Rainbow Six Siege Sweden Major: UK coach GiG to stand in for player at last minute

gig ellis hindle rb6 coach

A UK Rainbow Six coach has found himself slotted into a player roster just days before a big Rainbow Six Siege Major.

Invictus Gaming coach Ellis ‘GiG’ Hindle is stepping in for HysteRiX at the Sweden Major, which gets underway on November 8th 2021.

HysteRiX has been unable to play in Sweden due to not being able to obtain leave from the Singapore National Services. This is a two-year period, where men aged 18 and above must serve – and HysteRiX will serve with the police, reports Siege.gg.

This means GiG will instead be playing in the tournament in a flex role, as the sole Brit in the usually all-Singaporean roster.

GiG said the situation was ‘far from ideal’ but that the team would have fun and see what they can do:

The Sweden Major features 16 of the world’s best Siege teams – including Vitality, Rogue, Oxygen, DarkZero, FaZe Clan, Damwon Gaming and more. It has a prize pool of $500,000.

Esports News UK was hoping to interview the event’s four UK casters ahead of the Major – Dezachu, Fluke, AceOfPyrite and Fresh – to ask them for their predictions and thoughts on the Major. We’ll be back with another article this week if their answers come in.

Another player from a UK scene in a different esport was also called up to play in a major tournament at the last minute recently.

Fnatic Rising UK LoL scene bot-laner Bean was called up to the organisation’s first team at Worlds, as Upset was forced to return home.

A few days ago, Rainbow Six Siege’s new Irish operator Thorn was announced, a character ready to launch with the High Calibre Y6S4 update.

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