Alex posts update on the future of his CSGO career

Alex CSGO Player

British CSGO player Alexander ‘ALEX’ McMeekin is taking a break from professional play after opening up on health issues.

27-year-old player Alex, who was most recently with Fnatic before being benched earlier this year, posted an update on Twitter today about his current situation and the future of his esports career.

He said in a series of tweets: “Hi guys, just a small update from my side. I decided not to join a team after Fnatic due to the deterioration of stomach issues that I’ve been living with for a few years. I’ve now decided to take a break to concentrate on getting better, instead of living with the issues.

“Since I was unable to perform my duties as a professional player and Fnatic couldn’t sell me, because of them we mutually agreed to part ways. They were very supportive when I told them what was happening and I thank them for that. For now, I have and will continue to take a break from social media, to continue to heal both in a physical and mental way.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the contract was terminated a while back already, it’s not a today thing and I’m not tweeting now because I’m going to join a team soon: I won’t be joining a team for a while.

“Thank you everyone for your support, thanks to fnatic for their understanding and enjoy the major!”

Fnatic are currently taking part in the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Rio Major in Brazil, where they are going up against some of the other top teams in Counter-Strike.

Fnatic have two other Brits on their CSGO team right now: player mezii and coach keita.

They also had smooya, with Fnatic benching him in early 2022.

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