Preachcon 2022 sells out as gaming event returns to Manchester following pandemic


Tickets to the first annual live convention organised by British streamer Preach Gaming since the pandemic have sold out shortly after going on sale.

The annual event gathers Preach’s community to watch a live stage show with special guest content creators not announced ahead of time, play games and socialise with friends – and it’s not livestreamed.

Preachcon 2022 takes place on August 3rd and 4th 2022 at the Village Hotel in Ashton, Manchester.

Preachcon hasn’t taken place over the past two years due to Covid-19, so the 2022 event marks a return to fans, who have responded with sell-out ticket sales.

While it’s not unusual for Preachcon to sell out, with people flying to the UK from around the world to visit, the excitement from the community and an appetite for live events is clear to see.

Preach (aka Mike) said in this recent drama time video: “It’s been far too god damn long since we’ve been able to hold an event and get you guys together.

“Preachcon is an event where we gather the community, put on a live stage show, we have special guest content creators – and we don’t tell you who they are – and it is not livestreamed.

“Livestreaming Preachcon would be a hassle and we tend to do things at the show which are not ToS [friendly], so we like to have the freedom to do whatever the hell we want. We celebrate with game consoles, board games and drinks.”

Preach Gaming

Preach has built up a sizeable following over the years, having established himself as one of the top World of Warcraft/Final Fantasy/MMO streamers based in the UK, with more than 700,000 followers across Twitch and YouTube.

Preach also announced a few other separate events and initiatives. He will be hosting his first PVP tournament on Saturday June 25th, with casters and giveaways planned, as well as a separate mysterious Crawlers Quest, which is set to be revealed on June 16th.

In other news, Preach recently responded to the Diablo Immortal free-to-play model, saying: “I don’t get how anybody, including my friends, can stream this game. I want nothing but death for this game.”

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