LDN UTD win Summer 2021 League of Legends UKEL

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LDN UTD turned around a 0-1 deficit to win the League of Legends UKEL grand final 3-1 against NOX Esports today.

Game one saw NOX top-laner ArcaneTeddy run rampant, going 10/0/1 as Irelia, helping his side take the mountain soul and finish the game in half an hour.

But LDN UTD rallied as a team, and looked like a different side in game two, winning it 22-4 at the 22-minute mark. Game two saw them win 30-14 at the half hour mark, and despite some valiant Nexus defending from NOX in game three, LDN UTD claimed the victory in less than 40 minutes.

This meant LDN UTD finished as champions of the Summer 2021 UKEL, the tier below the UKLC.

Speaking of the UKLC, fellow London side London Esports won the Summer 2021 UKLC last Monday after a thrilling final versus MNM Gaming.

At the bottom end of the UKLC table were Lucent and Viperio, who will now enter the relegation series with LDN UTD and NOX to fight for a space in the 2022 Spring UKLC.

LDN UTD ADC Blank said after the win: “It’s really surreal and feels amazing, I’m super happy and really proud of the whole team. We played super well.”

Before playoffs, LDN UTD also finished top of the UKEL 2021 regular season, with NOX finishing in second place in the table.

The rosters in today’s UKEL final were:

  • LDN UTD: IcyGale (top), Dunlosi (jungle), Koussay3 (mid), Blank (ADC) and Nyzah (support)
  • NOX Esports: ArcaneTeddy (top), G0dtur (jungle), Ruggers (mid), Saxuralle (ADC) and Divinuss (support)

On the broadcast desk were casters Initialise and Nymaera, as well as Melvinizzle, Middlecott and Rhael providing the analysis.

You can watch the final back on the UKEL Twitch channel here, and there’s more on the Summer 2021 UKEL season and playoffs on Gamepedia.

Further reading: Interview with Synygy, the man who lifted lower-tier UK League of Legends with the UKEL: ‘Let’s keep supporting the scene, because the more we do, the bigger it will grow’

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