LoL 2021 Ranked Rewards Revealed: Victorious Blitzcrank skin announced, plus separate Dragonmancer Kai’Sa, Prestige Dragonmancer Volibear and other skins confirmed

victorious blitzcrank skin ranked reward 2021

Riot Games has revealed the 2021 League of Legends ranked rewards for season 11 – and Blitzcrank is fired up and ready to serve with this year’s victorious skin.

The Blitzcrank victorious skin will be awarded to players who have reached gold elo and above this year, in either solo/due queue or flex queue, and will launch with patch 11.22. You can see images below and a Victorious Blitzcrank PBE animations clip here.

Players have until November 15th at 11.59pm in their local server’s timezone to attain rewards for this season, which will be distributed within four weeks after the season’s end, Riot confirmed in its ranked rewards 2021 post.

Ahead of today’s reveal, Riot initially teased a zoomed-in image of the doll in Blitzcrank’s hand, leading some players to believe the victorious skin would be for Annie this year.

There are also different chroma colours of the Victorious Blitzcrank skin depending on each rank a player reaches. For example, the platinum Victorious Blitzcrank chroma is green and the master chroma is purple.


Also, those who finished their ranked placements this year will receive an Eternals Blitzcrank Series 1 permanent, which unlocks achievements and stats in-game when using Blitzcrank, a ranked profile icon and profile banner trim.

Riot also revealed Clash and Honour rewards in its post linked to above.

Finally, Riot said there will be no rank-specific merchandise available this season. For example, in the past, players have been able to purchase shirts and hoodies with their rank and summoner name on.

New Dragonmancer skins including Prestige Dragonmancer Volibear

Elsewhere, Riot confirmed a bunch of new Dragonmancer skins, featuring Dragonmancer Kai’sa, Karma, Thresh, Truth Yasuo, Dream Yasuo and a Prestige Edition for Volibear.

Dragonmancer Volibear will be available in both prestige and standard variants.

You can check out the gorgeous new splash art for Dragonmancer Kai’sa and Volibear below, and there’s more artwork on the LoLUKN Twitter page.

Top Esports ADC JackeyLove featured as Dragonmancer Kai’Sa in the recent Worlds 2021 music video for Burn It All Down, which also included an LEC meme.

Pricing and release dates for the new skins are currently to be confirmed.

And in other LoL skin news, a few weeks ago, Riot announced Bewitching Morgana Prestige Edition skin, which leads a line of new Halloween LoL skins for 2021.

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