Secretlab reveals new League of Legends Ruination Collection featuring Pyke, Viego and Miss Fortune gaming chairs

lol secretlab ruination gaming chairs

Gaming seat specialist Secretlab has teamed up with Riot Games again on another collection of designer seats for League of Legends fans.

The Secretlab League of Legends Ruination Collection features Pyke, Viego (The Ruined King) and Miss Fortune-themed gaming chairs (pictured left to right).

With music videos, comic books, short stories and the upcoming Netflix animated series Arcane, the world of Runeterra is continuing to expand across different media and platforms, beyond the League of Legends games. 

Secretlab says it worked closely with designers at Riot Games to combine the aesthetic of Viego, Miss Fortune and Pyke with the brand new Secretlab 2022 Series. Upholstered in the new Secretlab NEOTM Hybrid Leatherette, the Secretlab League of Legends Ruination Collection draws on unique elements from each champion’s armour, abilities and lore.

Prices vary depending on size and upholstery, with sizes starting from £359 (small), £379 (medium) and £449 (XL). You can see more on the Secretlab website.

Secretlab has previously designed League of Legends chairs for global tournaments including Worlds and MSI, inspired by the champions of Ionia and virtual girl group K/DA. There are also Akali, Yasuo and Ahri chairs.

A review of K/DA’s All Out EP by someone who’s probably far too old to be listening to it

Ian Ang, co-founder and CEO of Secretlab, said: “We’ve worked closely with Riot Games over the years to keep both pro players and fans comfortable, supporting the biggest regional leagues, global tournaments and each major milestone in the League of Legends universe with custom-designed seats. This meant we couldn’t go without creating chairs to mark the arrival of Viego and the Black Mist.

“Our designers enjoyed every moment spent immersing themselves in League of Legends’ rich lore once again to perfect even the smallest design elements and ensure our chairs faithfully recreate the spirit and aesthetic of their respective champions.”

Ryan Cosby, VP of marketing at Riot Entertainment, added: “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Secretlab. They have been a fantastic collaborator when it comes to celebrating major events in the League of Legends universe, helping to enhance the player experience and providing opportunities for personalized fandom.

“We can’t wait to see our community across the globe react to this summer’s new Ruination collection and experience this latest chapter of Runeterra both in and out of the game.” 

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