Alpha Beta PC interview on their ambitions in esports, Nvidia 30 series stock and answering your questions on getting the most out of your gaming PC

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Alpha Beta PC is a new UK-based gaming PC system builder offering a range of models for gamers, esports enthusiasts and small to medium size companies.

It’s the brainchild of veteran gaming PC builder CK Kohli, who also founded the Yoyotech brand in 2002, which had its own retail shop and went on to supply systems to GAME/Belong, Queen Mary’s College’s esports facility and many more.

With Alpha Beta PC now partnered with Esports News UK, in the first of a series of monthly interviews offering you expert advice, tech updates and exclusive product news, we talk to CK Kohli and Alex Theodossi from Alpha Beta PC to find out what they’re all about. Be sure to send in your tech questions on Twitter for our next Alpha Beta PC interview.

Why was Alpha Beta PC formed and what sets it apart?

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CK explains: “I founded Yoyotech back in 2002 from my garage and it’s part of the Centerprise organisation today – I’m glad it made it to that level as a brand.

“I stepped away from it only this year and was thinking of doing something different, but to be honest I can’t even build a wooden hut! So I’ve gone back into PC building because it’s something I’ve lived and breathed all my life and I didn’t want to be away from it. So I’ve got back into it with a fresh approach and I want to progress now with Alpha Beta PC.

“I’ve always been hands-on, I’m not a boardroom junkie, I really want to be on the floor with the lads and creating something required by the community. So it’s a community-led project, like Yoyotech was, and I want to be able to talk to the end users and see what’s required, and to do something special and different from the rest of the market.

“So it’s not about selling loads of PCs, it’s more about serving a purpose in esports. A new generation needs hand holding, we want to listen to them, learn from them and guide them to produce something special.”

Alpha Beta PC is billing itself as a builder of gaming PCs, rather than an online retailer that sells individual components.

“We’re not a big etailer, we do have some options but it’s mainly about the PC build,” CK says. “Starting with our Edge Series.”

The Alpha Beta PC Edge Series

edge series

“This is a purpose-built product specially designed for esports,” CK says. “It has an exclusive glass case. I remember from my conversations with esports teams, they like to move about and take part in LAN events, they want something light that still has full ATX features – they don’t want to carry big cases all the time.

“This is our new series launch all based on our unique case divided into two chambers. It has a smaller footnote but is still built with toughened glass and can still carry a full ATX motherboard and today’s demanding graphics cards. And it has full RGB lighting and big 240mm fans to keep it cool and quiet at low RPM.

“It has a remote control that controls all the RGB lights, which can be customised – the colours can be changed and turned on and off. And there are many more systems to come.”

View the Edge Series PCs & use code ENUK07 to get £50 off any PC system worth £500 (valid July 2021)!

“We will definitely get involved in esports. Given time and budget, as Alpha Beta PC grows, this is where we are heading. We want to support the gaming community – from individual gamers to professional gamers, teams, organisers and more.”

CK Kohli, Alpha Beta PC

Should you build your own PC or buy a custom one?

alpha beta pc amd

It all depends on your needs. Building your own can be fun (if a little scary if it’s your first time)! Paying a system builder will bring peace of mind, convenience and save time.

If you buy a gaming PC from a big brand like Alienware or Lenovo for example, you can expect to pay a mark-up for the brand. But buying from a system builder like Alpha Beta PC doesn’t result in a price difference like you might think.

“There isn’t a big price difference,” CK says. “If you can build your own PC, do it. But if you don’t have that time, that’s why we exist. As we get older and have more responsibilities, you might not always have the time – but you still have the passion for gaming. If you want to own a PC that looks different and just get on with it, we can help.

“If you go to tier one type of brands, they will overcharge you on the components. There are also cheaper branded ones too – you don’t want a ‘gaming PC’ that can only play Tetris! Some are billed as gaming PCs but they’re not really gaming PCs.

“On the Alpha Beta PC site, you can choose your components, and if you compare it to buying those separately and putting them together yourself, there isn’t a huge difference. Sometimes even you end up saving money buying from us, as vendors are giving us additional discounts which we can pass on.

“But I think one should always attempt to build your own PC! Just don’t overdo your budget – be prepared to upgrade as technology moves on.

“So get in touch with us. We can build you something unique based on your requirements and budget. Picking a PC is like buying a car – will it be a family PC, does it have enough power to play Call of Duty, are you a novice or do you need a Lambo to go onto the track? Do you want custom-etching of your name if you’re a streamer? We can help you create it. We can build anything from an entry-level to an all-singing and all-dancing PC. Remember – a PC is for life, you’ll use it and carry on upgrading it.”

Esports plans & stock for tech like Nvidia’s 30-series cards

nvidia gtx 30 series

What will Alpha Beta PC like to do with esports in the future?

“We will definitely get involved in esports,” CK states. “Given time and budget, as Alpha Beta PC grows, this is where we are heading. Our focus is all on esports channels, working with the teams and organisers and even esports cafes. We can provide a full turn-key solution, so yes, we want to be working with esports. We want to support the gaming community – from individual gamers to professional gamers and teams. We’ll support and sponsor them when possible. I also think Intel has been great in supporting us with our campaign.”

What about the state of in-demand tech like Nvidia’s hard-to-get 30 series graphis cards?

Alex Theodossi says: “It’s been a difficult year for enthusiasts looking to upgrade and get the latest hardware, which is a shame. I don’t think it will let up this year unfortunately, but hopefully going into next year we’ll see more availability on graphics cards and CPUs. There’s some exciting stuff coming up and I’m hoping we’re not going to suffer the same availability issues we’ve had over the past 18 months.

“The pandemic has had an impact, but there’s such high demand for tech nowadays – for phones, laptops, CPUs, GPUs, there’s not enough ability to supply this huge demand in tech.

“It’s nice to see Nvidia stepping up and putting in a separation between mining cards and gaming cards. Gaming enthusiasts helped build Nvidia and it’s been a shame they haven’t stepped up sooner to make sure cards aren’t just getting bought up by huge crypto mining facilities. All the supporters that have supported these companies for years are losing out. So it’s good to see that degree of separation now.”

Does Alpha Beta PC have any of the 30 series cards in stock?

CK answers: “We do have cards, we work very closely with our vendors at Nvidia, Intel, AMD etc. We have a limited amount of cards that we’re not really trying to sell as components, but within PCs.

“A lot of cards are ending up in cryptocurrency farms, so we’re trying to ensure the graphics cards we have are going to the right community – to gamers. We want to support the gaming community. We are delivering our PCs within seven to 10 days with particular graphics cards. But we do have limited amounts – what you see on our website is what we have in terms of stock.”

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Check out the full interview with Alpha Beta PC on YouTube here. Visit the Alpha Beta PC website, see the Edge Series PCs & use code ENUK07 to get £50 off any PC system worth £500 (valid July 2021)!

And don’t forget to send your tech questions in – DM Esports News UK on Twitter and visit Esports News UK’s Hardware Corner for more hardware content

Promoted article (contains affiliate links)

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