New UK University Call of Duty League supported by NSE announced

University CoD League NSE

A Call of Duty (CoD) esports league for university students in the UK will kick off on November 8th 2022.

The University Call of Duty League, set up by students and supported by university esports body NSE, will focus on the new version of Modern Warfare 2 which comes out later this month.

Participants can either sign up as a complete team or with fewer members to be matched with other students in their region, in order to form a roster of four. Sign-ups are open now.

There’s more info on the University Call of Duty League and its format in the announcement tweet below:

Conor ‘Conny’ Albery is one of three students from the University of Chichester who are behind the league’s production and weekly streams.

Conny also has experience as a host, having hosted The Challenger Cup: University of Chichester’s first student-run CSGO esports event.

He told Esports News UK: “I’m extremely excited with the team we have behind this. We’re all very dedicated to this project and the reason you should sign up is due to the face value of the Call of Duty community. The most passionate market has to be catered!”

Why does Conny think Call of Duty hasn’t had much of a grassroots scene in the UK?

He added:

“With Challengers being the main source for players to go pro, we wanted to create a similar environment like College CoD to nurture talent with weekly games and a proper tournament structure, and a fair majority of top Challengers players go to university.”

Conny, University Call of Duty League

“So fitting in this with the Challengers schedule will help add value to the players’ own personal growth, and moreover, embed uni culture into Call of Duty. In my opinion it’s the most loved and hated esport in the world (depending on how you view it)!”

Conny also said he’s reached out to London Royal Ravens MD ODEE (who we recently interviewed at Insomnia) to see if a link can be made between higher-end UK CoD and the university level.

The news also comes a few days after NSE announced its British University Esports Championship will feature Fortnite for the first time.

The University Call of Duty League team

  • @ConnyCJA – Founder/Director of Broadcast
  • @JackEdwards28- Founder/Content Lead/VFX
  • @Rayless_AK – Founder/Tournament Admin and Player Relations
  • @CoachTrix – Caster
  • Aaron Bailey from Chichester University – Caster
  • @JackoCasts – Caster
  • @ItsJammehh – Admin/Player Relations
  • @Paddy_Ohrstrand – Founder/Analyst

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