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Are you ready for kick-off? Football fans rejoice, FIFA 22 is here! After years and years of minor upgrades and roster updates, EA is finally making big changes to the most popular football simulator in the world.

FIFA 22 is not only a step into the next generation but a dream come true for developers as well. Will you be a part of it? Get FIFA 22 cheaper here. is a digital video games marketplace always striving to offer the best deals on all things gaming. FIFA 22 is no exception. Check out their offers on the game or save up on PSN cards when buying FIFA 22 on the PS Store. Visit Eneba by clicking here.

The dream coming true

With small touches here, minor tweaks there, year after year the developers behind FIFA games have tried to bring virtual football to reality as close as possible. Sadly, for some, those tiny little updates were never fully enough – until the coming of the ninth generation consoles. The dream for realism has arguably been about using motion capture to replicate the full, real-life football game, a match between 22 players, and finally, it’s come true.

In Seville, Spain, the devs put motion capture suits on both 11v11 teams instead of a few individual players. As a result, this turned into the new Hypermotion and Machine learning technology. The technology refreshes the FIFA 22 game with over 4,000 new animations that are apparently pulled from a pool of 8.7m motion-captured frames, and generated during live gameplay. EA says this raises the intensity, responsiveness, and physicality of every player in the game.

Tactical AI is also said to be smarter than ever. With the overhaul, defensive players hold their shape of defensive lines and act as a tactical unit. Attacking players provide more support and make six times more decisions per second. Goalkeepers now supposedly act more like their real-life counterparts, making more reliable saves at the most crucial moments.

Career mode is more about customisation than ever. You can create your own club, stadium, choose songs and chants, design your team’s kits and club emblems and more. Meanwhile, your created player steps into RPG territory with the new skill tree system. Instead of getting better depending on your playtime, you’ll unlock particular skills.

Build your own dream

FIFA Ultimate Team, on the other hand, has always been about building your dream team. By acquiring FUT Cards, you can build your squad and take it out on the pitch. Compete, with other FUT players, qualify for the tournaments and become the Ultimate FUT Champion.

Speaking of qualifications, Division Rivals has received a particular update. From now on, you’ll have to participate in qualification matches to advance further into the division. The more you win, the better weekly rewards you’ll be getting. To help you out, EA is introducing new FUT Heroes cards – the retired players who left their mark through the history of football.

Paired with their original clubmates, they’ll increase the chemistry link between players, allowing you to recreate the specific moment of their career. However, to get FUT Heroes cards or any FUT cards at all, you’re going to need FIFA Points. Eneba says you don’t need to spend a huge amount of cash to get more. Shop for FIFA Points at and save money!

Build your dream squad, manage your club and take it to the top of the FIFA Ultimate Team championship. Save big – buy FIFA 22 at

Promoted article (contains affiliate links)

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