ENUK hosts UK esports memories Twitch discussion stream as part of World Esports Day 2021, featuring Odee, Yinsu Collins, Perkz & more

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Esports News UK is celebrating its sixth birthday, reaching 6,000 followers on Twitter and World Esports Day this Saturday with a special Twitch stream.

We’ll be bringing together a mix of guests to talk about their UK esports memories, background and more, and give viewers the chance to ask them questions live.

The second annual World Esports Day takes place on October 23rd 2021, backed by the British Esports Association, Twitch, the Global Esports Federation and the Singapore Esports Association. It’s designed to bring the community together for a global celebration of esports and the positive impact it can have on people.

The event will raise money for COVAX, a global initiative aimed at providing greater access to COVID-19 vaccines. It’s directed by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and the World Health Organization.

Esports News UK’s stream will take place from 6pm BST to around 10pm on Saturday October 23rd on the Esports News UK Twitch channel.

It will feature the following guests, including Valorant host and esports journalist Yinsu Collins, Dignitas founder and ReKTGlobal chief gaming officer/Royal Ravens MD Michael ‘Odee’ O’dell, Cloud9 content creator Emily ‘Perkz’ Perkins, UK League of Legends player Prosfair, esports agent Josh Furneaux and Excel social media manager Nathan Edmonds.

We’ll also be talking to Morgan Ashurst, Alice Leaman and Bryony-Hope Green from the British Esports Association about their work with the Women in Esports initiative and Morgan’s background as a Call of Duty esports player.

Here are the rough timings for the stream and each guest: 

  • 6pm: Start and intro/AMA with Dom Sacco, Esports News UK founder
  • 6.30pm: Alice Leaman, Morgan Ashurst and Bryony-Hope Green, British Esports/Women in Esports
  • 7pm: Emily ‘Perkz’ Perkins, Cloud9 content creator/influencer
  • 7.30pm: Yinsu Collins, Valorant host and esports journalist
  • 8pm: Michael ‘Odee’ O’Dell, ReKTGlobal chief gaming officer and London Royal Ravens MD
  • 8.30pm: Josh Furneaux, ICM Stellar esports agent and former coach
  • 9pm: Tom ‘Prosfair’ Willis, UK League of Legends player for S2V Esports
  • 9.30pm: Nathan Edmonds, Excel Esports social media manager
  • 10pm: End

The stream will be hosted by Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco, who will be chatting with the guests and passing them your questions from the chat. We hope to see you there!

World Esports Day aims to celebrate all things competitive gaming,including the players, tournaments, streams, content and more. 

Others can get involved with World Esports Day, including hosting an event or tournament, running a stream, writing an article or promoting the celebration on social media.

Join the UK esports memories stream this Saturday (October 23rd 2021) from 6pm BST to around 10pm on the Esports News UK Twitch channel. There’s more info on World Esports Day on the World Esports Day website.

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