NLC reveals more details of League of Legends Northern Europe calibration phase, eight teams can now gain direct entry into division 1 qualifier by applying

NLC League of Legends

The Northern League of Legends Championship (NLC), the tournament series for esports teams in the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe, has revealed more details of its new qualifiers and structure.

Earlier this month, the branding of the mid-tier UKLC was scrapped, with Freaks 4U Gaming taking on NLC organising duties from DreamHack, and the entire tournament structure being revamped, changing the shape of UK League of Legends for 2022 and leaving the lower-tier UKEL up in the air.

NLC announced a new ‘multi-division ecosystem’, which includes divisions 1, 2, and ‘3+’, implying there will be other lower tier divisions, as well as a ‘calibration phase’ where teams can qualify for the various divisions.

This week, NLC has publicly revealed details of this calibration phase.

Division 1 and 2 will each include 10 teams. We already knew the top six teams of the NLC Summer Split will start in division 1, but this week NLC has also revealed that up to eight teams will be able to apply to join the division 1 qualifier, joining seventh to 12th-place NLC teams and the top two in the Telia Masters.

NLC said in a statement: “Any organisations that have the ability to cover the structural and financial requirements to play in the first division can send their application to [email protected]. The application should explain the team’s infrastructure, the financial blueprint for their NLC participation and their former activities in esports.”

Applications are open until September 10th.

The division 1 qualifier and playoff stage will then get underway in October, with the exact schedule depending on the number of teams taking part.

Then, sign-ups for the separate open qualifier will open on September 6th. This qualifier features a swiss format, with the best teams advancing to the division 2 qualifier (taking place at the end of October), with remaining teams assigned into various other divisions.

The highest placement that can be achieved through the open qualifier is a spot in the second division.

NLC says more information is coming.

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