Valorant Champions broadcast line-up announced as teams prepare to battle for title of 2021 world champion

valorant champions tour 2021

Valorant’s year-long esports circuit, the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), reaches its climax at the Valorant Champions finals in Berlin starting this week.

And a few days ago the broadcast line-up was confirmed. It features seven UK and Ireland personalities, including host Yinsu Collins, as well as casters/analysts Mitchman, Pansy, Hypoc, Tombizz, RyanCentral and DDK.

Other well-known names include host Dash, observer sapphiRe, caster JessGoat and more, as revealed in this announcement tweet on the official VCT Twitter page:

Valorant Champions kicks off in Berlin from this Thursday December 1st 2021, featuring 16 of the world’s best teams. It’s said to have a $1m prize pool overall.

From Europe, we have Acend, Fnatic and Liquid, with the latter two featuring UK talent on their rosters (players Boaster, Mistic and coach mini at Fnatic, and players soulcas, L1NK and coach Sliggy at Liquid). From the CIS region there’s Gambit, who qualified from Valorant Masters.

Elsewhere, there’s Sentinels, Team Envy, KRÜ Esports, Team Vikings, Keyd Stars, Vision Strikers, Crazy Raccoon, Team Secret, X10 Crit, Cloud9, Furia and Full Sense.

Team Liquid qualified for Valorant Champions after beating UK organisation Guild in the EMEA Last Chance Qualifier final, with brothers Scream and Nivera saying it’s a dream come true. And Fnatic qualified for Valorant Champions after Gambit’s win, based on the number of EMEA Circuit Points they had already built up.

Personalities and publications are starting to share their predictions for the tournament, including British Valorant journalist George Geddes:

The 2021 Valorant Champions Tour was first announced this time last year. It’s the first full year of Valorant esports since the game launched last year.

Riot has not yet announced the 2022 scheduling or format for Valorant’s esports tournaments.

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