Moist Esports win Rocket League London Major with UK’s Joyo and Rise and France’s Vatira: “It’s honestly insane to play in an arena like this, in front of that many people, and win”

moist esports 2022 rocket league roster

Moist Esports won the Rocket League RLCS Spring Major in London’s Copperbox Arena this evening following a grand final victory over Team Falcons.

Moist – which features two English players, Rise and Joyo, as well as Frenchman Vatira and English coach Noah – beat Falcons 4-3 and 4-0 in a thrilling Spring Major final.

“Let’s get wet!” and “Rise, Joyo, Vatira!” sang the crowd in the Copperbox Arena as Rocket League esports fans gathered to watch the action at LAN (aka Landon) this weekend.

They made a solid run through the lower bracket, beating Pioneers, Team Liquid, Spacestation Gaming, Karmine Corp and Version1 to reach the final. They took revenge on Version1 after initially losing 3-1 to them in the upper bracket quarter final earlier in the tournament.

The news comes two months after Moist Esports moved into Rocket League with the signing of UK players from Team Queso and a few weeks after Moist won the RLCS Super 16 Europe Regional Event.

Moist Esports is a new organisation founded last year by popular US YouTuber Cr1TiKaL.

‘It’s just unbelievable’ – Moist players comment on the London Major win

Coach Noah said on beating Falcons narrowly 4-3 in the first match to make a bracket reset: “We had a gameplan and we always win game seven, so what can I say?”

After the win, Rise added: “It’s in my veins baby, ice in my veins, let’s go! We played our game and we dominated that second series. Thank you to the fans, you drove us to win. It’s honestly insane to play in an arena like this, in front of that many people, and win.”

Vatira said Moist fans could get used to more wins like this.

Joyo, who had tears in his eyes after the win as the crowd chanted ‘MVP’, added:

“I’ll never forget it. My mum and dad have been so supportive. I love you so much and thank you for supporting me this entire time. It’s unbelievable.”

Joyo, Moist Esports

Joyo’s mum joined the desk and commented: “They’ve all deserved it for so long. [Joyo] is the best player in the world and to see him come to this event and win it, it’s the best day of my life.”

The Copperbox had a great atmosphere this weekend, with tickets to the RLCS London Major 2022 selling fast earlier in the year.

It was the latest Rocket League Major in London some four years after Dignitas won the Rocket League World Championship in London at the same venue back in 2018.

Joyo had been watching that event back then, and now, four years later, won it for himself – and picked up the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award.

Other UK talent at the event included Noly with Karmine Corp and UK org Endpoint, with UK players RelatingWave and Archie, and Finnish player Metsanauris and Welsh coach Eclipse.

Endpoint unfortunately got knocked out early on after defeats to Version1 and Optic Gaming.

There was also a host of UK Rocket League esports broadcast talent working at the major, including Gregan, Shogun, Cole and Stumpy, Tylacto, TheSunderlad and AaronGillLive.

Moist have also qualified for the World Championship along with Endpoint.

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