking/League of Legends events at London’s Platform bar over the past couple of months.

Ruddy Esports owner and League of Legends caster DonJake also called out NLC and UK orgs earlier this year for not doing enough to build their identity or create better content.

Ruddy have this year also made a series of well-received videos on Twitter including narrative-focused roster announcements and League of Legends-themed diss tracks aimed at rival teams.

This NLC Division 1 spot acquisition turns the next page in the org’s history, and we’re looking forward to seeing which words the Ruddy book may have within it in the future.

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