Teamfight Tactics Set 6 Gizmos & Gadgets key info revealed: Chibi Champions Little Legends added, plus new TFT ‘Double Up’ duos mode, items, team comps and traits including Mutants

chibi champions little legends tft

Details of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 6 – Gizmos & Gadgets – have been revealed this morning, with a host of changes being introduced to Riot’s auto battler game.

Gizmos & Gadgets comes to the PBE (Public Beta Environment) on October 19th 2021, then goes live on November 3rd in patch 11.22, when the Gizmos & Gadgets Pass will be available later that day.

Chibi Champions: RP cost, characters and release date

Riot Games has added Chibi Champions to TFT – these are cutesy Funko Pop-style versions of Little Legends, but ones that are based on actual champions from the game.

The first Chibi Champions are Vi, Jinx and Ekko (pictured left to right). They come with their own unique boom animations, which happen when you win a round of TFT, though this option can be switched off.

They are available to purchase for 1900RP (around £12) from the in-game store and don’t come from eggs. They won’t be usable in ARAM games in League of legends, and don’t need to be levelled up using Star Shards, as they don’t have two or three-star variants.

Riot said there will be more Chibi Champions to come in the future. For now, the first three will launch on November 3rd.

Double Up: TFT’s new duos mode

101821 TFTDoubleUp Banner

Double Up is a new 2v2v2v2 lab mode that allows you to partner up with another player and take on other duos.

You can queue up solo or with a duo that you’ll share health with. So if you lose a round, your partner will suffer for this as well, and vice versa. Once your health pool runs out for the first time, it’s set back to 1, then another loss after that eliminates you and your duo partner.

Assist Armory allows you to gift your partner item components, gold and other boosts, and if you beat your opponent’s army before your partner beats theirs, your surviving champions will hop onto your partner’s board to help them out.

Double Up launches in the second patch of Gizmos & Gadgets, patch 11.23, on November 17th.

Gizmos & Gadgets: New traits, items, team comps and cheatsheet

Copy of TFT SET621 KeyArt horizontal v001 TGeisen

As with every new set in Teamfight Tactics, the traits, team comps and items are adjusted to keep things fresh.

In Set 6, Gizmos & Gadgets, one new trait is the Mutant trait.

“One of our most ambitious traits yet, Mutants will adapt and change every game,” Riot said.

“The Mutant (3, 5) trait randomly takes one of seven forms for the entirety of the game. During the same game, all players will play with the same activated Mutant trait. The specific trait benefits might look familiar, but that’s just because the champions of this trait learn from the past to adapt to the future. Each of these traits still activate at 3 Mutants and evolve to improved versions at 5.

“Running Mutants requires you to adapt each time you play it. Success will be found when you concentrate on multiplicative benefits, such as having a Metamorphosis game and focusing on building super tank carries like Cho’Gath and Dr.Mundo.”

Mutants include Kassadin, Kog’Maw, Cho’Gath, Malzahar, Dr. Mundo and Kai’Sa.

New items and changes are as follows:

tft gizmos gadgets items

Other traits in Gizmos & Gadgets include Academy, Chemtech, Mercenary, Scrap, Yordle, Innovator and Colossus.

Some of the five-cost champions include Jinx: Sister Scrap Twinshot, Jayce: Enforcer Transformer Innovator, Yuumi: Academy Cuddly Scholar and Tahm Kench: Bruiser Glutton Mercenary.

Check out this Gizmos & Gadgets cheatsheet for more team comps and info:

TFT Gizmos Gadgets Trait Overview
Click to enlarge

There’s more info on the Gizmos & Gadgets gameplay overview page on the League of Legends website.

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