Top 7 Best Junglers Right Now in League of Legends

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There is a huge fan base for League of Legends, and with that comes content creators, who often upload videos of themselves playing the game.

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Jungler is arguably the most important role in League of Legends. They’re responsible for controlling the map and ensuring their team’s early game dominance. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top 7 best junglers right now in League of Legends.

League of Legends 7 best junglers right now


Diana is one that can match the current meta’s scaling. Thanks to her abilities Moonsilver Blade, Crescent Strike, Pale Cascade and Lunar Rush, she is able to clear jungle camps quickly in the early game. Lunar Rush in her kit offers her good mobility. A lot of other junglers don’t quite have her presence felt early on, especially when it comes to counter ganking and ganking. She tends to power farm in the jungle when she isn’t, allowing her to scale and level up quickly. This makes her a good choice for anyone who likes proactive and reactive playstyles.


Hecarim is still a very solid choice despite his bread and butter selections being nerfed in a patch from earlier this year. With some practice, it can be easier to make good plays with him because the skill ceiling is not too high. He shines when he does a lot of running with his E, Devastating Charge, as he can quickly reach and surprise his enemies, flanking them to get off good ganks. When chasing down fleeing enemies or escaping, his movement speed and mobility are particularly useful.

Master Yi

The champion that everyone in League loves to hate, and is no doubt familiar with. Master Yi is… well… Master Yi. The recent patch has given him a burst in utility and how he has played. He has a few new tricks up his sleeve, but he is still a relatively simple hero to use. Bear in mind he has just been nerfed – his E cooldown no longer decreases with rank (it’s just a flat 18 second cooldown at all ranks).


Right now, Kha’zix is one of the most powerful AD assassins. He is naturally slippery and has an insane amount of burst damage when used correctly. This makes him a very mobile and versatile assassin who can sneak into the enemy back lines with ease. The Voidreaper’s kit specifically targets isolated champions, as shown by Taste Their Fear, Void Spike, and Unseen Threat, all of which synergize very well with his ultimate.


The resident horror show of League of Legends (pictured top, pre-rework). The champion rework did a lot to contribute to the lore of the champion. He is a great champion because he is able to do his own thing, and he contributes by being a disruptive, unseen force later on.  The ultimate ability of Fiddlesticks is Crowstorm, and it makes him very annoying to deal with later on, especially when you have farmed up a bit. A Crowstorm can surprise an opposing unaware team, wreak havoc on them – and be a teamfight-winning and game-winning ultimate when used correctly.


Changes in recent patches may have resulted in Nunu & Willump taking a hit in AP, but Nunu is still a versatile jungler. He is an incredible initiator with his Biggest Snowball Ever and Snowball Barrage, to keep enemies in place, and then Absolute Zero to wreck anyone that is left. If you can hit your snowball, and manage to fully charge your ultimate, it will be a devastating combo.


Shaco can be sneaky when it comes to hopping over walls to steal objectives or assassinate his opponents, and he is a champion we can also recommend specifically when you queue up solo.

A good Shaco is beloved by their mid and bot lane partners, because of his independent initial jungle clear speed and trickiness around the map. Jack in the Box can help him clear the first and early camps because Shaco can choose to put it down before the jungle monsters spawn, and it also makes him a menace if enemies try to chase him.

Final Words

We hope this post helps you find the Top 7 Best Junglers Right Now in League of Legends. And help to understand their basic character and overview.

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